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Mendengar kabar meninggalnya Chester Bennington karena bunuh diri, gitaris grup metal KoRn, Brian Head Welch merasa muak bahkan mengatakan bahwa ia kesal dengan aksinya Chester itu
"Sejujurnya, Chester adalah teman lama yang sering nongkrong bareng saya, dan saya punya teman yang sangat amat dekat dengannya," ujar Brian melalui akun Facebook resminya, "Namun ini membuat saya benar-benar kesal!"
Lebih lanjut, ia menyatakan bahwa bunuh diri adalah cara yang sangat pengecut untuk lari dari sebuah masalah
"Berputus asa dan (meninggalkan) anak-anakmu, penggemar dan hidupmu adalah cara yang sangat pengecut untuk lari (dari masalah)," pungkasnya. .
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•●He's gone... I was just notified about this huge loss..
Since I've heard this news I've been like "It can't be!!" and still in denial...
Goodbye Chester Bennington...
You replaced this pain with something numb..●• #ChesterBennington #linkinpark #shock #gone #suicide #easiertorun #allihearnow #RIP

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I'm really trying to make sense of my life right now... This is Chester and I singing a Scott Weiland song in Boston when Chester filled in for Scott in STP. Both Scott and Chester are dead now... the last time I saw Chester it was at Chris Cornell's funeral. Chester and I didn't even say anything but we hugged for 2 minutes... all our friends knew we were grieving. Chester said "I'm going to sing for his family." I instantly thought to myself... Chester has the perfect voice for "hallelujah." Sure enough he sang it perfectly. I mean pitch perfect. There was so many perfect things about Chester... Truth be told we use to kid each other about stuff. We had very similar singing styles. We're both tenors who utilized the scream. I would always make a joke about my voice being the first on radio! So he owed me royalties! I thought Chester had it going on... when Chester got the STP gig I was really happy... I instantly thought of how hard it would be for me to learn 30 Stone Temple Pilot songs. All those lyrics, I have such a hard time with that. I asked Chester how he learned all the songs so fast and he said "I use four forms of learning. 1. Reading the lyrics. 2. Writing the lyrics down. 3 Singing along with the song (which builds muscular memory) and 4. Reciting them with my eyes closed! I was like... holy shit! I asked him how he was in such good shape he said "I train four different ways to have maximum effect." I said okay I get it you're fucking awesome... He could tell I was a little sad because I HATE getting older!! He said "Richard do you know I smoke four cigarettes a day?" I said "wow, the armor's got a little chink in it and what's with you and the number 4 for god sakes?" We laughed. If you were to ask me who would still be alive Chester or I? I would have said Chester. I can't believe how fucked up this is... what is happing??? How bad can it be that people kill themselves???!!!! If you're thinking about hurting yourself please tell someone. Mental health is so important!!! #chesterbennington #suicide

Truly shocked! But... I totally agree with Brian " Head " Welch.
Theres alot of hate going on towards Head for speaking the truth and alot of people say its not the right time for his words...
But honestly....in nowadays society theres never the right time for the bloody uncomfortable truth!
Alot of people deal with mental illness and ALOT of many other "average people" problems people like Chester, who made it in life , dont have to deal with anymore, but dont kill themselve and FIGHT THROUGH LIFE.

Its sad that hes gone,truly shocked me as he was one of the main people who got me into Metal. But all in all its a real weak decision to leave his kids,family,friends,fans behind and send a message like THAT instead of encouraging them to fight through life !

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Reading all these articles, hoping they're just another hoax. The frontman of a band that has gotten me through high school, struggles and emotions and the last few years a lot of awesome workouts or just driving home.

R.i.p Chester, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family & friends & offcourse the band and fans...

В юности очень любил Linkin Park! Без их композиций не обходилась ни одна школьная дискотека, а совместный альбом с Jay-Z и, в особенности трек «Numb/Encore», был тогда на репите!
Честер... 🙏🏼

This is #tbt of #linkinpark in memory of #chesterbennington I grew up listening to Linkin Park and I have enjoyed their music over the years. It is unfortunate to see such a talent go. RIP, man. --------------------------------------------
Name your favourite LINKIN PARK song.
A: Waiting for the End
Video Credit: Linkin Park
SONG REQUESTS: Feel free to request songs on this page however, due to the volume of song requests received, please don't mind if I will be unable to get to them. Thank you for your understanding.
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Hi🙈 so this is like a short story, im not really good at these ones, or more like I'd rather write poetry BUT I came up with this today and I thought you guys would like it 💙

