Felhajtva vagy sem? Mirtillnek és Kingának a mai munkaruhája a Yurkov stílustréningjén: farmering és ceruzaszoknya 😍 #winterstyle #winterfashion #stylepower #mystylemypower #yourstyleyourpower #ootdfashion #ootd #quetzalgreen #yurkov #yurkovstyle #fallfashion #howtodressup #styling #styleconsulting #stilustanacsadas #stilustrening

#StyleGoals is having a closet full of clothes you LOVE, right? This is our goal for you. It's also how you have a more sustainable wardrobe -- buying pieces you love, wearing those pieces and mixing + matching so you don't feel like you need MORE pieces isn't just better for your wallet and your morning routine, it's also better for the environment. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A peak inside the head of CEO @catherinecassidy.co on how to throw together an outfit quickly: https://medium.com/@catherinecassid/want-a-more-sustainable-wardrobe-start-with-what-you-love-f9a62a8bd831
Ready to create your #IntelligentStyle?

Láttad már a legújabb élő videónkat a BIEN Facebook oldalán, amit megosztottunk a Yurkov oldalán is? Mirtill és Orsi a télikabátok viselésével kapcsolatban hozott néhány trükköt, klasszikus és trendi darabokkal 💜#wintercoat #winterstyle #winterfashion #stylepower #mystylemypower #yourstyleyourpower #ootdfashion #ootd #quetzalgreen #yurkov #yurkovstyle #fallfashion #howtodressup #styling #styleconsulting #stilustanacsadas #stilustrening kabátok: @orsay @mydaycollection

Coveting this versatile @judithandcharles blazer from @betsy_fisher. 😍It is long enough to cover your rear and highly tailored. .

I set up an executive with this jacket for an upcoming board meeting , yet it’s also perfect to pair with jeans and leggings too. Bonus points for pushing up the sleeves on the weekend. 😉

#workwear #blackblazer #judith&;charles #professionalstyle #longblazer #empoweredwomen #fierce #fiercewomen #wardrobeexpert #stylecoach
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“Forget the rules, of you Like it.. Wear it!”

Ma Kinga tartotta a mai Yurkov Stílustréninget ❤️ és a tréning után ebben a szettben indult vacsorázni. Miért? Mert imádja a szürkét, amit egy hideg, tónusaihoz illő piros rúzzsal színesít. A ruha kis gyöngyei ékszerként díszítik a szettet. A bokacsizma akár veszélyes is lehet: ha rossz helyen vágja el a lábszárat rövidíthet, kövéríthet, de ez a “zokni”-csizma inkább kihangsúlyozza a csinos lábakat. Csizma @zara Rúzs @ysl Ruha @mydaycollection #stylepower #mystylemypower #yourstyleyourpower #ootdfashion #ootd #quetzalgreen #yurkov #yurkovstyle #fallfashion #howtodressup #styling #styleconsulting #stilustanacsadas #stilustrening

Who is your #StyleIcon? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A few things to note: -1- It doesn't have to be one person, your gender identity, or even a celebrity.
-2- What you admire about their style may not even be about the aesthetic. -3- There are a lot of layers to your style because you have different sides of yourself, that's normal. You're not going to fit in a box because you actually ARE a unique snowflake. ;)
Empowered women empower women. Tag a friend whose style you admire + tell them why in the comments.

Yesterday enjoyed getting down with my B @bboy_thrill at @believe2k18 ...my one run of the battle
#believe2018 #battlegameon #rawstyle #stylepower #battledynasty

