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Ma io son fiero del mio sognare,
di questo eterno mio incespicare
e rido in faccia a quello che cerchi e che mai avrai! (Quattro stracci/Guccini)

Offrite voi? Chi viene?
Dai v'aspetto, sbrigatevi peró!!!
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•Matteo rapone
•Gmail matteo.rapone1@gmail.com
•Instagram @matteor_official
•Facebook matteo rapone
•Official hashtag #matteor_official
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How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams and goals?#dreamgrindshine.
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We all have dark days.. But don't be afraid of the dark; Shine through it ☀
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Model Credit: @leeana.jacobs
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Your goals and dreams have to be stronger than your excuses!!

Amen to this! 🙏🏼 .
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Be smart enough to let them go
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Always look out for the next step,because wherever you are right now,there is always a next level.Keep progressing.Don't settle. #Messi

Do it today and don't regret it tomorrow.⠀

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How different would your life be if you reacted to each situation knowing it was placed there in your life at that specific time for a reason? You'd probably spend less time dwelling on the pain it's caused and try your hardest to figure out it's meaning, right? So why aren't you living that way? When you have those hard blows, understand that something AMAZING is going to fall into your lap next. The universe just SAVED you from settling once again, or not seeing your worth or not following your instinct. Thank the universe for having your back and see it all from an abundance mindset. Embrace it from the perspective that something great is on its way to you, you just have to be open to receiving it 💜

Make a Change !

You never fail until you quit, beautiful flowers take time to Bloom, big things comes with little delay. Be accountable about your dreams.
Being entrepreneur it's not easy it's hard, if it is easy then every one will be there on the race. Make yourself someone very special who don't need any pushing or pulling to accomplish your goals. #mysuccessnotes
Have patience & keep working, success is equal to every one. No one get the special merit there.
When there was nothing then there will be a "hope of the one day". Work hard no one cares. One day you will win🙌🔝but the foundation of one day comes only, when you work today✅
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Hard work pays off in the end

🔥🔥🔥Inspirational leaders invest every bit of themselves into their people to ensure their success. -Nate Millers 💯💯💯#level10leadership #level10leader #leadershipquote #leadershiphustle #inspirationalquote #inspirationalquotes #successquote #successquotes

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.

The secret to success is to keep going. 🔥 It may sound obvious, but results don't come in one year, two years, maybe not even 5 years. Adapt to whats happening, stay consistent, and NEVER GIVE UP!! 💯🙌

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