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My @sugarbearhair vitamins are so delicious
like a sweetest candies ever, love them so much!

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So I have been taking my @sugarbearhair vitamins for a few months now and really love the results of healthier hair! ❤️🐻 #sugarbearhair #ad

A SugarBear crown! 🌺🐻 @pialorenaa #sugarbearhair

It's been a year since I've started using @Sugarbearhair & I am beyond happy with my results! My blonde hair has never been longer or stronger 💙 #sugarbearhair #vitamins #ad

It's time for my @sugarbearhair vitamins! I love them, they're vegetarian and taste so good 💗🐻 #ad #sugarbearhair

with my favorite bear @sugarbearhair 💙 helping take care of my hair 👧🏻 #sugarbearhair #ad

My favorite! @sugarbearhair gummy vitamins for healthy and strong hair! #ad Best tasting vitamins EVER, so delicious! 🐻💁🏻#sugarbearhair

"Posing with my favorite bear" w/ @sugarbearhair 🐻(Tag 3 friends who like teddies) Give them a try, they are the best tasting vitamins ever #sugarbearhair #ad #raydiaz

Even while I am on promo I have my @SugarBearHair with me 🐻💙 #MexicoPromo #MexicoCity #SugarBearHair #HairVitamins #HairGrowth


Can you find me?! 😍🐻💞 #sugarbearhair

What a satisfied user of sugarbear hair vitamins !
On her 4th month already!
Why not try for your own!
Sugarbear works!

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☺️❤️Спасибо большое нашим Уважаемым Клиентам за Ваш выбор и красивые фото отзывы! ☺️❤️🌸 Пользуйтесь с удовольствием и всегда будем Вам рады!☺️❤️🌹
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Good Nutrition + Little Blue Bears=good skin
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One thing WE ALL KNOW about them kardashian jenner sisters is their beautiful hair and locks despite all the colouring and bleaching they do! 😍
Why choose #sugarbearhair when there are soooo many alternatives out there in the market?!
🐻❄️ THEY WORK! On all hair types! Dry? Fizzy? Curly? Straight? Wavy? ALL!
🐻❄️ they taste DELICIOUS! Gone are the days of bad bitter tasting supplements that show very little results!
🐻❄️ You would rarely ever miss a day's intake cause YOU LOOK FORWARD EVERYDAY FOR YOUR NEXT INTAKE! 😍
🐻❄️ They are US FDA tested and approved! No side effects here babyyyy!
🐻❄️ They are VEGAN! No animal products found in here!

Pide tus Sugar Bear Vitamins!! Pedidos al DM!!😘 En cada frasco vienen 60 gomitas que te rinden 1 mes. 💕
Con 2 gomitas al día tendrás un cabello espectacular.
Dan brillo, fortalecimiento y crecimiento! Y de "ñapa" también actúa sobre tus uñas💅
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Precio: $45. Escríbeme al DM

Mùng 1 mong cho 6 lọ gấu còn lại về với chủ trong tháng này để mình còn nghỉ 😌 🌈Công dụng của bé gấu:
•Giảm gãy, rụng
•Mọc tóc, dày và dài hơn
•Tăng độ đàn hồi cho tóc chắc khoẻ
•Bé gấu còn giúp móng khoẻ và dài nữa 🤤
Hiện tại mình còn 6 bé gấu.

ƯU ĐÃI THÁNG 7 (giá áp dụng đến khi hết hàng):
🖤1 lọ giá 900k
🖤2 lọ 1.800.000k + lược
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‼️Mình k ship COD. Các bạn vui lòng chuyển khoản trc sau đó chụp lại ck thành công gửi lại cho m nhé ♥️
‼️Số lượng lược và túi có hạn😿 các bạn nhanh tay mua gấu để sở hữu 2 món đồ đáng yêu của SUGARBEARHAIR nhé ♥️
🍓Vietcombank chi nhánh sở giao dịch HN
Stk 0011004315393 🍓BIDV chi nhánh đống đa HN
Stk 12210001045729
☎Liên hệ: 094.249.1993
📥Instagram: sugarbearhair.store
📥PageFB: http://m.facebook.com/sugarbearhair.com/
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@sugarbearhair update

Week 1

I grew out these two nails to see how much it would grow. I always keep them pretty short. In ONE WEEK it has grown this much O_O
As for my hair...I have not measured it, but it feels a lot softer

The downside to it is that my roots get oily pretty quick. Instead of washing my hair once/twice in a week I have been doing it every other day x_x


I've heard so many great things about this little gummies that I wanted yo give them a try!
Perhaps they can fix my hair of all the quimical things I put on It😝

By the way, they are delicious!

So many things going on around me...I won't let the enemy steel my joy or collect anymore of my tears. Everything happens for a reason. God is in control! My hair growth and progress has been so up lifting, I won't cut my hair again. I would def add more layers and a cute shape but not a short cut. #jbco #coconutoil and #oliveoil have saved my damage hair. #sugarbearhair thank you for all the gifts and love. My hair has never been so thick, shinny and healthy.

NEW IN! Sugar bear hair now available at Cocolushmakeup yahoooo! This product contains a lot of benefit to help nourish your hair and nails! The Kardashian's favorite product loh 😍 Bisa googling buat baca review yang bejibun banget dimana-mana.

1 jar isi 60, rekomendasi nya sehari minum 2 kali. Ini vitamin nya kayak permen jelly gitu yaa jadi kenyal-kenyal kalo dimakan. Enak banget pokoknya!
LINE : @produkusa WA : +628197262069

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