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You can’t be successful without the pain !! Press pass the pain and focus on the vision !! The pain is apart of the process. #TGIM

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The snake gets a bad wrap. Okay, I get the biblical symbol. And yes, no one wants to cross a snake while on a hike in the desert or jungle. But the Snake is a powerful totem and representation of much more. Often, what we fear the most has a huge potential for personal freedom waiting on the other side. -
What is something you fear that you know would be AMAZING if you could get beyond that fear?

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Stunning bathroom views from the Maldives 😍 Tag someone below!
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Not everyone sees your starting point. We see people and assume they have always looked that good, or it’s all genetics. The left my very first show June of 2016➡️ the right my 5th show ever (second one as a pro) October 2017. Only 1 year and 4 months between these pictures. After my first show I was determined to come back better than ever and become a pro athlete. My goals were to win miss bikini Colorado and take home first place in my class at nationals. I did exactly what I set out to do. You can do anything you set your mind too. I write down my goals for each season and put in the work no matter what comes my way. Look where I started and how far I’ve come in such little time in this industry. If you believe it you can and will achieve it. Everyone’s journey is different. You will have your own challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. Believe it, see it, envision it, and be it. Your mental strength is just as important as your physical appearance in this sport. You are what you believe. #transformationtuesday #teamrogers #ifbbbikinipro #successtips #believeinyourself

Want a new Lambo? There’s a lot of talk about “comfort zone” and most people find it very difficult to get out of theirs. The key is to a) start and b) practice. Once you get used to it, you can process to bigger things. Here are some exercises to get you out of your comfort zone - you MUST do these, otherwise it is PROOF that you will not progress to where you want to go unless it happens by luck and luck is not a guarantee to anything. 1. Set your alarm for 1 hour before your usual wake up, have a cold shower 2. After your cold shower, go for a 45 min run. 3. If you are single, go up to the first girl/guy you see today that you get eye contact with and pay them a nice compliment. You are just socialising, so don’t worry if you get a slap! 😃 Now, I know 90% of you will not do this and this is what I mean by staying in your comfort zone. You will find a thousand reasons not to do it! Don’t think about it, just do it. 4. Write down 10 good reasons why you deserve a raise. Approach your boss when they are in a good mood and give them those reasons and ask them to consider giving you a raise. Don’t be afraid. You don’t ask, you don’t get. 5. Go to the nearest luxury car showroom and ask for a test drive. It is always best to call them before and have the name of a contact. Tell them you have just got an inheritance and were considering one of their cars. Look at the car, feel the inside and steering and listen to the sound of it. 6. Call a friend or relative that you have not spoken to for a long time or you have fallen out with and tell them you miss talking to them. I am sure 90% of you won’t do this and will find excuses. Do these and I PROMISE you that you will feel very different about yourself. Comfort zone is the killer of all REAL progress. #entrepreneur#entrepreneurs#entrepreneurmindset#entrepreneurship#entrepreneurquotes#entrepreneurmind#mentor#mentors#mentorship#mentoring#motivationalquotes#motivationalspeaker#motivation#motivate#motivationmonday#motivateme#motivate#lifecoach#lifequotes#lifecoaching#businesscoach#businesstips#inspirationalquotes#inspiration#businesstip#businesscoach#f17one#success#successcoach#successtip#successtips#successful @f17one

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Double tap if you have alot of haters you need to prove wrong, someone you love can sure be the best motivation you could ever wish for.
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I had a good day today with my new lifestyle. I ate salads, ate apples, drank water and turned down chips! Yes, you read that right, I said no to chips. I found myself saying today- “be real with yourself” every time that I was making a meal decision. You see for many years, I would pretend to be on diets or a small eater in from of people just to go and binged alone. Now, I want to tell myself the truth. I am choosing to eat well because I was lying to myself with all the bad foods. I am fighting on. When did it click for you that you needed to lose weight? . .
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If you rely on being motivated to work hard or achieve something, then you will NEVER be successful. Winners do the right things and work hard even when nobody is watching!

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Ok fellas,this project of ours ain't no stopping us,we will model and even take great flights on the runway,we will soar like the eagles waiting to attack it's prey,nothing like #fathersontime, thanks to wifey with our stable @estydee_crochet for producing this lovely crochet customized hat, It can only get better #greatfulltoGod #blesssings #motivation #determination #twindad #twinfamily #happypeople #happyme #unstoppable #focus #dreambig  #marketingsamurai #entrepreneur #residualincome  #makesixfigures #successtips #financialfreedom #businessowner #thinkandgrowrich #milloniareMindset #beyourownboss #networkmarketing #internetmarketing  #AffiliateMarketing  #changetakestime  #instamood

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My business coach always tells me . Princess you was an athlete how many times did you have to practice a technique before game day . I told him two a days Monday - Friday . Repetition is the key to success. Don't treat your business like a hobby. Put your blood , sweat, and tears into what your desire to fulfill the glory you always anticipated. ------------
Athletes get how to work hard and go up against the best at practice to perform great on the playing field .
" In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of losing"
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Repetition compulsion dooms her to repeat her unresolved issues from her childhood—using the coping strategies she chose back then to bid for love, connection, approval from her primary caregivers. It’s almost impossible to break out of these unconscious cycles without deep therapeutic work. Most adults don’t know anything about this, so they go through life disempowered and unable to regulate their emotions in relationships. Many people are ok when they’re out of relationships (so they think they’re fine), but that’s only because they avoid confronting their deeper wounds, which get revealed again when in relationships. (From The Man Up Show episode 214.) For the full video, click link in bio: http://www.davidtianphd.com/relationships/still-not-over/

Be your own kind of beautiful. 🌼

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