Hey there, Alma here!
A little bit more about me...
I am a style and empowerment coach with a very strong mission:
*To give women the confidence to embrace who they are, fall back in love with their body, and express themselves authentically through their unique style. *To empower women to make a positive impact on the world with fiery passion and unbridled self-belief. 
Because let’s be honest:
there is nothing more inspiring, uplifting or empowering than a woman who carries herself with grace, confidence, and the unshakeable knowledge that she is beautiful. *How you choose to dress - how you curate your estilo - is just another example of how you choose to perceive, appreciate and value yourself. >>>THIS IS NOT ABOUT FASHION; THIS IS ABOUT MAKING EASY, EFFORTLESS, ELEGANT WARDROBE CHOICES AS A TOOL FOR SELF-EXPRESSION. FOR SELF-LOVE.<<< When you dress for yourself - for the life you deserve - you’re telling the world that not only do you belong here, but you’re also going to make a significant impact while you’re at it. *Because honestly, there’s no reason why we can’t run the world and look absolutely stunning at the same time!

If you like what you hear, follow me on this journey bringing out the best version of yourself, in style,
Sending you much love and style power,
#stylepower #stylecoach #empowermentcoach #australia

Have you ever walked into a boutique that is stocked with everything just perfect for you — cut, color, quality, style, designers you love and new designers to discover? If you have, you know it’s magic. It feels incredible. It’s actually FUN to try on a bunch of clothes!
This is the experience Boutique Box is curating for you, starting with in-person appointments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We’ll curate each Boutique Box (3–7 pieces) based on what you tell us you want and need for where you’re at with your career, your style and your wardrobe. During these personal appointments, you also get to work 1-1 with CEO @catherinecassidy.co ✨Why Boutique Box?✨ Dressing in your style is empowering. It’s time for your shopping experience to be empowering, too.
If you're in #washingtondc, sign up via the link in profile asap to get the next steps. We're limited to 25 appointments and registration closes November 21st.
If you're not in DC, also sign up. We're planning our city-by-city launches for 2019 based on interest. 👗We're listening to you!👗

#IntelligentStyle Tip: Don't be afraid to play! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
There is a reason why teachers use games to help their students learn a new skill -- it's called embodied cognition. You learn through experience and having FUN while doing something new takes the pressure and stress out of it.
Also, you only learn what you like by trying and deciding.
The same goes for your style. You don't know what you like unless you start playing with options. 👗
This photo offers a #teachablemoment because while @catherinecassidy.co client @carodonahue was a super-fast learner (one of those make-shit-happen women), there are elements of this look we planned for a branding photo shoot that most #stylerules would have you NOT try it.
Style Rules typically don't allow two statement pieces like this so close together, but when we had the idea to add the flower brooch to the dress AND already had the earrings on, we realized we had a happy accident that it totally worked. Of course, Caroline had to love it and rock it for herself. So, if she didn't like it, it wouldn't have worked. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The moral of the story? Play, try, decide. 🙃

It's up to YOU whether something works for you or not. Whether it's mixing prints, playing with color, statement accessories or NONE of the above. Style is personal. It's all about telling YOUR story. What is it that you want to say? 🎉 Boutique Box is officially launching in beta in #WashingtonDC this December. If you want on the list, sign up via the link in profile. If you want us to come to your sign, sign up as well. We're planning city-by-city launches based on interest. 🎉

Peep this fashion love! Its #wiw yesterday for a day of running around the city. I wore my favorite "sweet pea-esque" brown dress. With my black bow tie bootie high heels. And my purple purse. The black lining around the flowing hem line and waist of my dress is my favorite part. Its not even an expensive brand but the style is just so pretty and fun to wear. I've worn it with boots, sandals, heels and tennis shoes. This dress has traveled more than many, but each time I try to part with it, it calls for another donning. So it didn't make it into yesterday's donation box - DOH! #mylotd #fashioninspo #fashionista #fashionismypassion #fashionisacanvasforallselfexpression #fashiononthestreet #tomboyinadress #ecochic #ecofabulous #sustainablefashion #sustainista #ecoista #myecolifestyle #ecofab #ecoinspo #fashionablygreen #stylemepretty #stylegram #fashiongram #styleonthestreet #dressedforfun #fashionplay #playingwithfashion #fashionlovers #fashion #stylechic #sassychicstyle #stylepower #stylingone

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