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If you ever feel suicidal or wanna cut yourself please Dm me. I am here💔
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Ela está se afogando em sí mesma novamente...
#suicidal #suicidgirl #fracasso #depressão #mentesuicida #decepção #triste

y’all i had a dream last night and it was like these teenagers and this woman let me live with them and they were all part of the lgbt+ community , living together and i was like wowwowowo and i made friends and then the lady was like i found you on instagram and i was like oh cool and i ended up liking one of the girls there and it was just woah 😂 my dreams are pretty lame ahahaha

HeLL YES 😂 🌻Jynx🌻
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I forgot how good it feels to not feel bad about having binged because you didn‘t

Thanks for sharing your story Leta! Welcome to the project! 💪 Learning to not miss any of your diagnosis is huge in your recovery! Much love, and much courage! You rock!✌️🌏❤️🤙

I can’t control my emotions and it’s pissing me tf off

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