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If you ask me "What do you DO?", I will ask you "When are you DUE?". Don't think I won't. I'm @fruitloopkeeper and I'm not afraid to open my mouth. Because #RUDE. #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers

When you say something and people be like "oh really ?" #kik #sarcasm #france #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers

Trigger warning for those who have experienced traumatic pregnancies or the loss of a child. ********************************************************As many of you know, I had an abortion back in March. Had I not, today was my due date. In celebration of the services Planned Parenthood offers and continue to offer to men, women, and everyone in between I donated $400 to them today. I am forever thankful to them for being there for me through a difficult time.

I did not know immediately what I would do when I found out I was pregnant. There were a few days I even thought "oh shit I'm going to have a baby." But that's not how it played out and I'm so incredibly thankful for that. I do not want children of my own ever. I do not want to be a parent. I LOVE babysitting but as far as the quality of my life and the life of a child's goes, bringing a human into this world is out of the question for me. I am not against having babies. I am prochoice, which means pro-women making the choices they need to make for themselves.

I am not ashamed of my decision which is why I am making this public. You know more women who have had abortions than you think. Mothers, teachers, sisters, doctors, lawyers, baristas, whatever- we are out there. The stigmatism and shaming of women has to end. The owning and regulating of women's bodies as not their own but the states or churches or men's has got to stop.

This picture was taken right before I had the procedure. Not for one second did I reconsider my decision. Today I celebrate life and my privilege to live mine, child free.

#shoutyourabortion #istandwithplannedparenthood

"My budget is only $25 and could you have it done by next Monday?".........😕 #bladesmithing #blacksmithing #blacksmithingblues #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers

Pretty sure people are just annoying 💀😳🙅🏻#icannotdopeopletoday #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #currentmood

I hate job interviews 😂😂😂 #ncr #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #stupidquestions

Naija with stupid questions, imagine someone saw this picture and still asked what I was doing?....huh...I answered him with this "waiting for the next bus to Ghana.
#stupidquestionseries #anticipate new series with #McAmbassador
#Anticipate #anticipate
Coming back betteer


Stupid questions are a thing...We answered a few of the ones people had ! link is in bio. #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #yahooanswers #firearms #2a #ar15 @hornady_mfg #rapidsafe @taurususa #ragingbull

I've been working flat out on my dissertation today (another 3,000 words down!) and then a 7hour shift and the stupid gym closes at 9 at the moment so no weights for me today ☹️ However, I got this #tinder message today and that gif was the only reply that made sense! (Actually eaten clean today tho - eggs on.toast for brekkie, veggies for lunch and chicken soup for dinner) #tiuteam #tiucheckin #joke #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #eatingfortwo #endlessstomach #dissertation #friedbrain

When you're at the store and the sales assistant asks... 'what do you want from your suitcase?' ...err, um, I'd like to put all my holiday shit in it?!' #stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #holiday #luggage

Everyone asks.."Why all the boxes? Moving"? Nope just adding onto my fort.
#stupidquestionsgetstupidanswers #worldsbiggestfort #whiskeygirl #howiroll

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