Morning! This whole week I have been trying to have a more stable routine and it has been working for my productivity. I feel accomplished at the end of the day, I finish the many things in my to do list, a little faster and I even have a little extra time and energy for my self. My secret: wake up at five, have an energizing workout session and a healthy fulfilling breakfast. Sounds hard but for me it’s all in the mindset you have the night before. What do you do to feel more accomplished and productive on your busy days? #mindsetiseverything

as a ministry we create a lot of amazing content, and sometimes i don’t always take the time to enjoy it myself.⠀

i’ve been doing the @weareunveiled free devotionals and reading up on our content which is all about re-shaping your view of God as your Father. This first month is about His love being perfect.⠀

we can hear it, but sometimes when things happen or don’t happen for that matter it’s hard to see it.⠀

this month reading His word, answering hard questions and spending time to really ask myself who God is as Perfect in His love to me, has helped me have a better understanding of who He is. I encourage you to take time to sign up for our emails via my bio (sign up at the end of the blog post) and get this for yourself. it comes with a 15 min video which preps you for all the amazing content you’ll go through in the pages pictured.⠀

shoutout to @sarahjcallen & @emeraldfavor for writing these and allowing us to give it away for others too.

Untuk segala sesuatu ada masanya, untuk apa pun itu dibawah langit ada waktunya
(Pengkhotbah 3:1)

@theeddylanky 🚀
#styleby @princeiktac ....
#Lasu Tnks for the love ❤️ #princeiktac #afrobeats

Who wears a dress and boots to hike? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I do! I looked out of place compared to what everyone else was wearing but I don’t care. I thought, tie a knot and pair it with boots. Because if I can dance the entire night with them then I can definitely do a small hike with them. I didn’t bring workout clothes to this trip, sometimes you gotta work with what you have and go with it. That’s what an adventure is about! #adventure #archesnationalpark

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