Some of my first succulents are in this video. The very first one you see is my Bianca, I potted it with not great soil, way too low in the pot and with little knowledge of what I was doing. She’s also one of my favorites, grown so beautiful despite her rough start. For the record she is still in her first pot, still too low and still with the same soil. I’m afraid to move her because her farina is just amazing and she has a sheen I don’t want to ruin. 💜💜💜

Two weeks in water propagation. Good root growth and pup has grown too. Will let this soak on for another week. #waterpropagation #succulentpropagation #succulentbabies #succulents #succulentaddiction #succulentsofinstagram #succuholic #succulentcrazy #succulentcollector #propagatingsucculents

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