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Spinning & twirling is my thing❤️ #grateful #kauaibellydancing #newseed #sudeeka #lizzylove

Great dinner with awesome peeps❤️ #kauailove #sudeeka #dinnerwithdancers #chrisinthemiddle #happyday

Spinning high tonite with my beautiful sisters💕 may the angels of love and gratitude always take their place amongst the shining stars of dance heaven✨ #grateful #sudeeka #seeds #veilfandance @holly_kauai @jess.lynn.frau @arielkauai love you girls ⭐️⭐️⭐️

"There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better." Love you girls to the moon and back!! Our friendships means the world to me!! #dance #sisters #forlife!!

Plant a seed & watch it grow💕🌱✨love these women #seeds #sudeeka #grateful #love&;gratitude #sisterhood 🙏 @sudeeka_students

So much fun dancing tonight!! ✨👯🎶 #Sudeeka #bellydance #moulinrouge #dance #party ❤️ @tropicsquirrel @kauaicrystal @arielkauai

Super fun photo shoot the other night with theses amazing, talented, beautiful bellydance Sisters @sudeeka!! Mahalo @lizzyonkauai for being such a fabulous photographer!! Yip Yip!!

Such a fun night performing with my @Sudeeka Sisters!! I always have a great time with theses beauties!! ✨🙌🏼👯


Sunday, December 17th at St. Michael's Church ~ 6:30pm ~ $15 tickets ~ Young children are free! Let's make the last SEED Graduation and Student Showcase the BEST ONE EVER!! ✨ For the last 5 years the Sudeeka SEED Program has been a very special part of our Bellydance Community here on Kauai. The upcoming SEED Graduation and Student Showcase on Sunday December 17th is going to be the very last SEED Graduation Show. The Sudeeka SEED Program is coming to an end, so let's celebrate all the fun times we’ve had together and go out with a bang!! ✨ The SEED Program will always have a special place in my heart, I know how transformative it can be, and has been for many women on this island, myself included. It has been such a deep honor to have the opportunity to dance with all the amazing women who attended the SEED Program over the years. I appreciate everyone who gave it their love, time and energy!! I am forever grateful that we all got to experience this together! Yip Yip! ✨ The stage will also be graced by the professional Sudeeka Bellydancers, Gypsy Rose Bellydancers, and the mega talented Nelleke, and her wonderful students! This will be a night to remember!!

So sweet!! 😍 I absolutely love these ladies!! Mahalo for the image @imagesbyliz #sudeeka #kauai #bellydancers #sisterhood #lovedance

Thanks again @imagesbyliz for another super awesome photoshoot!! 🙌🏻😍🌿#sudeeka #kauai #bellydancers #tribalbellydance #dancersforlife

We had a fantastic photoshoot today with @imagesbyliz !! 🙌🏻💞👯✨ I am beyond honored to work, create and play with such amazing women!!! I've always had an intuition about dancing with a group of 8 women, and now Sudeeka finally consists of 8 talented and amazing dancers!! Yay!! 😁🙌🏻 What kind of magic will we create next!?!

Look at this gem I just came across!! ✨💎✨ Crystal shinning bright during our recent feather fan dance!! #sudeeka #kauai #bellydancers #featherfans #gold #goddess #lovedance #bellydance #shiningbright

Sweetness overload!! I just came across this pic from our last SEED Graduation. Kana from the professional @Sudeeka Bellydance Co, with Viora who had just completed Level 3 of the Teen SEED Program. 💞 There's a 20 year age difference between these beauties, but in the world of bellydance "age ain't nothin' but a number." Dance connects us and allows us to form friendships, regardless of age, ethnicity, size or skill. A duet by these two talented dancers would be awesome!!🤞🏻😉 #sudeeka #bellydancers #sudeekaSEEDprogram #dance #friends #ageaintnothingbutanumber

It is a very exciting day!! 🎉😁 Today we welcomed two new dancers into the professional Sudeeka Bellydance Co. Yip Yip!! Both @jess.lynn.frau & @clo.heyb are exceptional dancers!! They are each captivating in their own ways and bring such a playful, beautiful expression to the dance. I am beyond thrilled to expand our professional company!! We now have 8 phenomenal women in @Sudeeka, and I feel this new synergy will be creating lots of magic!!

