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OMG.. This Is Crazy Shit 😂😂
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STORY TIME: remember when I told you I had to finish a paper and hand it in before the deadline? Well the deadline was July 16th and I handed in the electronic version (email) in time but I also had to hand in the printed version. So I went to school and guess what? the train that I had to catch did not ride that day so I had to take another train. By the time I arrived at the location I already missed my deadline. Went to school anyways and tried to hand it in. There wasn't anybody around and I thought it was because I was late. The place where I had to put the paper was locked and I couldn't get in. So after mailing my teacher a couple of times and trying to find another entrance for almost 3 hours I decided to go home. The teacher didn't respond so I couldn't do anything. I was worried sick and the next morning I received an email from the teacher saying the deadline was due on August 16th, not July!!!! I handed in my paper one month too early!!! 😂 I am so relieved right now but boy that was a stressful day. O well, at least the paper is finished now so I only need to finish and hand in the paper version 😛 How are you doing today?

Happy Friday! ☺️ I am planning to announce the giveaway winners soon (most likely in my next post). Stay tuned ☺️

Look at these amazing goodies from @mashi_market! Those stickers though... ❤️Definitely check out their store! 😍

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Hey Guys, I really apologise for not uploading lots but 1) i'm busy with my sister enjoying the time I barely have to spend with her these days 2) i'm busy sorting out my life, literally i'm a mess and i'm sorting literally everything out from my social life and my studies to my future to business plans and influencer dreams to my studies and my maths and physics failures to researching about law and dental school and robots taking over jobs to just literally trying to go back into the past or anything else so stupid to sorting out everything little thing I need to do before I go on holiday to the US and Hawaii and before school starts, I like to call it the rejuvenation and change process 😊 (p.s I do a lot of mental reflection and listening to new types of music I find yo relax me.😃)

❤️NIACINAMIDE❤️ Niacinamide(Vitamin B3) is a single ingredient that has always been in my routine and will always be in my routine! It’s not an ingredient that brings dramatic results but with regular use, there’s so much you can benefit from🌴💚
⚫️What does it do?
🔸Promotes the production of ceramides (your natural moisturizer!)
🔸Prevents Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL=your skin losing hydration)
🔸Regulates oiliness (but this doesn’t mean dry skin can’t use this! It helps your skin finding the perfect balance of water-oil content)
🔸Boosts collagen production
🔸Reduces redness, blotchiness, and mild hyper-pigmentation -
So I tried both of the hyped up niacinamide 10% serums! (These are based on my personal experience)
☑️ #TheOrdinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (30ml / $5.90)
▫️Claim : Help with blemishes and congestion
▫️Consistency : Thick, jelly-ish gloopy serum ▫️Pros : It regulated my sebum production remarkably. Since this product does contain Zinc PCA it would be amazing for oily skin peeps! This is not a “treatment” for blemishes but it does prevent future blemishes forming. ▫️Cons : I didn’t personally notice a noticeable difference in skin brightening. The formulation can be WAY better. It’s not something that plays well with other products and under makeup. Sometimes it foams and pills leaving a tacky residue. But hey, it’s 6 bucks! I know some of you broke out after using this possibly due to the #Carrageenan in it but now they removed it in the newest formula💁🏻 -
☑️ @Paulaschoice Niacinamide 10% Booster (20ml / $42)
▫️Claim : Minimizes pores and smooths skin
▫️Consistency : Fluid liquid
▫️Pros : Formulated with N-Acetyl glucosamine. Numerous researches show the synergetic benefits of using this with Niacinamide in significantly reducing discoloration, age spots. Also this has other antioxidants, skin replenishing, skin beneficial ingredients so I do love it. Just in two weeks, I do notice a difference with brightened skin tone but not necessarily with pigmented spots (more patience, yes!)
▫️Cons : 20ml for $42 price tag… *sigh*. It’s a beautifully formulated but not convinced repurchase yet just bc of the price😅

green swatch! i haven't read a book in a loooooong time, if you have any recommendations let me know ✨

Today I'll be uploading a video about how I take and edit my Instagram photos! // This is a Kokuyo Campus notebook, Zebra Sarasa 0.5mm pen, and Pentel Fude Touch brush pen.

