Announcing our workshop planned for our next Free Succulent Saturday on October 6. Bring your funky junk and come plant it up! $10 for soil and instruction, you just pay for the plants you use. So look for something funky, whether it be an old toy or a spent boot and remember to drill holes for drainage before arriving!

Need an excellent deal?
8 plants in 2” pots for just $18!🌺 Only one set available!
Buyer pays shipping.
Shipped bareroot from California.🌈

Stylin Black Rose Succie 🍂💜🍂.... crushing on these rich expresso colors of Aeonium zwartkop rosettes & Synadenium foliage 🍃😌🍃

Cuttings for a colourful Wednesday 🌈
👉Swipe for a photo of a peek at a Pleiospilos nelii bloom.
Happy hump day, plant lovers!

Meet Theo.
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I bought Theo as a bundle deal along with other baby cacti. He has been chilling in a magnetic pot on my fridge, basking in the sunshine all summer. He has had some really awesome new growth and his shape is starting to develop nicely.
I barely water him, I mainly tend to just mist the soil fully once every 2 weeks or whenever I notice the soil is fully dry. He seems to be responding well to this.
I'm so nervous about winter, hoping to winter all my plants. Is anyone else sharing the same anxiety? Or has anyone got any tips on plant care over the cold months? Would love to hear from you. ❄️
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I am kicking myself that I didnt keep one of these Zaragosa Clusters 😭
A double head has just been listed in the shop! There's also one more 4 head cluster available.
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Did somebody say SUCCULENTS??!

Uma molinha perfeita de raíz 🤗💚🌱🌿🌴🌺🍀👏🏻

Our shop is starting to turn into a jungle! Come by and check out our huge selection of houseplants and succulents 🐒

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