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Ive been looking for this performance for half an hour and meanwhile iw atched a ton of 1d performances so now im feeling ot5 af 😰😰

Louis is as: that disgust, a vagina 😂

I just made this to express my big fucking mooood

i love and support my sons so much

Look and listen to this baby cherub 😭😭 man i love my baby so much i cant believe he has grown so much right in front of my damn eyes 😭😭😭 Im sos so proud ofhim

Hwhagaataaaaaaaaaat dudeeeeeee mark your calendars 😭😭 im so ready to be fucking murdered 👏👏

YO WHAT THE FUCK 😂😂😂😂 WHATS MY EDIT DOING THERE IM LAUGHIN , this is lowkey the floating cake 2.0

made another one

Her accent 😍


hello loves I'm so busy ahh I'm sorry I haven't been posting lots

Uma garota teve coragem de chegar em mim e dizer que Larry é apenas para chamar atenção da mídia para a 1D. Eu estou abismada até agora com a ingenuidade dela.

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