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Happy birthday #86
#comemoração #stylishdad

Father's day is almost here and I've been going through all the old pictures with my dad. My father has always loved pulling my leg and annoying me but he has also always been there to guide me. He has always helped me take decisions where I couldn't make a choice. He has never said no to anything and has always pushed both his children to chase their dreams- to do what we like, to follow our hearts. He definitely gives the best advice, be it related to college, studies or even fashion. He always says that you wear what you're comfortable and confident in- that is fashion! We enjoy our over sized sweatshirts and comfy T-shirts. I also love stealing clothes and perfumes from his wardrobe haha. Going through all our old pictures today and that makes me so nostalgic. Thank you @tatacliqluxury for the #stylishdad campaign and walking me down memory lane. 🙌🏻🌟 #fathersday #love

My parents just arrived and I'm happy to spend 15 days with them. Dad is striking a pose with his #Ootd just like his daughter. #daddy #StylishDad

Here’s what @anjali__batra , founder - Digital Food Talk, has to say about the best fashion advice she ever received from her #StylishDad
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Matching with my pop's on this one. 👨‍👧
As the man says- there's no such thing as too much black in your wardrobe- I think we're doing a damn fine job at it- don't ya?

Excited to collaborate with @tatacliqluxury #StylishDad and share a fashion tip my dad has shared with me


Aqui falamos muito sobre a força materna, mas é uma alegria sem tamanho poder dividir este momento com papais empoderados não é mesmo? Na foto nosso #stylishdad @dani_ramos_ 💙 .
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The most stylish tip that my dad gave me was to never be afraid to express your individual style. My dad is my style icon. He taught me that style is innate and fashion should be loved. My dad taught me that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good. He says shopping is the best medicine, splurge on investment pieces but get everything else on sale. My dad taught me how to mix high and low pieces so you can’t tell the difference and how to dress best for my body type. He told me Don’t be afraid to be bold or different. Wear something unique, original, or daring and express yourself in a way that is subtly individual❤️ #StylishDad

When your dad is downtown negotiating collective conventions and his outfit matches the christmas tree! 💪 #boss #stylishboss #stylishdad Proud daughter over here! 🙋

Father’s day is around the corner.
Real man wear Pearls
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Holiday shopping for your guy made simple with the very popular PROTEGE boot. #stylishdad


Loving our legendary dads no matter what their style ✌🏻️😉 ❤️#almostfathersday #legendarydads #stylishdad #sportfirst #sportfirstmildura #mildura

Happy Hump day all 🖤 I love the bond these two share, there is nothing in the world I enjoy more than this

Hugh Parton, ladies & gentlemen. Got a #StylishDad on us 👍🏼

Aqui falamos muito sobre a força materna, mas é uma alegria sem tamanho poder dividir este momento com papais empoderados não é mesmo? Na foto nosso #stylishdad @dani_ramos_ 💙 .
#empoderamentopaterno #empoderamentomaterno #felizdiadospais

Ok we suppose to dress up to this wedding.. but maybe we kinda overdone it.. not blending well with the rest of the guests. But hey it's ok.. "It's always better to overdress than underdress" -Karl Otto Lagerfeld

Have you got sorted for Fathers Day next month.
Check out our men's accessories page.
These are perfect.
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I think pops got more style than me!!! #sockswag #stylishdad #aelldesign #heloveshishat

Current definition of "socialising" - a vast difference from those days.. But I can surely get used to this 😀

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