In human form I'm a vegetarian, but add wings and I'm pretty sure I'm a bird of prey... #ilovebellydance #sudeeka #whereeaglesdare

This was a super fun collaboration!! @sudeeka joined with the Level 3 Teen SEED @sudeeka_students for this awesome piece!! Woot woot!! 🙌🏻🎶💗💜 Mahalo for capturing the show! @mangohustler 🎥👍🏻

Love performing with you mega Beauties!! Can't wait to create more!! Yip Yip! ❤️👯✨👍🏻🎶 @kauaicrystal @kanakokauai @tropicsquirrel @arielkauai Big up to @mangohustler for filming the show! 🎥👍🏻

Last night was the 8th Sudeeka SEED Graduation & Student Showcase. It was a fantastic show!! All of the women gave phenomenal performances! ~ Here is a clip of my Shimmy Sisters of @sudeeka!! Way to go ladies!! I love performing together!! Yip Yip! Mahalo @mangohustler for your filming expertise! 🎥👍🏻

Plant a seed & watch it grow💕🌱✨love these women #seeds #sudeeka #grateful #love&;gratitude #sisterhood 🙏 @sudeeka_students

Last nights prayformance with @sudeeka was just the medicine I needed. I am feeling beyond blessed to have such amazing woman to learn this sacred linage along side. It's been a dream come true, to really ground in and study this sacred art form my whole life. .
Last night I graduated my level two belly dancing and I am so happy I followed my heart four weeks after I gave birth to Isvara. This sacred art form has gifted me so much presence and healing in my body after birthing Isvara and rebirthing myself. .
Thank you @arielkauai for your sweet heart and gentle nature.
Thank you beautiful divine shimmy sister for showing up and being present! @rachelshilah .
This is just the beginning 🙏
#sacredlinage #prayformance #sisterhood #goldmagic #kauai #sudeeka #art #blessing #magic #sacredprayer #prayerinmovement #bellydancing #honored #shimmysisterhood

Spinning high tonite with my beautiful sisters💕 may the angels of love and gratitude always take their place amongst the shining stars of dance heaven✨ #grateful #sudeeka #seeds #veilfandance @holly_kauai @jess.lynn.frau @arielkauai love you girls ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Golden Goddesses got their shimmy on last night!! ✨💛✨ Your next opportunity to watch us perform is TOMORROW NIGHT!! 7pm at St. Michael's Church. It will be the 8th SEED Graduation & Student Showcase! Come out and support our amazing, Kauai bellydance community!!

First time performing with the new veil fans!! Love the color combo! 💗💜🖤 And super excited about our newest dance!! Yip Yip! Come see it at the Sudeeka SEED Graduation & Student Showcase on Sunday, July 2nd. We have these shows every few months and they truly are SO FUN!! 📸🙌🏻 Mahalo for the awesome pic! @kitfurderer

The Teen SEED group accompanied Sudeeka at one of their dance sister's Bat Mitzvah. It was an amazing night of celebrating @sophrrose !! She is such a kind, gentle, playful young lady, that happens to be a beautiful belly dancer as well!! You're AWESOME Sophia!! Yip Yip! 📸 Mahalo for the capture!! @kitfurderer

The Haflah this weekend was so FUN!! 🙌🏻🎉👯🎶😁💞 We are beyond blessed to have such an amazing Bellydance community on Kauai!! I love all you Shimmy Sisters so much!! Yip Yip!