⌜revisign | july 20⌟
wow long time no post! sorry guys❤️ tysm for 6K followers and 17k on YouTube! I UPOADED A NEW VIDEO, link in my bio! hmm short caption for today cuz I'm @ dinner🌵


I probably won't be able to study this weekend but this will be my studying plan for the next few days. I have lots to learn with Hematology so it's better to learn it thoroughly with UW questions and reviewing FA chapter after learning what kind of questions I can get. I will be overdosed by Hemato but oh well... 💁

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İyi akşamlarr🌿 doğrusunu söylemek gerekirse istemeyerek oturuyorum masaya nedense akşamları çalışmak hiç bana göre değil alışmışım sabah erkenden kalkıp programımı güzelce tamamlamaya sanki akşam çalışınca hiçbir şey yetişmeyecekmiş gibi geliyor🙄 malesef çalışmak zorundayım çünkü gündüz hiç çalışmadım 😞 çokta geceye kalmadan uyurum çünkü sabahları mutlaka erken kalkmam gerekiyor 😎 bu aradaa ygs Türkçeye start veriyorum bakalım kaç günde bitecek👀 #study #studyblr #studyday #studying #studyhard #studygram #studyblogger #studymotivation #2018ygs #2018tayfa #2017tayfa #2019tayfa #2018tayfaderscalisiyor #2018tayfabaşaracak

✨HAPPY FRIDAY!!✨ I hope everyone is doing fantastic and looking forward to the weekend, because I know I am. This is a collab spread I did with @sunflowerstudies (my lil bby and my love who is so talented and namjoon's lover and if you don't stan her, then there something wrong with you cause I do), so go check out her other half. ⠀⠀⠀
I based it off of the song begin by my husband jungkook, who had a voice of an angle, so that's my man, and I wanted to do a green theme even though pink isn't my favorite color, my baby makes it look good on him. And the picture of him behind the plant I edited just to make him a little cuter. ⠀⠀⠀
If you can't tell I l👏🏽o👏🏽v👏🏽e BTS. They deserve the world 🌿🍃
Comment your favorite BTS or kpop song and a green emoji!! 🐲💚
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Bundan 40-50 yıl sonra torunlarım bana bu fotoğrafı soracaklar:
"Büyükanne mum ışığında romantik bir temmuz gecesinden mi bu fotoğraf?"
Önce muhtemelen hatırlamayacak sonra da birden şöyle diyeceğim:
"Aa bunu mu diyorsunuz? Yok be evlatçıklarım sene 2017 aylardan temmuz,elektrikler kesilmiş tüm mahallede.O zaman öyleydi yavrucuklarım,türlü sebepten kesiliverirdi elektriğimiz.Hah ne diyordum.Yazın ortasındayız.Hava da nasıl sıcak,nasıl sıcaak! Balkona atmışım kendimi Frigler'i çalışıyorum.O geceden aklımda kalan tek şey mumun verdiği ışığın pek fersiz lakin yaydığı hararetin epey yüksek oluşu.Romantik değil düpedüz sarkastik bir temmuz gecesiydi anlayacağınız minnoşlarım,tüm ömrüm boyunca olduğu gibi.😏" 📖🕯 #july2017 #candle

Študujeme📚, aby ste na novej🆕 exkurzii cokoladova🍫 Bratislava ziskali co najviac informacii❤ We are studying📚 so the new 🆕chocolate 🍫excursion is perfect for you ❤ #tripitotour #newexcursion #Bratislava #lovebratislava #slovakia #studying #working #studujeme #slovensko #novaexkurzia #cokolada #chocolate #adams_chocolate #tripitoeu

the library near me was having a book sale today so of course i had to drop everything and go!!! i love browsing books, it's so much fun 📚📚 i picked up an italian textbook (maybe i'll get a better grip on the grammar 😂) and this absolutely gorgeous copy of the hobbit 😍😍 i can't wait to reread it again!!! i absolutely adore all the lord of the rings books 😄😄 what are some of your favorite bookshops?? i'm a fan of cute local ones, but places like barnes and noble are always really nice!

(p.s. if you want to see the cover of this book, it's on my story 💕)

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