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It's more fun to #stumpgrind when you're not freezing 😉
#Blaklader #husqvarna #raycorg35

Finishing the day with a #stumpgrind #rg100x #rayco #treework rayco rg100x is a beast

Removing the roots #StumpGrind

Do You have those annoying stumps left from an unfinished job? #StumpGrind #NewLandscape #LandscapeDesign #TreeTrimming We love what we do!!! @ground effects

Break time in Big D.


Rolling rolling raw sod!

Before After Sod installation.

My boy showing off.

This is whats hauled away after 6 pallets of grass is installed. This is a truckload of old lawn.SOD installation is very hard work.

Before After. SOD installation.

Pick your stone.

Load her up!

Old scale, still works I guess.


Love this place.

Just made this ________. Can you tell what this is? I made it from Homedepot materials for under $20.00. This tool is very accurate and has been used for thousands of years. First three people who answer correctly, like pic, share, follow me, gets a $10 Starbucks gift card!

Another SOD prep done.

Loading up cushion sand.

Get her done!

Now thats marketing!

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