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Freedom's Success Wall...a technique I learned from Jack Canfield on creating the habit of focusing on our successes to bring more of them and build confidence. 💪💙😁🤸👨‍👦 #successwall

Ed's word of the day is imagine. He likes to imagine the future #success #successwall #imagine #lifeatconcur

What an awesome 4th of July!!! Two hours of hiking and an afternoon at the pool with awesome people! What's not to like!!! And I have to say,I am ready to get back on my biz ventures!! Stay tuned for my Amazon store!!! So fun!! 💕❤️💕#blessyourheartnation #entrepreneur

My success wall in my room! This wall multiplies with awards and important memories from experiences in my life a little more each year. There's my Guinness factory award for making a perfect pint of Guinness from Dublin, Ireland, the Juilliard Journal from February 2013 when I had my acting audition for them in Chicago, The President's Volunteer award, show flyers that from shows that I've directed, my lucky numbers that got me to advance at my first try at The Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts, my KSAU 90.1 Certificate of Achievement for the Best Specialty Program for SFA's radio station in Nacogdoches and pictures my wonderful kids from work colored for me! Whenever I'm down and need a pick me up, this wall reminds me that I am great, hardworking, passionate at all that I do and that I can't give up because I have a bunch of people counting on me! #successwall #motivation #motivationalmonday #ishouldaddacollageofpictures

What an awesome surprise I walked into!!! Thank you @drjasonmd for my incredible #SuccessWall from @staciapierce. Wow!!! I just recorded the stickies so I can listen to it throughout the day. #staciastickies @staciapierce #success #affirmation #positive #coach

YOUR name can be on our success wall!! Ask about our FREE evaluation. #MediOfWoodstock #MediweightlossWoodstock #SuccessWall #HealthyWeightloss #NoFadDietsHere

Stay inspired with tiny motivational messages posted all around you. My team and I have done this for years...we gather quotes that resonate with us, important destiny reminders and inspiring thoughts to remind us to keep pushing, go for the win & stay positive always. The Stacia Stickies already have pre-printed messages to motivate you...you can still write your own too! Grab your today by commenting SOLD and leave ur email to get a 2-pack of stickies now. #stickies #stickynote #successtools #successwall #inspiration #goodthoughts #positivethinking

Forget #newyearsresolutions ! Try #Success #affirmations instead! Before you turn out the lights in #2015, create your #successwall ! I just finished mine and It's super simple! All you need is: 1. Multi-colored #stickynotes (I used and highly recommend "Stacia's Stickies: Success Notes" by @staciapierce which you can purchase online at www.lifecoach2women.com) 2. A posterboard (or sheet of paper so as not to procrastinate) and 3. Your favorite pen or marker. 4. Gather all the success and personal affirmations you can find that directly relate to what you want to accomplish in #2016. NOT RESOLUTIONS! Just some positive thoughts, words and phrases that speak to where you want to be in life.
Make it pretty or make it plain but just make it! The law of attraction dictates that you will attract that which you most speak of or think. So start thinking and speaking positivity in your life and watch as you receive what you say over the course of the next year!

For this and more great success attraction ideas follow @staciapierce or visit her blog at www.lifecoach2women.com

#entrepreneur #staciapierce #successmastery #lifecoach #successcoach


I am loving this Success Wall. A great add on to my Vision Board!

Freedom's Success Wall...a technique I learned from Jack Canfield on creating the habit of focusing on our successes to bring more of them and build confidence. 💪💙😁🤸👨‍👦 #successwall

#truth #blessyourheartnation (Adapted from a speech by Jim Cathcart)

Okay ya'll.... are ya'll ready for some real talk? This entrepreneurial life is no joke. I made the leap in June and I LOVE IT!! Burning all my bridges behind me is the best thing I've ever done! I retired, I moved to Austin, and now? I hustle my rear end off!! What does burning your bridges do for you? It makes you hungry! It makes you grind! It makes you creative! It makes you appreciate the value of a dollar! You start jonesing for things that used to in the regular! Like mani/pedis and spa days and massages!! Lol! But that will come soon enough. Right now, because I'm For Real For Real, it's all about finding my Ideal Clients, and helping them achieve their goals! AND meeting meeting organizers and business people interested in speakers and corporate leadership training! 💕❤️💕Remember guys, when you are FOR REAL FOR REAL, you will so WHATEVER IT TAKES to make your dream life happen today! 💪💪💪So stop dreaming, stop taking courses to learn how to do this! Get out there and DO THE WORK! 🎯🎯🎯You've Got This! #blessyourheartnation

