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Harry going home 🏠😭

It truly is beautiful how not only the five but their families formed this one big full of love and support family

they are a family

Miss you so muxh Robin #riprobin

Shoutout to louis for keeping my heart always warm

@ harry @ louis @ niall @ liam .. mm i dont know if you five know each other but u guys should collab js

i really love louis with all my soul its amazing

:-) i found a fic with that prompt where H lies about having a kid and then he needs to bring a child he doesnt have to work so he puts up a craiglist post looking for a special kind of kid , and louis has a a brother & sees the post ..yadayda BuT ITS SO SMALL

little clip of the kids to ease your day a bit


my loves :(( 🌷🌷

ALWAYS IN MY HEART ROBIN AND JAY😢😭 #riprobin #ripjohannah

This is going to be my only post about Robin cause my heart absolutely breaks every time I even think about it. Can't even imagine what Anne and her family are feeling right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them. And remember, they are asking for privacy so please respect their wishes as they're going through a hard time right now.

❤Te estoy pensando tu cuerpo me domina.❤

imagine this. imagine how beautiful.

i just need you near:(

Feels like paradise

we are a secret, can't be exposed

stg he's so cute😭

someone tell me things to watch in netflix im d e s p e r a t e

little clip of the kids to ease your day a bit

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