My first ever trail race was the Pikes Peak Ascent 5 years ago.
The entire climb I told myself.. “you can’t do this”
“you aren’t built like a trail runner”
“you aren’t strong enough”
This summer has been filled with trails. @chrisbakergram and I completed ✨9✨ 14ers together! And the mountains quietly whispered back to me...
“You are strong enough”
“You can do this”
“And your legs will take you as high, as far, and as long as your brain and ❤️ heart are willing”
What will you believe you can do today?!
@ohanayogabarre the shift to “yes I can!”

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Almost skipped this workout because I hate heat. However when I remembered my goal, I went out there, sucked it up, and came out with a smile! Because if I tell my athletes to suffer uphill, I better be willing to too. 86°F #sufferbetter

Some place warm..some place where the beer flows like wine...ok, we're not really in Aaaspen but we meandered through some aspen groves today 😂

Been a while since we simply leisurely hiked and it was the most relaxing thing ever. #Pacethepointer still treated it like a race but we sure enjoyed just shaking the legs out🕺🏽3 days post-RRR 50 miler now and feeling good!! Excited to get back at it tomorrow 🏃🏽‍♀️ and to be reunited with my girl @kkmcconnell this weekend for some running fun 😊

5 miles out in Pike National Forest 🍂

Finally back stateside and feeling pretty recovered. An easy week doing photo shoots and exploring the Dolomites and Paris (~12 miles a day) were perfect for staying active but still recovering. Finally wanting to RUN and get back into my rhythms. Which is good because I have Bear 100 in just over a week and a half!
Easy does it though. Adaptations for race day start to diminish quickly at about 3 weeks out. The last workout should be about 10 days prior to race day. This allows the body to be fully recovered and completely adapted come race day. You’ll be the strongest version of yourself!
Tapering is important. You can’t really make your race day better by training through your taper but you can definitely ruin it. So just easy running, one more workout for turnover speed and some mobility exercises with stretching and rolling.
The hay is in the barn. There’s nothin left to do but wait patiently to light the match and burn it to the ground come race day 😈 🤘🏼 .

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