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Action Point movie review: 'Action Point' is a lifeless, bit too fast, dimwitted comedy from famous stuntman Johnny Knoxville. 'Action Point' follows an amusement park owner trying to save his unsafe park from a competing theme park and its landowner. While at the same time, there's a cliche storyline where the park owner is a father trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter. In all honesty, 'Action Point' doesn't seem to care about the story or it's characters (kinda like an Adam Sandler movie). It only has one focus: showcase Johnny Knoxville try to get himself killed by doing ridiculous stunts. Whether it'd be getting sprayed by a powerful hose down a slide or almost lighting his face on fire, Knoxville tries to look like Evel Knievel while playing the part of a character. Speaking of the stunts, the only decent aspect of this movie would definitely be the stunts. Some made me laugh, others didn't stand out that much to me. Whatever it was, it provided some goodness in this garbage pail of stupidity. However, to be fair, this was my first Johnny Knoxville movie. I haven't seen any of the Jackass movies or his 2013 hit 'Bad Grandpa,' but just from the way 'Action Point' looked some of these movies could be the same. In conclusion, the only reason why I was a little interested in seeing 'Action Point' was because I heard that all of the stunts are real and it's a Johnny Knoxville movie. Now coming out of it, it's not worth it and I'll start to question whether or not Johnny Knoxville's movies deserve my attention. In the meantime, skip 'Action Point' and see 'Deadpool 2' or 'Solo' instead. Rate: 48% (D+) #actionpoint #johnnyknoxville #jackass #stuntsman #badmovie #summer18 #cinephile #moviereview

#kooksafilm #artfight #stuntgroup #stuntsman #каскадерскаягруппа ночные съёмки #боеваясцена в подворотне возле моста на день города)) за примерно 7 часов съёмок мы отлично прониклись запахами, звуками и другими штуковинами характерными для нашего города) но не смотря на это настроение было потрясающее)) спасибо всем кто принимал участие в съёмках и пригласил нас))


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