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Listen truth of it is this, hard times are often blessings in disguise.I'm going to keep it real with You, tonight was one of those nights regardless what You see on the outside.The point that I'm trying to make is some people do a better job at hiding the pain, the scars, the setbacks more than others so don't always take what You see especially on social networks at face value. I could be the richest man with the Ferrari parked in His driveway with a nice suit and a cheeky smile on His face, little did You know He was going thru it right then and there. Don't believe everything You see, sometimes it's ok to believe the hype because Your genuinely making moves but sometimes that's all it is, they might not want You to see what they're going through for their own reasons. I myself had to learn and let go and allow life to strengthen Me. No matter how much it hurt, hold Your head up and keep going. God only knows the s**t we're going through. Truth be told sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones our spirit needs most. Your past was never a mistake if you truly learned from it. So take all your hardships, crazy experiences, pain, heartbreak and place them in a box labeled thank You. 💯🙏 #RealMessage #FromTheHeart #MasterSelf #Truth #Life101 #SuccessRequiresPain #Success101 #SuccessPrinciples #BeGreat #MoveForward #LifeLessons #VulnerabilityIsStrength #DontQuit #PainIsOnlyTemporary #LifesDifficulties #AManAndHisDog #Instagood #TodaysMotivation #DeterminingFactor

I got the Idea to start my Mobile Car Wash Company @grandeurAutoSpa one Day after I didn't have Money for a Haircut not Long after getting Kicked Out the Air Force. My Pride wouldn't allow me to ask for ANOTHER Haircut on credit from @anwarnextlevel2. So, I decided I'd Wash His Truck in exchange for One. While on the interstate to go do that, GOD gave me the Vision for my First Business... But, If I was Too Busy Complaining, & Whining about my Situation, I wouldn't have been able to Hear what GOD wanted me to Do. #StopCrying #Justlisten You're Way Out is Near. (also, schedule your appt younger your Vehicle Detailed. We Bring the Car Wash to your Front Door Step. or job.) #HardTimesMadeMe #DuesPaid #SuccessRequiresPain

Final touches by Carolyn and joe pre game! Go toreros! #successrequirespain

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