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I don't understand why but this man loves me. Like really loves me, a lot. So much that it doesn't make sense to me. Even after over 10 years together & exactly 8 years of marriage he still loves me. & he's probably the only man on the planet patient enough to put up with me lol. I know a lot of ladies would love to be with a man like him but for some reason he's with me. I'm a lucky lady to be so loved, even when I don't deserve it. I have so much love & respect for him as a man, husband & especially as a father. Happy anniversary @coreythanna. #howwasourweddingdaythatlongago #wearegettingold #nevertooldforahickey #suckingneck

Last night at Dracula's with the family.... By gee mother, your getting into the neck alright! #mother #motherlikedaughter #draculas #suckingneck #mymotherscoolerthenyours

I have a kinky ex girlfriend. #Suckingneck #sex #ex

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