Had a great time sharing alongside these amazing women of God. Well done Doyinsola for #TheFathersDaughters conference.

A few points from the "heart-to-heart panel session:
1. There's nothing you do that can make God love you more or less.

2. Internalize the love of the Father. Meditate on it, until you get to a point of "no return"

3. You can not be too filthy for God's love.

4. Your pain is valid and purposeful. Embrace God's love and reason through your pain.

5. Whilst "waiting", be obedient and sensitive to revelation.
6. In conclusion, God exists, and He truly, deeply loves you! Accept (receive) it, believe it.

Trust me, "receiving" His love can be a journey, but it's one that makes your life a whole lot stress-free, and grace-filled.
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