They said it's the weekend! Happy happy weekend! 💃💃💃How did you spend your Saturday, baby dolls? Did you have some Me Time? That's awesome! 💕❤️💕 Okay, did you do anything to move you towards your goals? 🎯🎯🎯 I went to a Launchpad Job Fair and networked with HR professionals, recruiters, job seekers and fantastic speakers. What a great event!! They reviewed LinkedIn Profiles and gave on-the-spot feedback. They also had a photographer there taking very reasonable headshots for your LinkedIn profiles! Top notch event and so many great connections made! I can't wait to follow up with the people I met there! ❤️💕❤️ Just remember Saturday and Sunday are two of the 7 days in a week! If you take off both days, you lose roughly 29% of the available time in a week to make progress on your big dreams! Writing a book.... starting a business... 😱😱😱Do you want to take almost 30% longer to reach your goals than it could take if you just kept going?!?! Say you could have gotten there in 2 years if you had done the work on weekends. If you don't work on your goals on the weekend too, it would take 3.14 years instead of 2!!! 😱😱How bad do you want it?!?!?! Is it worth it to rest in your laurels on the weekend!! Not for this woman right here! I've got places to go and people to see! Let's go together!! You've Got This!!💕❤️💕❤️#blessyourheartnation #leader

#女の子が生きていくときに覚えていてほしいこと #西原理恵子 #女の子 #女子力 #女子力向上委員会 #❤️ #ワコール #successwall #イボ #外反母趾 #空港 #airport #横浜 #yokohama #くつ #靴 #shoes #スタバ #スターバックス #starbucks #コーヒー #coffee #読書 #本 #book #bookstagram

Happy Labor Day, IG friends! I hope you have a great day!! And don't forget, it's a holiday, so get your exercise on, and your relaxing, but do at least one thing to move your business forward TODAY!! Grind & Grow Your Way to Your Greatest Life Imaginable!! 💕❤️💕❤️ You've Got This!! #blessyourheartnation #justdoit

The #successwall is filling up pretty quickly. A successful health and fitness journey comes from successful planning, consistency in achieving what is planned and making the effort to show up! What's on your success wall? ⠀
#csfc #success #richmond3121 #3121

It's where your biggest growth will happen! It's where you will make HUGE STRIDES towards your goals! It's change. I get it. It's hard. It takes more time than doing things the normal way! Ok, so go bask in your thoughts of the hardness and how much you are dreading it for two minutes. NO, SERIOUSLY! JUST 2 MINUTES! Set a timer. You've got one right there on your phone. Wallow in it. Damn that task is gonna be hard. I don't know everything I need to know. I'll have to do this thing or that thing if I start this hard task. Waaaaaa!!! ⏳⏳OKAY, TIME'S UP!! That's all the pity party poo you will let yourself wallow in. How are you feeling? Pretty crappy, right?!?! So what in the world would you want to sit around and have a pity party for?!?! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!!! YOU ARE BORN TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S LIVES! So dust off the pity poo, and get going!! DO YOU ON THE DAILY!! Every single day! Show up and do the work. And get this: DO THE WORK YOU DREAD FIRST!!! You've Got This, Baby Dolls!!! Get out there and Change The World with your brilliance!! I See You, Beautiful! 💕❤️💕❤️#blessyourheartnation #justdoit

You'll only ever get ONE August 20, 2017 in your ENTIRE LIFETIME!! Make it count, baby dolls! 💕❤️💕#blessyourheartnation

This is a pic of my daughter four years ago as she was entering her senior year of high school and on the 21st she will start her senior year of college. Yesterday she flew back home and I MISS HER!! Where has the time gone?!?! Parents, hug your babies tightly and love them with a your heart! They grow up way too soon!! 😂😂#moment #daughter #blessyourheartnation 💕❤️💕❤️

Ya'll!! I was reading a book recommended by Larry Winget called "The Ultimate Secret To Getting Everything You Want". Excellent read and quick to read too! This point is critical!! This caused such a mental shift for me! The key is not to actually DO anything it takes but to be WILLING to!! This is the secret to abundance!!! Don't be tied to the HOW but be WILLING to do whatever it takes to (ethically) reach your goals!! I can't tell you the sheer magnitude of what this shift has done for me yet!! I'm still soaking it all in but in a few words it has been LIBERATING, EXHILARATING & has caused me to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!!! And isn't that what we all need to do to CRUSH OUR GOALS?!?! Check this book out! It's awesome!! 💕❤️💕❤️#abundance #lawofattraction #thesecret #blessyourheartnation

Random iguana sighting at the pool, Margaritaville Beach Club, #puertorico #iguana #blessyourheartnation 💕❤️💕❤️

On stage is my happy place. You know you love your work when you are at the beach and you say your work is your happy place! Lol! The beach is a close 2nd though! Here's to designing your life so you can do what you adore every single day!What will you do today that fills you with joy? You've Got This! 💕❤️💕❤️#blessyourheartnation #entrepreneur

What are you waiting for?!?! Get out there and go for it, baby doll! You've Got This!! 💕❤️💕 #blessyourheartnation #inspiration

About to take off to Puerto Rico! First time to visit. I've heard so many great things! 💕❤️💕#puertorico #blessyourheartnation

If you're writing a speech you hope will entertain and inspire, start with an amazing view on Pawley's Island, SC! 💕❤️💕❤️ I'm Mary Ottman and I help women get confident and crazy successful now! For a FREE Business Bootcamp Breakthrough call that will help you get the clarity you need and simple steps to start getting fantastic results now, DM me! 💕❤️❤️#blessyourheartnation #entrepreneur

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