You know you're in the finest company when you insist tonight is a crushed-velvet-purple-pants-night, and this happens...💜👖💜 #bellydancelife #sudeeka

These ladies were amazing in the last SEED Graduation & Student Showcase!! We are all just stepping into rehearsal mode for our next show, which will be Sunday, July 2nd. Too much fun! Yip Yip!! 💜💚💛 @robinkutkowski @jess.lynn.frau @clo.heyb

I love this pic!! 😍 @kaylimphotography Creating beauty with my Sudeeka sisters in the Limitless show with @soul_fire_productions

Beauty in motion ✨🦋✨ @soljodurcha Performing in limitless with @soul_fire_productions

Love the performance by @arielkauai @sudeeka for @soul_fire_productions. Not only are the dances captivating, the costumes are amazing! #bellydance #hawaiievents

Come #experience a #safari for the #senses tomorrow night at the #EdibleWorldInstitute at #Kopiko Plaza... be #mesmerized by the tastes, sounds and smells of the #SpiceBox! Dinner tickets still avail for $30, five-course meal and #dance show!! Entry to #GypsyMarket is #FREE...late night #Latin #Salsa #party starts at 8:30!! Photo courtesy of@nouveau_gypsy
#bellydance #bellydancers #mysticgypsy #gypsyparty #bohochic #bohostyle #bohemiandance #bellydancing #gypsydancers #sudeeka #tribaldance #dancers

Packing my costume and heading to the Big Island today!! I'm so excited to go soak up more Bellydance magic from my teacher @myramosaic at her Bellydance retreat!! We'll also be performing in the Spice Box Show this weekend! Yip Yip!!

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with the Advanced SEED Goddesses... Jan joyfully spinning in the sunset, dancing like no one is watching!! 💞

Life moves so quickly... I wish I had more time to bask in the sparkly aftermath of ✨GOLD✨ before moving straight to the next project that is already underway! There was a lot of love that went into the making of GOLD!! It ended up being an epic show!!! Still eagerly awaiting the video footage... Stay tuned I'll be posting dance clips on the @sudeeka page very soon!! Yip Yip!

Love you girls so much 💓#dancelovers #sudeeka #inspiredwomen

Like swans taking flight, off into the twinkling stars of the night. ✨ One more fabulous photo edit by @imagesbyliz 💗

"A goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself." ✨💛✨ Mahalo @imagesbyliz for another awesome and powerful edit from our GOLD Show!!

The universe is much easier to navigate when these girls got your back. Ever blessed to shimmy with such amazing people by my side #bellydance #sisterhood #sudeeka

Feeling the magic with my @sudeeka Sisters!! ✨💙✨ Mahalo @imagesbyliz for another amazing pic!!

The lovely @kanakokauai takes center stage!! I can't get over how fun these edits are by @imagesbyliz from moments in our ✨GOLD✨ show!!

Super fun✨GOLD✨ show last night!! Yip Yip!! Such an honor to create with such talented and amazing performers!! So much LOVE to my Shimmy Sisters @sudeeka for all your hard work, energy and passion!! 👯 So stoked to co-create this show with @elementz_fire_troupe!! Yeah!! 🔥 Beyond amazed by our guest performers @pamelapoles & @dancingmamadragon !! 🙌🏻 Big up to @irieangel for helping keep the dance floor hot!! 🎶 And big hugs to our lovely MC @robinnectar!! 😘 It was a phenomenal night!! Woot woot! Thanks for the snap 📸 @malama.zion

Super awesome ✨GOLD✨ show last night!!! So much LOVE to my Shimmy Sisters @sudeeka for all your hard work, energy and passion!! 👯👯 It's such a beautiful gift to dance with such phenomenal women!! ✨🙏🏻❤️😄 Mahalo @imagesbyliz for the fun photo and edit! 📸👍🏻

