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The crevice between Lithops leaves contains the meristem, a region of plant tissue made up of actively dividing cells forming new tissue, which produces both flowers and new leaves! These daisy-like flowers emerge from the fissure only after it's new leaf pair has fully grown in yearly, usually in the fall, and as you would expect from a genus with well over 200 subspecies, these blooms come in a stunning, wide array of colors! Various species bloom in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, and every shade in between! While most Lithops flower in autumn, blooming occurs before the summer solstice and after the winter solstice in several subspecies. Lithops are obligate outcrossers, self-sterile, and require pollination from a separate plant to produce seeds. Like most mesembs, Lithops when properly fertilized produce a dry, woody capsule that opens only when wet, allowing some seeds to be scattered by raindrops across the unpredictable wet seasons, re-closing when it dries out to protect the remaining seeds until the next rain! The first sign of growth you'll see each fall is when the crevice between the leaves begins to separate, and very quickly across the next few days, you'll see the beginnings of a flower bud pushing up through the fissure! Shortly, a single flower will emerge from each leaf pair that is mature enough to bloom. Lithops need 3-4 years of healthy growth before this will happen! The flowers of many of the subspecies have a pleasant, spicy-sweet aroma and attract a wide array of pollinators, opening in the afternoon and closing again before dark for several days! After Lithops bloom, they goes into a period of dormancy during which at least one new plant body develops in the crevice left by the flower .

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We’re off camping!⛺️🌴
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Toy BBQ was purchased @target dollar spot and upcycled with succulent cuttings. Drainage hole was created using @boschtoolsna drill 🌵♻️✨

An itty bitty Succulent Pumpkin for you! 🍁🍂
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Feliz Viernes! May your day be as sweet as my cafecito! ☕️🌞
I am all about my cafecito being dulce y con espumita👌🏽please and thank you!😜
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Happy FriYay!! I don't know what this cool sedum? is called, but I noticed the rosy tint on it's leaves the other day. So pretty.
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I've never seen my Kalanchoe Tomentosa flower before! It's so beautiful! 😍🌿💚🥀
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Babies on my agavoides lipstick! They're so fat and cute.
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