Middag. Sent hem ikväll efter jobb och träning, då är det tur att det fanns rester - haricot verts och ost- och färsblandning som blev över när jag gjorde fyllda paprikor igår.
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Can you say that breakfast is your HEALTHIEST meal of the day? ▫
Most can't. It's oftentimes too easy to have cereal, pancakes, a cheesy breakfast casserole or similar. ▫
But here's the thing. You’re probably going to decide against having pizza or whatever lesser quality "convenience" lunch if you start your day on the right footing. Hence, leading to weight loss and reprioritizing your eating habits.▫
My meal replacement shake is NOT for my weight loss. But when you start off on the right foot nutritionally, the rest of your day follows as well. ▫
▶So tell me... what good habits do you start your day with? ▫
⏭And if you find yourself eating progressively worse as the day advances, drop a junk food emoji 🍕🌮🍨 below. ▫
Fuel yourself on nutrients and you won't want to starve your body on junk 💁

Bring in your old nail polish of any brand and any amount this whole month! For each polish you exchange, you will get a new Zoya polish for only $5!! #earthday #earthdayexchange #vegan #environment #zoya #nailpolish #wickedsugar #wickedsugarfashion #wickedsugarettes #boutique #fashionjewelry #accessories #treatyourself #sugarfix #sugaraddict

It is possible to incorporate sweets into a healthy eating style! Even into a ketogenic eating style! 😳
I've created a guide so now you can figure out what to eat instead of cane sugar, cookies, ice cream, etc.
It includes some of my favorite brands that I eat when I'm wanting a sweet treat😉
And that ice cream sandwich pictured? I ate that AND remained in ketosis. 😎
To receive a guide sign up for my email list in my website! Link is in my profile ☝️

It was a lot easier to score a Cronut in Tokyo! This one was filled with lavender ganache and peach jam. 🍩

The green tea "field" cake. So yummy. 😋

Throwback Thursday! My little sister’s cake. Lemon sponge filled with lemon sherbet buttercream covered with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream topped with white chocolate spheres and candy floss.

The Sakura torte. A delicious work of art. 🌸

It's always dessert time when you have our list of the best home bakers bookmarked and handy! Find cupcakes, cheesecakes, eclairs and more in the link in our bio! (📸 @jent.cakes)

So last weekend I went to Magnolia, I got this amazing cupcake at the Silos Bakery, because I mean how could I drive all that way and not taste the cupcakes?! People stand in line for over an hour for these things! I wanted the full experience! So here’s the surprising thing! I couldn’t finish it. Like, normally I’d inhale a cupcake like this and not even come up for air. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but my taste buds have just changed so much. It was too sweet. It’s been a slow process getting healthy, balancing my blood sugar, getting my gut right, and reducing inflammation, but I’m happy to say it’s one that I’m proud of and it’s worth every hard day of choosing food to fuel my body. I’m not saying eating a cupcake is bad, but it’s such a freeing feeling when you can walk away from something you never could before! #guthealth #foodisfuel #sugaraddict #chocolate #healthymom #healthylifestyle #healthychoices

I’m a sucker for a bargain. 10p a packet so I took what was left on the shelf 😂🐷 Will no doubt I’ll regret it after I’ve eaten a few packs especially now I’ve seen each egg is 58 calories 🙈#bargainhunter #cantresist #lovechocolate #sugaraddict #weak #misspiggy #yolo #oinker #chocolate #eggs #oreo #noteaster #idontcareilovechocolate #calories #ineedchocolatetosurvive

Almost.. almost too cute to eat.. @thirstywhalebakery #Donuts #SugarAddict #Unicorns @jasonshowtv

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