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Angelina tickle tortured.

aisley matalyn🕷
'99 / leo /mostly pouty / poet / like for a tbh ♡
please date me xx

Mickey is a fucking mood

Before, I used to be madly in love with it now, I wouldn't know what to do if I ever lost it. Genuinely I don't have the time nor, patience for most of the foolish shit. The ones who always rode for me I respect that. I know who dem are. As far, as everything else concern the only thing I want to make love to the one I've been truly missing. Don't have time for other shit as well. Just keep things 💯. #chrisbrownrp #dirtyrp #submissiverp #daddyrp🌸 #literaterp

H A D E S.
bipolar asshole / lover of animals / sleeps 24/7 / passion for music / open minded / single / Kurt cobain obsessed / lover and owner of dog(s) / (comment your name for a dop and dm?) #5sosrp #openrp

if your uncle jack got stuck on the roof. would you help your uncle jack off?


I want a pug puppy:(

i want to be held BUT I CANT HOLD MYSELF

comment for a tbh i guess

bad boys get punished.

it's been a long night baby.

Friend: Whatcha thinking about?
Me: Oh nothing

who's up ??? someone talk to me I need more friends bc all of mine bully me

i lit my cigarette backwards !! D:

lets just pretend i have an angsty caption here

HI pay attention to me n like my intro if you luv tits

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