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When your team outing turns into a future album cover. #studioscience #operationsteam #lovemyjob #indy #downtown

Great first day on the job! Excited to be apart of such a wonderful and inspiring team. #studioscience #sportstechie #downtown #indy

From last night with Antenes and @inredbull.

#Repost from @ali.bharmal - Was amazing to hear @les_antenes talk about her craft during #StudioScience at #tsm in #Mumbai and even more amazing was her approach to #sounds and synths #mods & development.

Was amazing to hear @les_antenes talk about her craft during #StudioScience at #tsm in #Mumbai and even more amazing was her approach to #sounds and synths #mods & development #rbma #givesyouwings #redbullindia #redbullphotography #IAmNikon #music #diy #synths #noir #bnwphotography #bnw #artist #painter #portait #rollingstonemagazine #viceindia

Currently underway is @rbma's latest edition of #StudioScience with DJ and DIY Synth builder, @les_antenes.
She gets into the details and processes on how one can build their own modular synthesizer using something like a telephone switchboard. She goes on to say how fascinating it was to see that she could manipulate electricity (and therefore electronic music) with stuff she bought from a store. It's not confined to instructions on a box anymore.

She's next slated to play at Famous Studios in Mumbai on Friday as part of the celebration for 15 Years of the @thebunkerny. RSVP for the gig on redbull.in/thebunkermumbai 📸: @ali.bharmal

The next edition of @rbma’s #StudioScience introduces us to an artist whose creativity finds expression through various means. @les_antenes is a DJ and producer; she makes her own modular synthesizers using vintage phone equipment and also teaches robotics and programming. Check out the session at Mumbai's @trueschoolmusic on Jan 17th. | RSVP at redbull.in/antenes | @redbullmusic @regeneratemusic

Creativity first, critique second. #studioscience #studiolife #nodaysoff #synth

Wait for it...see the steam? That's how I know my pots still have some moisture in them. I usually fire the first hour or two of the first (bisque) firing with the kiln lid cracked like this. If I close the lid too early, before the pots are totally dry, the kiln will heat on up to temperature and likely make the pots explode (no big deal😂). As they heat up, the water expands faster than my pots do and will force it's way out as steam. That is, the pots explode. So, I wait until the mirror shows no steam, then close the lid. #patience #potteryvideo #kiln #chemistry #studioscience #instapottery #steam

The Next IT Girl 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

We're so grateful to be celebrating our 2nd Year of educating, mentoring, and advancing young women of color into the technology industry. We couldn't have made this possible without each of you! Thank you to all of our IT Girl team members, mentors, volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and partners. Here's to many more years!!!

Special Thank You to our event sponsors Studio Science, McAlister's Deli, & J&G Productions!

Your instruments are just plastic, metal, wires and screws until you play them... Your studio is never complete until you're in it. #studioscience

#rbma #studioscience is live!
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#rbma #studioscience :link in the bio
special thank you to @spacewaysradio @winsworth @krisbowersmusic @rbma

Check out this mention in @forbes for the #rbma #studioscience :link in z bio

Prince’s Purple Rain, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Michael Jackson’s Thriller are only a small selection of the records that Bernie Grundman had a hand in. Watch our brand new #StudioScience episode with the legendary LA mastering engineer now at the link in our bio.
📷 @mrvphotography

Benjamin Tierney, go-to whiz for LA’s jazz and beat scene, hosted us for a #StudioScience session at @unitedrecording yesterday, together with host Carlos Niño and in-demand studio musicians Kris Bowers and Jamire Williams. Find more photos at the link in our bio.
📷 @mrvphotography #RBMALA

Took a few snaps at the legendary United Recording Studios last night. Quite a humbling experience seeing all the photos in the halls of legends who have worked there. This is a portrait of Benjamin Tierney, sound engineer extraordinaire, taken for the Red Bull Music Academy 'Studio Science' festival event. #rbma #benjamintierney #studioscience #soundengineer

Benjamin Tierney, go-to mixing and mastering engineer of LA’s spiritual jazz and beat scene, is hosting us at @unitedrecording for a #StudioScience session. Watch it all live on our Facebook page right now (link in bio).
📷 @mrvphotography #RBMALA

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