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"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!" -Dorian Yates

[2014 Bay St Los Angeles] We left LA last night for Joshua Tree- tonight, Phoenix. #whenwomendisrupt #womenareperfect #stwts #disrupt

@Regrann from @jessicasabogal - Tomorrow June 5 marks the end of our journey and the last day to purchase work on our joint website. Please support three women of color driving through the southwest to install anti-white supremacist public art. Link in bio #whenwomendisrupt #womenareperfect #stwts #disrupt 📷: @aboutherfilms - #regrann

Last fall, I visited Paris to draw local women particularly from the 19th arrondissement. The eventual #stwts mural was installed by @rosa_parks_fait_le_mur. 🙌🏾😊

#STWTS in Paris
📷: @callmelou

Life dream come true. I am officially feminist street art. Stop Telling Women To Smile. #feministart #streetharrassment @tlynnfaz #stwts #streetart

Repost from co-founder @britt.reagan with our new Don't Tell Me To Smile sticker. Stick em everywhere!#hellcatsinc #stwts


Tonight is the @stoptellingwomentosmile wheatpasting night! Visit their profile for the link to learn more. Tag us in photos of your posters if you participate!! #meetusonthestreet #endsh #stwts


Ain't never lied while telling the truth.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!" -Dorian Yates

Friend: "Hey, what're you doing for the eclipse?"
Me: "Back."
Hope no one I know is blind, Jah Bless

Down almost 10lbs in less than a month. I'm normally against making a post about weight loss on the scale, because I know it can fluctuate so much in a single day (that's why I put the back to back days where I fluctuated almost 5lbs). I know I also said I was going to try and maintain this weight, which I am honestly trying to do, but this ketosis wildly melts body fat away. I actually even started tracking my macros to make sure I'm getting enough calories in a day, and I'll easily eat 2,500-3000 in a day without trying. I just make sure 70-80% of my daily caloric intake is FAT, and 20-30% comes from protein. Carbs right now barely exist in my diet. I get very little throughout the week, and I make sure when I do eat them, it doesn't exceed 10% of my caloric intake for the day.
You can look at my recent videos that I've posted, and see that I'm actually getting stronger. My reps have kind of taken a back seat for right now, because I'm just riding this momentum of strength out. Once I hit that wall on building strength, I'll go back to more volume in a single set. Right now to offset the lack of volume I do per set, I'll just add a set or two as compensation.
Hope this helps, Jah Bless.

The psych up before hitting hammies is real. Loud heavy metal music has definitely been helping my lifts lately, but nothing compares to lyrics that cause goosebumps.

Instead of asking me what I take, ask me what it takes.

Heavy metal music powered this workout today.
Decline flys with pronated grip.. 👌🏼
Jah Bless.

I'm taking a poll on twitter. Go vote! *short version:poll was created because I was bonding with a woman I see everywhere and a guy decided to give us unsolicited advice in regards to his dating preference and what I was wearing and I called him a cuck and told him to fuck off* #twitter #poll #votenow #stwts #punchnazis #ootd #pootd

Ridiculous quad dominate day with @theegoose yesterday. Lately I've been getting asked what I do for legs, so I decided to post the workout that had me lying on the ground trying to avoid puking. Judge me all you want on the weight I used, but I pushed my ass off, and that intensity is (imo) what changes you the most.
As the note on the bottom of the page states, "I love being the weaker one while training.." that shit makes me dig so much deeper, and I love those workouts that almost turn into desperation to get to the finish.
Dig deep. Jah Bless.

Now that I've cleaned up my diet while trying to maintain this weight, I'm starting to see some definition return to my lower body.
Jah Bless.

"It’s therapy. It’s just something to do so you’re not lost in your own not-so-nice thoughts, and it’s an opportunity to think about something a lot nicer and to do something that’s with more purpose. So you do it, and you take your passion and you put a lot into it, and at some point you get recognized for it. But that recognition doesn’t mean the man is without his own demons or without his own struggles." -Kai Greene

When boys tell you to smile. #stwts #smile #pootd #punchnazis

I've started with barbell bench press the past couple of weeks, so for the next couple of weeks I will start with dumbbells. Worked my way up to a PR by just using the 130's. I also tried another variation of cable flys without the grips, allowing my hands to stay pronated throughout the motion. Again, no pressure in my shoulder at all. Hope it helps.
Jah Bless.

Trying to grow some wings to fly away from here.
Jah Bless.

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