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Song: Mount Sinai by $uicideboy$
The production on this is outstanding and @yungxrist & @suicideleopard finessed the beat perfectly, definitely one of my favorite $$ tracks, can't wait for their album in December 👌🏽
#suicideboys #mountsinai #scrim #rubydacherry #yungxrist #suicideleopard #yungplague #lilhalfcut #g59 #grey59

" I keep on strolling with no control of my thoughts or life
Seems like my home has become something I can't recognize
Doubters turn to believers but fuck, I'm not surprised
I miss my cousin so much, yet he's still by my side
Crazy how friends switch it, asking how they can get a picture
What happened to "what's up homie? How you doing?
Goddamn, I miss ya"
Don't want to be nowhere else, so I'm making myself
Create this hell in the place I dwell
Stuck in an open cell, take me back 'fore the levees fell " #suicideboys #yungxrist #suicideleopard #g59records


$uicideboy$- ...and so it was
Turning a blunt to ash like a phoenix
Weed in the bag deleted whenever I feel defeated
Feeling like a gash that keeps bleeding
But even a cut will glisten when the incision is healing
Don't even know why I rap
I know yall don't get the meaning
Even though I'm broke I know you see me shining like you staring at the sun
See me loaded like you staring down a gun
The whole world sticking to cash like a piece of fucking gum
Hell is where I'm from
Well I'm here to pop bubbles and bum
Got bags full of skunk
All I got to do is sell them and I'm fucking done
- Ruby da cherry
#suicideboys #rubydacherry #andsoitwas #grey59 #blacksmurf #suicideleopard

Patiently waiting for the next time I see them again. #suicideleopard#suicidechrist

Also, here's my literally spitting bars for y'all. Progression on this project has been slower than I wanted but let me just say, the progression will be worth the wait. 🤘

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