Depression and suicide are not to be taken lightly. My heart goes out to Chester's family and friends. There are no words to describe what they are going through right now. Hybrid Theory was one the first rock albums I ever purchased as a kid, and I remember my father and I jamming to it on my way to school, soccer games and during our road trips up to the mountains. Chester was truly one of the greats, and Linkin Park has inspired so many people around the world to pick up an instrument and chase after their dreams. Linkin Park didn't follow trends, they created them. Depression and suicide don't discriminate my friends, and I pray the tragic loss of this music legend will bring to light the need for us to end the stigma surrounding mental health. If you or someone you know is struggling, visit our @anthemofhope LiveChat.


I would like to point out the message, written by her son, where he reads: "Daddy hit your trials or whatever you are doing today. She loves life, because she is a Glass Castle. -Tyler ".
Simple phrases put on paper by a child, with reference to one of his father's songs, Castle of Glass. A message that with the hint of then sounds even more dramatic and makes the heart tight for the death of an artist like Chester.

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I'm still in shock i keep crying. A smile is easy to fake a laugh is also easy to fake so many people are on the edge and sometimes we have no idea and sometimes we do and when we do we have to be there for others listen be patient and understanding support those who do desperately need it if someone reaches out for help then please help before its to late. Many of us live in a very dark place and have to fight just to get by each day please speak to someone don't suffer alone if you have no supportive family/friends then reach out to professionals please don't wait until it's to late. The best people seem to suffer the most isn't it time we actually started treating people how we want to be treated. Sometimes people just need to be listened to they need to feel genuinely cared for. Loneliness is dark feeling like nobody cares is dark can you do more to help and support someone you no who is suffering? If so do it now!!!! Feeling uncared for feeling suicidel? I care and my message box is always open. #chesterbennington #linkinpark #suicide #suicidal #deppression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #rip 💔💔😰😰

Depressão não é frescura. Depressão queima no peito, dói na alma e é uma dor que infelizmente muitos tentam excluir com o suicídio. A depressão é silenciosa e cruel. A depressão é real, não é ilusão de quem a sente. Se vc não pode ajudar, não atrapalhe, não menospreze a dor do outro. Que o Senhor possa consolar o coração dos familiares. Só Jesus... Não é fácil não! #depressao #linkinpark #suicidio #morte #dor #desespero #alma #depression #solidao #vazio #existencia #silencio #die #suicide #desperate #pain #jesuscura #jesussalva #libertese #deusdeamor

What if I said that I am not okay and I have a rope hanging in my attic right now just screaming my name? What if I was that vocal about it......what would any of you do or what would your first thought be??? Ive lost 5 friends to suicide and Ill be super honest, 20 years ago i lost my bestfriend and the pain was too much for me to handle. And I had people offering help but one morning I decided I wanted to go be with my friend again. I took 26 pain pills and rest my head on my pillow not expecting to ever see another sunrise or sunset. When i woke up horribly sick to my stomach I was still set in dying and just remained with my pillow waiting to go. Theres no logical reason that after taking 26 hydrocodones that I should have survived. The only reason possible is that I have a purpose and I haven't accomplished it yet. My point is, never take depression lightly. Follow your instinct and do whatever it takes to the breath in another life. Everything cann change in an instant and life can be all youve dreamt it could be. #love #suicide #depression #support #help #heart #breathe

Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal.. fear is how I fall.. confusing what is real .. #linkinpark #ripchester #triedsohard but #intheend it doesn't even matter. #mentalhealth #suicide #😥

A reminder to those who see #suicide as selfish - #mentalillness including #depression and #suicudalthoughts are not black & white. It's so sad to hear about someone (anyone) ending their own life, especially if they thought it was the only way, famous or not. Alot of people feel that they have to put on a constant mask or they'll be seen as broken or attention seeking and I know it's very hard to ask for help. It's okay to not be okay, just tell everyone you know that they're not alone
#suicideprevention #mentalillness #itsokaytonotbeokay

in the end, it doesn't even matter.


So sad to hear of another great voice being silenced by suicide, which is never the answer. The unique sound of Linkin Park has been much copied since. "Collision Course" is still on the playlist. "Heavy" w/@kiiara more recent fave.

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Poem for Bennington
This really hit home for me somehow. A part of my childhood died when I heard the news. My thoughts go out to his dear family. His songs will never sound the same to me again
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