What’s your least-favorite made up word?

Feels crazy for you 😎
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Scared to say it out loud.. ..what's really on this mind of mine.
Scared that the words do the opposite what I want them to do.
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Marvel's Infinity war is coming soon the final installment? of the popular Avengers saga, and probably one of the most anticipated movies of the year can't wait to see it.
I have this weird philosophy though, I tend to believe all these big budget movies are connected, conspiracy theories that i need to decipher like(subliminal messaging)like there is a connection with these movies and government paperwork. Did you see the Death star weapon in the original Star Wars movie called a New Hope released in 1977, the Death star weapon was huge.
But in comparison to the 2015's Star Wars movie release the Force Awakens, the death star weapon used in the 2015 edition was atleast a hundred times the size of the Death Star used in 1977.🎬 Now in my weird mind...I see these movies like progress reports, and this Death Star is a report of a growing project, of a government secret weapon capable of massive destruction on a global scale.
WAR but not like the Russian Cold war or Vietnamese war but more like Hitler's 2nd world war, but bigger a war of epic proportions, like a doomsdayproject, nuclear war.󾓦󾓬󾓮 Now in the movie Star Wars it shows that the weapon uses the power of the Sun the energy of the Sun.
The Death star has the power to destroy entire planets now thats really disturbing. But... maybe movie people are just super creative,maybe I'm just being paranoid..
But just maybe it can be a goverment secret to, maybe movie makers wants us to see, the actual truth of what goes on behind the curtain of political warfare.
Remember its a lot of money to, to make these movies its a multi-million dollar corporation so maybe the government is actually involved maybe and actually working with the movie industry.
The Central Intelligence Agency is the most corrupted government project since forever #conspiracies

I don't know,but maybe someone out
here knows what is really going on behind the scenes.
Thats why Im so Intrested in what message the Marvels infinity war movie will share with the population, maybe the end of the ages.
The apocalypse, apocalypse is only a word but a word with so much authority "#stupidwords#scribbler

Has it ever happend to you? I agree... do you? 😆 #jacksparrow #stupidwords #thanksforthehelp #funny #related

Imma be honest. This kinda pisses me off. English is weird man. #weird #english #stupidwords #ughhhhh

Μια ομάδα τρελών
Η δεύτερη ασθένεια ξεκίνησε από τους αρχαίους χρόνους -
Ummm. So even those words looks hard, it’s really just stupid. Btw it’s Greek. So u guys can go to google translate. It helps a lot. -
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Don't preach love, don't preach compassion, don't preach friendship or love or happiness. Don't preach to be a better person. Preachers are liars. Practice what you say, not selectively, not when it suits you, but always. Even when it makes you unpopular, practice love and empathy and friendship. Practice compassion and understanding. It's easy to preach love when surrounded by love, but to practice it when surrounded by malice is the key.
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