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MAAF Tuhan kami sibuk bertikai !
The Day The Country Died

#subhuman #thedaythecountrydied

Slaying w/ the destroyer @thedieselboy cpl years back #subhuman

#subhuman 聶?

All of SPINE's Bad Teeth releases (minus the Repos split) are finally back in stock. It was a long time coming!! The LP is just more on black vinyl but the Subhuman 7" is a limited repress of 100 on red with leftover covers from the 1st and 2nd pressings. #spinehc #spinecrew #subhuman #timehasgone #badteethrecordings

BABY KILLERS! I couldn't have said it better myself. #FuckTerrorism #DailyNews #SubHuman #prayforistanbul屢


People in England may have only developed pale skin within the last 5,500 years, according to new research.
Scientists believe that a sudden change in the diet around that time from hunter-gathering to farming may have led to a dramatic change in skin tone.

MOST Europeans and people of European descent have CALCIFIED pineal glands.
The pineal calcification rates with Africans is 5-15%; Asians 簫15-25%; Europeans 簫60-80%!

Racial differences have been noted in the rate of pineal calcification as seen in plain skull radiographs. In Caucasians, calcified pineal is visualized in about 50% of adult skull radiographs after the age of 40 years (Wurtman et al, 1964); other scholars argue that Caucasians, in general, may have rates of pineal gland calcification as high as 簫60-80% (King, 2001). Murphy (1968) reported a radiological pineal calcification rate of 2% from Uganda, while Daramola and Olowu (1972) in Lagos, Nigeria found a rate of 5%. Adeloye and Felson (1974) found that calcified pineal was twice as common in White Americans as in Blacks in the same city, strengthening a suspicion that there may be a true racial difference with respect to this apparatus. In India a frequency of 13.6% was found (Pande et al, 1984). Calcified pineal gland is a common finding in plain skull radiographs and its value in identifying the midline is still complementary to modern neuroradiological imaging.
#ProjectWakeYoAssUp #rp @brotherbenx @rare.breed.of.man
#mutant #subhuman #neanderthals vs #humans

When the light hits @thedieselboy and you're not sure he's human. #philly #phillyraves #drumandbass #dieselboy #humanimprint #subhuman

Happy anniversary to SELECTED by Recoil (Alan Wilder). Released April 19, 2010, it was a compilation album consisting of Alan's favorite tracks from previous Recoil albums. Editing was done by Alan and Paul Kendall.

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MAAF Tuhan kami sibuk bertikai !
The Day The Country Died

#subhuman #thedaythecountrydied

4/20. Comin' at ya. Tripping the glitch. #musicvideo

#HappyEaster #Assad We're coming for you #MF #SubHuman #POS

A weekly sum up of some sick releases I haven't posted here yet! New #ChaseR bangers on @ignescent_recordings is the fisrt on the list, followed by the insane #OpusDei by my bros @splashheadsmusic coming up on @renegade_hardware #Neuroware ! @mobtacticsuk also drops a smashing release on @viperrecordings with @nuklearmc on the mic. @andyc_ramagram #progRAM imprint presents a new and delicious EP by @kungmusic while #TheVoss burns down the #PlanetHuman label by @thedieselboy !! Big up all and thanx for the bass!! #wizdnb #dnb #drumandbass #drumnbass #neurofunk #newdnb #music #subhuman

Cloning on humans has become a huge topic of research but is still #unethical and illegal because of the ethical issues. What I know of it from studies is that humans that are the #clones are classified as #subhuman. Clones would have slightly different appearances from the original master human because the egg (even if the nucleus is removed ) would not have been the original mother plus various surrogate mothers blood. Which brings to light another unethical part of human cloning of using a woman's body for such behavior.

Something needs to be done so that people like this cannot have animals at all. I don't get it. My cats make messes all the time. Sometimes they have an accident or throw up or even just scratch at furniture. And that's OK. I love them and will deal with it and never would hurt them.
@Regrann from @adoptrescue - #Repost @denise13dd with @repostapp
#PonceInlet Police in #Florida charged the owner of a nine-month-old Lab retriever with #animalcruelty after the puppy was found dead on Saturday night at a home on Aurora Street. Authorities responded to calls from neighbors who reported hearing a loud noise. Another neighbor heard a dog yelping in fear and obvious pain.
According to WeshNews, #TravisArcher, 43, was arrested for pummeling his black Labrador retriever named Ponce to death. When police arrived, they saw a hole in the wall where Archer threw the dog. They also found a bloodied knot rope he allegedly used to repeatedly beat the dog; a part of the fence had been broken and their laid Ponce. The puppy had been chained up and left to die with his head resting against the fence. Police stated the dog appeared to have been gagged and had been bleeding severely from its mouth. Officers said they also found blood stains all over the fence next to the dogs body.
Archer defended his actions telling officers, after he arrived home and found the mess, he hit Ponce twice in order to discipline him, but claimed the dog bit him in the hand. Police found only a small cut on his hand. He refused to comment about the puppys death.
It was a bloody scene, Police Chief Frank Fabrizio said. Very sad, this sub-human should never be able to own an animal again, told the Daytona Beach News Journal. Ponce weighed about 70 pounds and no other pets were found in the home. Archer now faces charges for #felonyanimalcruelty that caused death, pain and suffering
(Photos of Archer and evidence via booking photo Ponce Inlet Police)
Archer remains in the Volusia County Branch Jail without bond until facing a judge on Sunday. #subhuman #POS #cowardsabuseanimals #reportanimalabuse #ripPonce #nameandshame - #regrann

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