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Ah.. Tell me about it.

Social media would often make you wonder if you should keep your mouth shut, or if you should just repeat the said words. Because anything which has a touch of your own light is often misconstrued into ways you would never have even thought about.. And suddenly the entire meaning of your message finds itself diluted. (oh no but did I even say that.. But I meant.. 😫) Biggest Lesson here?

Everyone is on a journey here and some would resonate with your truth, some might not.. simply because they are on the other side of the track. This noway means you'd dim your light. It only means you wouldn't let them, their message or their interpretation dim your light or disturb your peace.

Let them lovingly believe in what gives them peace. If they are meant to come around to get your message, they would. Otherwise find peace in the knowing that they have a messenger awaiting somewhere else.

Either way, everyone is on a journey to find their truths. 💕

PS: everyone is not everyone's cup of tea and it's totally cool. Don't take it personally 🌹🙏 Photo : @spiritual.awakening1
Quote: @stacie.martin 💕
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"Fake It 'Til You Make It... Worst Advice Ever!" I'm sure you've heard this advice before "fake it 'til you make it." That's the typical advice people give you when you're first starting out in something, especially if you want to find success. They tell you to fake it 'til you make it.

Here's why that rates as the worst advice you could ever follow.

If you're faking it, you're literally telling yourself inside your mind, "I am going to fake this." "I am a fake." "I am inauthentic." "I am not real." You can never be authentic when you're being fake. So what do you do instead?

Simple. "Act as if." "Act as if" instructs your mind to look for the source of what you want inside of you. It assumes what you want is already there, you just have to find and develop it.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to be really good at sales.

If your choose to fake it 'til you make it, that makes you a fake salesperson. You will act fake and behave in inauthentic ways.

But if I'm going to act as if, then I want to act as if I were the greatest salesperson in the world. That leads you to a series of very powerful questions.

What would I do?
What would I say?
How would I act?
How would I behave?
How would I dress?
How would I approach people?

All of a sudden that changes your entire perspective.

It puts the power inside of you because it brings the action out of you, not looking for the source outside of you.

So here's the second part of this "act as if" equation. It's the question ... GET THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE


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Друзья где вы находите мотивацию для себя? Что вас по настоящему заряжает?✊🔥⭐️⭐️🔥поделитесь в комментариях 📝

Лично меня последний год мотивировали книги успешных людей, особенно если изложено хорошо, читаю и прям погружаюсь в книгу😌 узнаешь, как было тяжело по началу людям, которые в последствии стали Мега крутыми личностями и это так заряжает.

А ещё есть канал на ютубе, я думаю многие знают - «Трансформатор»👍 @portnyagin настолько тонко выбирает темы для каждого выпуска, что после просмотра хочется жить и стремиться к лучшему, а при виде Димы в выпуске сразу происходит всплеск мотивации🔥🔥😏 он реально мотивирует, каждым своим действием в отношении жизни, бизнеса, семьи и много другого🤗

Кто не смотрел, обязательно посмотрите, с самого первого выпуска🤤

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