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We sure damn don't. Men and guys, let's respect women and empower girls more authentically.
#stwts #my100cameras

@tlynnfaz @aboutherfilms and I have come to the end of our journey. Our joint online web store will be closing tonight, and we'd love some extra support at the finish line. Everything has been 100% self funded. Thank you for believing in us, we've carried you on our backs every day along the way. Link in bio. #whenwomendisrupt #womenareperfect #stwts #disrupt

Even my beverages have turned to misogyny. #stwts #SMILE

Sticker inspired by true events. 💋#hellcatsinc #stickers #stwts

St Louis, London, Berlin, Albuquerque, Brooklyn... Thank you to everyone who participated in our #STWTS Wheatpasting Night!

My dad found a self portrait I did in the 6th grade. I completely forgot how good I was at watercolor and might pick it back up. I'm still also rocking the same facial expression, chokers, and black overalls. 😂 #selfportrait #watercolor #stwts

You are harassing the very women who are fighting for your life. When black women must fight for all black lives against racism, and our own lives against #misogynoir.
#stoptellingwomentosmile #stwts #blackwomenmatter

@stoptellingwomentosmile flyering is underway!! This is from #London! Tag us in your pics! #stwts #endsh #meetusonthestreet #streetharassment


Even my beverages have turned to misogyny. #stwts #SMILE

This is my normal breakfast 5-6 days a week. I was doing 6oz of beef up until this week. Seeing if those extra two ounces help at all. Had to get out of the house fast this morning, and I didn't end up eating at all before my workout, wild to most I know, but I love working out fasted. I feel stronger when I have an empty stomach. It's also Tuesday meaning I had tacos earlier, so that's why I had breakfast for dinner. 🍽☕️
- Handful of mushrooms
- 8oz of beef
- 4 whole eggs
- 1 packet of Quaker protein oatmeal with a huge scoop of peanut butter
- black coffee
- @joerogan experience

My dad found a self portrait I did in the 6th grade. I completely forgot how good I was at watercolor and might pick it back up. I'm still also rocking the same facial expression, chokers, and black overalls. 😂 #selfportrait #watercolor #stwts

I should start by crediting @theflexibledietinglifestyle
-Carb conscious tortillas
-12oz of chicken
-Cheese (Munster, provolone, quesadilla, and shredded parmesan is what I used... I like a blend)

Downtown El Paso #graffiti #wheatpaste #dtep #stwts

Six tacos for a post chest meal.. Don't mind if I do.
Jah Bless!

"Make Whiteness The Other" by TATYANA FAZLALIZADEH and JESSICA SABOGAL in Tucson. @tlynnfaz @jessicasabogal

Campaign poster On a wall in Mid-Town Baltimore.
#STWTS (Stop Telling Women To Smile)

Words cannot express how relieved I am right now. I suck at studying and test taking, but today God himself must have been in my corner, because I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer!
I've been training people for years, but needed to get my cert to try and get into a more premiere gym, and try to make it a career. This was extremely difficult for me, due to my poor studying habits and weak test taking abilities. But most of all, because I disagree with, and questioned so much of what I was "taught." I'm not trying to say it was all bad, but tests do not establish actual wisdom or knowledge in this industry. Tests mean you can recall information they've wanted you to learn, and I absolutely suck at recalling information. I have the worst memory in the world. It explains why there are SO MANY out of shape "personal trainers" though. They saw that personal training can be a good job, and they studied their asses off, and remembered information. I'm not hating on anyone for that, do what you have to do to get by in this life, but can they apply it? Do they have years, and years, and years of trying it out for themselves? Have they been, or are they now where you want to go? Do they have that burning desire to help people or themselves progress? Have you ever seen them progress in any manner? I can tell you right now that there are 1000's of people that can impress the shit out of you by telling you the actual name of each muscle, but have no idea how to motivate you to get it to grow. They just know the terms, and technical applications of said muscle. How can overweight personal trainers tell you to do cardio, when they clearly aren't? Shit like this is why I wanted to get into this industry in the first place. I want to be one of the good CPT's.
I'm sorry for this little rant, but I've shed tears, been sick to my stomach, and lost sleep over this. To think, my poor memory was almost the deciding factor if I was a good personal trainer or not. I might not have been able to do what I am so unbelievably passionate about, because I might of failed some multiple choice test just kills me. Thankfully though, I can finally move on to the next chapter.

Trying to use this weight gain to my advantage, and I'm starting to see a belly, so that can only mean for me to go heavy.
Jah Bless.

I've lost a lot of definition in my legs since I've started bulking, (that's where I hold most of my weight), but I can barely fit into any shorts I own, so I know they're growing. Going to restart the @smith.julian 16 week leg routine next week, and I'm excited to see the difference while my diet is set for bulking, instead of cutting.
Jah Bless.

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