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Do not watch documentaries about sugar, because this happens...I'm about to embark on what may be the hardest thing I'll ever endure in my life, cutting out the sweet stuff 🍦🍭🍰🍫🍬😬😭 It's in everything you guys! And I consume way too much of it without even realizing it. So I'm trying to drastically limit sugar, artificial sweeteners and carbs 😱 It's going to be a looooong week until my body and brain adjusts! Periodically send me hilarious memes and good vibes 😃 📷: @sprinklesandwiches 💖

Gegara puding spritenya mba @yoenitaa yg lg ngehits itu akupun jd latah bikin juga. tapi karna ga doyan soda, jadi aku bikinnya tetep pake resep sendiri. modelnya aja dimirip2in walaupun bagian tengahnya belum ketutup lapisan kuning. tapi mmg harus dicoba yah biar ga penasaran & bisa bobo nyenyak 😂😀

Baideweiii.. aku bikin ini utk meramaikan Topic2wkly: @ykmk2014 @sachilla_house kelupaan dr kemaren. mba @rahmi.handayani @fitrie.susanti @noviagrnella
ikutan yuuu.. maaf ya ngajaknya last minute

ala @mbaiyya

Lapisan coklat:
1 bungkus agar2 coklat/plain
850 ml susu cair
150 gr gula pasir
2 sdm coklat bubuk
50 ml air panas
1 sdt pasta coklat (toffieco)

Lapisan kuning:
300 gr puree labu kuning
1 bungkus agar2 plain
900 ml susu cair
100-120 gr gula pasir (sesuaikan dgn manisnya labu)
½ sdt vanilla bubuk (kupu2)
sejumput garam

Step 1
Siapkan loyang, aku pake yg diameter 24cm. Perciki air matang.
Cairkan coklat bubuk dan air panas, campur rata. Sisihkan.
Aduk rata gula pasir+agar2 dalam satu panci, tuangkan susu cair. Aduk rata, nyalakan api.
Tuangkan larutan coklat dan pasta coklat, aduk hingga mendidih.
Tuangkan ke dalam loyang, diamkan hingga set.

Step 2
Aduk rata agar2+gula pasir+vanila bubuk+garam dalam satu panci, tuangkan susu cair.
Masukkan puree labu kuning, aduk rata, nyalakan api. Masak hingga mendidih.

Step 3
Tekan2 pudding coklat, renggangkan dr loyang. Tuangi pinggirnya perlahan dgn lapisan kuning sampai puding coklat mengambang ke atas. Diamkan hingga agak mengeras.
Panaskan lagi lapisan kuning, lalu tuangkan sisanya ke loyang.
Diamkan sampai uap panasnya hilang, dinginkan di dalam kulkas.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Köttfärssås med spaghetti från @purepasta_se ! Exakt 0 gram carbs 👌

Oui, encore du praliné.. et un vrai coup de cœur à "L'Heure du goûter" du @shangrilaparis

Road Trip ⚓️
We've made it to St Ives after an eight hour road trip 🚘 Tomorrow, I'll watch one of my best friends get married!! ❤️👰🏼
And as you can see, my sugar ban is temporarily suspended until further notice 😝🙈
'I can't live ... 🎶 If living is without you!' (sung like Mariah circa 94)
#bythesea #stivescornwall #visitcornwall #weekend #roadtrip #sugaraddict


On the hard stuff now. #cocacola #sugaraddict

Off to a fairly decent start regarding a fitness regimen, but one of the stipulations is that I HAVE to allow myself something sweet everyday #sugaraddict.
I LOVE Cocoa Rice Krispie treats, but I didn't realize marshmallows are pork by-product 🙄🙄🙄 and pork is NOT allowed. Thinking I've been on a pork-free diet 4 years while all the time not knowing I've been eating those mugs daily for the past 6 months. So today I purchased some vegan marshmallows and organic cocoa crisps and will make my own. We'll see how goes...

Half price pic n mix 👌🏼🐷
#winning #foreverfat #sugaraddict #picnmix #yuum #shopping

Day 283: treat yo self // black swan pastry

Feed the hungry sugar addicts 🍩 powerless over dat donut 😍 @blossomsweetsuae

Day 1 breakfast- extra crispy bacon, scrambled eggs and gluten free pancakes with sugar free syrup.

Because even though it's my day off, I have goals to reach, a fitness appointment to keep, and a busy day mixed with coaching, QT with the fam, and doing that thing called liffffeeeee!!!! Now excuse me while I work on my BOOM BOOM! 🤗

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