Last night was golden ✨💃 #gold #oasisonthbeach #sudeeka #kauaistyle

Together we rise!! We are blessed beyond belief to have such an uplifting, supportive, loving, healthy, and fun community of Shimmy Sisters!! I love you Goddesses!! Happy International Women's Day to all the extraordinary and beautiful women in my life!! 💞✨👑😄👯 Mahalo for the image @imagesbyliz and mahalo @preetamusic for bringing us together!! 😘😘

Happy International Women's Day to all of the extraordinary and beautiful women in my life!! We are blessed beyond belief to have such a supportive, healthy, fun and uplifting community of Shimmy Sisters!! I love you Goddesses!! 💞✨👑😄👯 Mahalo for the timeless image @imagesbyliz and mahalo @preetamusic for creating a reason to bring us together!! 😘😘

Why do I love Gold so much, why people put values on Gold. Upcoming show "✨✨✨GOLD✨✨✨" @sudeeka @elementz_fire_troupe @dancingmamadragon @pamelapoles

Today I stepped well outside of my comfort zone and said YES to something new, challenging and pretty damn uncomfortable. I started BELLY DANCING! 😳 If you told me a week ago that I would be bellydancing I would've said, "Yeah right! Who me?! That's not my thing." I've always appreciated it as an art form and have had many friends and even a beautiful auntie who belly dance, but I never saw myself doing it. Yet today I found myself in a class of amazing women learning to move, shake and shimmy in new ways. It all started with a week of synchronicities which all seemed to be pointing me in the same direction. I ran into a dear friend and one of my all~time favorite human beings @alohalotuskauai. Lotus and I are long time yoga sisters. Our connections have always been inspiring and felt deeply aligned on a soul level. I left our conversation with chills and a seed planted… which would sprout and eventually lead me to class today.

Class was EPIC! I was pleasantly surprised by the fitness aspect of things. I found myself feeling sore in new places, which I love! The music was awesome and @arielkauai's instruction was superb and incredibly inspiring. I felt slightly awkward which I embraced as a sign that I was exactly where I needed to be. After all, that's where we grow. In our discomfort!
I'm amazed by the caliber of women who have gathered for this experience. I see the potential for so many breakthroughs and growth together. I am welcoming in depth, AUTHENTIC and JOYFUL connections. Transparency and love. Happiness and support. SISTERHOOD. To the core of what it means to gather as women. As sisters. Through saying YES to this experience and all that it brings up for each one of us we have the opportunity to heal the collective, beginning with our ourselves. So here's to healing, to the belly, to the womb, to women everywhere, to humanity. Big gratitude to @sudeeka and @arielkauai for the opportunity and holding this sacred container for us all! .
Suit by @lunamarfortheplanet .
#divinefeminine #womenunite #sisterhood #bellydancer #neverthoughtidsaythat #sudeeka #loveyourself #masculinefeminine #healing #authenticwomen #wombhealing #creativity

This is fun one!! American Tribal Style Bellydance fused with Odissi Classical Indian Dance. Check out our YouTube channel for the full video!! @kauaicrystal @arielkauai @soljodurcha @kanakokauai #tribalstylebellydance #odissidance #Kauai #sudeeka #bellydancers #shimmy #magic #lovedance

Always a fun time dancing with my Shimmy Sistahs!! 👯✨🎶😄 @kanakokauai @kauaicrystal @soljodurcha @arielkauai

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body"-Martha Graham #seeds #sudeeka #grateful #we❤️Ariel @sudeeka 📸by @diana.808

Such a fun night performing with my @Sudeeka Sisters!! I always have a great time with theses beauties!! ✨🙌🏼👯

Such a fun night performing with my @Sudeeka Sisters!! I always have a great time with these beauties!! ✨🙌🏼👯 @kauaicrystal @tropicsquirrel

I had so much fun dancing at last nights show that I forgot to take pictures- thanku friends who have sent some fun moments. Thanx @lizzyonkauai for this picture, @drkatvk urs were awesome as well & @arielkauai for making it all happen. #bellydance #sudeeka show #luckywelivekauai

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