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Maple syrup.
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Went to the first cabane à sucre of the season today. All of the food at Érablière Charbonneau was good, but the desserts really did it for me. There were maple donuts, pets de sœur, buckwheat and regular pancakes, tarte au sucre and the star of it all - maple caramel sauce. I almost died 😲⚰☁️✨

We have already had lots of inquiries for weddings this summer!! Book your dates soon! Parties, birthdays, company picnics, weddings, we do it all! #icecreamtruck #sugarshack #bellingham #seattlewedding

@Regram from @growwise -
Today we visited @blandfordnaturecenter and saw that the sugar bush is flowing and the sugar shack was boiling away at full force on this mild February day. The supply of wood was neatly stacked and at the ready. The forest was filled with buckets and their telltale "drip....drip." On the wall of the shack you can see the tally of gallons made each year and the conditions of the weather that brought them. Good years have extended periods of warm days followed by freezing temperatures that drive the sap back down each night. Warm days like today followed by warm nights encourage the trees to bud. Once that happen the run is over for the season. This year it seems like the whole show might end before it usually even begins. .
Paying attention to these patterns and how they shift over time brings me so much joy. I find I feel a stronger sense of place when I know that the trill of the blackbird will be followed by the sap run and then followed by the spring ephemerals. This weather in February has me feeling out of sorts for sure ~ but the syrup will be sweet just the same. Only there might be less of it. I'll make a point to stop back by and see what the total gallons for 2017 end up being..
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This Lady I call Momma .... 💖🍩🎉 #LoveMyMomma #TheBEST #BirthdayWeek #Dirty30 #SugarShack

Donut in hand ✔
Gap in thigh ✔
Saturday adventures with @aven_king_ 🍩
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Since every construction site is more complete with donuts, we thought we would try some of the best donuts in the country. Sugar Shack lives up to their name and all the hype. I especially liked the Samoa 🍩😊👌🏼#sugarshack


It's that time of year in my neck of the woods- maple syrup time. Yum! // Hé oui, les érables ont déjà commencé à couler. Vive le temps des sucres. 😊😋#sugarshack #maple #yum

Susan Bartlett Rice "little sugarhouse" 8x8 oil on birch panel 2016 www.susanbartlettrice.com #sugarhouse #sugaring #maineart #mainemaple #sugarshack #saphouse #spring

🎀A scrumptious raspberry coconut cake headed out today!!🎀 #sugarshack #raspberry #coconut #cake #raspberrycoconut #freshraspberries

@Regrann from @datvegasgirlsplus1 - 28 Days of Stories They Didn't Tell You

Day 25 - #TheSugarShack

Many of you recognize this painting as the one featured at the end of #GoodTimes
The artist, #ErnieBarnes, who painted the majority of JJs paintings, is known for creating elongated characters with their eyes closed. If you notice, every person in the #SugarShack has their eyes closed.

He once said in an interview that the reason for this distinctive trait in all of his works is because "we don't see into the depths of our interconnection. The gifts, the strength and potential within other human beings. We stop at color quite often. So one of the things we have to be aware of is who we are in order to have the capacity to like other people..." He went on to say that the #SugarShack "is a innocence met with the sins of dance. The painting transmits rhythm so the experience is re-created in the person viewing it. To show that African-Americans utilize rhythm as a way of resolving physical tension. "

He actually recreated the painting for #MarvinGaye 's album #WhatsGoingOn and included some of the song titles as banners.
While you can currently purchase copies of the painting, Actor Comedian #EddieMurphy currently owns the original.


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