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Ok last one. Just wanted everyone to know my pants had pockets. 🎓🙋#SUgrad

#SquadGoals @stevevey19 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓
In Absentia: @mike_portnoi 👨🏻‍🎓
#BSc #SUGrad 👩🏻‍🔬👨🏻‍🔬🎓💪

2 Tim 4:17 - But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength 🎓⭐️📷: @david_thegrandduke
#sugrad #sugraduation #graduation #bsc

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" ~Theodore Roosevelt
#sugrad 🎓

"Celebrate the small victories because no one else understands what it took to accomplish them" .....👩🏼‍🎓🎉🍾🎉

Happy days! 🍾🎓#sugrad So grateful for the privilege of studying and being a matie! BSc Honours 2017! 🔜

I am officially degreed. Man, it's a good feeling 🎓 One last picture in Ou Hoof Gebou to commemorate an incredibly challenging 4 years. #SUgrad

Pretty accurate summary of my academic career, from 2-strapping ➡ 2-striping it's been a journey that would not be possible without the three very special people beside me. Thanks and love all round. #SUgrad #BSc(Hons) #weouttahere


My grandfather complained that he brags that I graduated from Stellenbosch but doesn't have proof😂😂😂 he was probably still in disbelief. Was forced to order pictures... 2 years after my first grad and almost a year after my second one 😁😁 #tbt

🎓Throwing it back to this GRAD GLAMover! Visit our site and book your appointment early.#tbt #fall2017grad #spring2018grad #SUgrad #LSUgrad #senior2018 #SUjags #LSUtigers

Jangan takut disana kau dikucilkan tanpa ada kawan sobatt,, Ingat! Sebelum kau mengenal kitakita ini pastinya belum saling mengenal.. Belajarlah dari pengalaman kita disini,, Jan lupa ceritakan masa lalu kita yg dlu sering susah seneng bareng, pada kawan barumu nanti. Ingatkan yg satu ini. Jan pernah musuhan walaupun ada masalah kecil atau besar yg menimpa hbungan persahabatan kau kawan, always respect sobat😊😭
#caplinbosok #bontotmbaret #keclifamily #sugrad #anakslawi #ceritakawanlama

One of the perks of attending university orientation 😇😜 #syracuseuniversity #suorientation #sugrad

Extrañando a esta niña sonorense🤒💞 @ivannaquiroz (ya sé, gritamos bien feo🐒) #sugrad

"Be humble, patient, and be confident in who you are." - Emmy Jo Maguire

Emmy Jo Maguire recently graduated with Bachelor's degrees in both Mass Communications and Political Science.
A few weeks ago, she began her new job as an Admissions Counselor at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA and is already enjoying the uplifting environment.
As an Admissions Counselor, Emmy Jo gets to help students learn about the degree offerings at Regent, and will even help them apply to the university.
Emmy Jo shares advice for students looking for a career: "It's all about your purpose in life, your 'why' behind the 'what.' I want to be an event planner, but my purpose is to ultimately help others in anything they need. When I applied to this job, I applied for the admissions counselor position because I knew I wanted to help others continue their education and find their purpose as well. So when you're going to apply for a job, make sure that the mission, values, and purpose of the company align with you." She is looking forward to connecting with her coworkers and getting a Master's degree in the future.

#sucareers #careeradvice #firstjob #sugrad #shenandoahuniversity

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