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When you have the right attitude in life you will be happy. Attitude is everything to be success in anything you pursue. I can attitude is the best. #attitude @go_eco_sense -

Tag some one you take here 😱!

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@alejandrochaban : Que el único tatuaje que quede en tu alma sea el de las lecciones que aprendiste. Gracias Dulce por compartir tu ejemplo y ayudar a tanta gente con tu historia. Eres sensacional y ejemplar. Te admiro y valoro cada una de esas 37 LIBRAS que rebajaste. Entiendo lo mucho que toma poder hacer un cambio cuando estamos acostumbrados a sabotearnos toda nuestra vida. Sigue hacia adelante con la cabeza en alto y no dejes que NADIE NUNCA te arrastre para abajo. YOU ARE A #ROCKSTAR ⭐️! #YesYouCan

#Doubletap You Agree “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” 💭 #CharlesDarwin 📲👏💯🏆
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What a day I had today...Happy Monday! My motivation comes from knowing if I don't get it for myself nobody's going to get it for me. Who else worked really hard today...who worked on making this money, worked on your growth, worked on your dreams, worked on your future, your family, your life? Shout out to all the beautiful, strong, independent woman who deal with so much but still manage to make it through with a smile. I know you're tired baby but keep pushing, keep moving...I know it gets hard, take a break if you need to but keep chasing what's yours...you only fail when you quit!


We all have dark days.. But don't be afraid of the dark; Shine through it ☀
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Turn your failures into KEEP GOING💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾⚡️⚡️
Thank you 📸

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Lets meet Mayen Ebong, The Abuja branch president of the Pearls International as She share her inspiring and motivating story.
She stated that her story may not be different from the very many you might have heard but it is hers. She said: I grew up in a hostile home and has always wanted to run away from home to somewhere i'd call SAFE. I tried it twice and my mum kept having revelation and could be emotional about it and ill have to stay back. Say from the age of 9, i had the urge to leave home. Dad was working but was generally irresponsible to basic needs and educational needs were provided for me after several pleas and tears. Mum was a trader who could barely save money for anything due to dad's irresponsible attitude. This innocently resorted to accepting friendship with anyone so i can be happy. I was a pretty young woman and so any man who praised my beauty and talked nicely to me, i gave in. I grew up like that, I kept falling into and out of relationships. It continued by i never found anyone who could care for me, rather rob me of my innocence. Paedophiles abused me from when i was six, Those were people who were supposed to look after me in the absence of my parents.😭 I grew up being angry with life and contemplated suicide. I prayed to God to send me someone who would not walk away but would keep me and care about me. In 2005, when i got admission into the University, working and going to school, a matured colleague of mine proposed to me in the manner i had been quietly praying to God about. He came and said he wants to marry me but will not have nothing to do with me until he has seen my parents at formal introduction. It was a wow for me, and was like God has answered my prayers oo, i was so happy, everything went on fine after the introduction, it was like we were never going to be separated. but wheew, God knew it from the beginning.. This is not the End of her story, Our next post will be the continuation of her Success Story... #womenempowerment

You'll never be the same again after a serious injury. Even if you try to ignore the reason, the truth is that your world probably had to collapse so that you can re-build a better one for your future. The best is yet to come. 💕🌈⠀
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"An injury is not just a process of recovery it's a process of discovery." -Conor McGregor

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5 years before, I'm a little punk that running between girls and try to have fun. I don't have any plans for future and I don't even plan for the day ahead.
🎉🎉 Is this girl that brings me back on track and make me think for the future.
Five years after, here I am. I'm thinking 10 years ahead from now, I always plan ahead and always trying to figure out my next move to make my life better, my family's life better.
Who is the person that change your life once and for all? Tag her out!

Solid colour when wet....multidimensional colour when dry! The results of your balayage will only be visible when the last hair is dried and styled! Don’t worry if you can’t see the colour directly from the sink, your hair will lighten 90% more than you see initially! .
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Let the wind come. Let the clouds darken the sky to black. Let the chaos around me have a voice at sundown. For none of it compares to the rage in my soul or the FIRE OF PEACE in the center of my heart. I have lived on my knees before heaven and I've learned how to make a bed in HELL long enough to know the GREATER ONE lives inside of me. HE was my EYES when I could not see. HE was my STRENGTH in the struggle to fight. HE was my LIFE when I could not breathe and the VOICE when I could not hear. THIS IS A LOVE THING. No rules... We move in relationship together. I've knelt before THE LORD long enough to know I can STAND BEFORE ANYTHING. HIS waters of PEACE & STRENGTH settle me knowing HIS AUTHORITY is higher than ALL THINGS and ALL creation has to OBEY HIM.
May HIS strong hand of MERCY & FAVOR always rest upon my life.

I hope this encourages someone. What He does for one He will do for YOU!

Love you guys xoxo

We do it for the vision this ain't no hobby

“When you do something for someone else that helps them in some way, they naturally want to reciprocate.” - Mike Fishbein.
At your next networking event, find ways to offer help. People always appreciate the gesture even if they don’t take up your offer. #networkingtips #blazersandbaby

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