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I MADE IT!😭😭😭❤️ #studentoftheworld #wanderlust

Plenty early mornings and late nights in this train station. The nostalgia coming back home is overwhelming. I've come a long way, learning so much and experiencing several lifetimes of experiences. But I've had the best of year of my life every year for the past few years haha. I'm immensely grateful for every single opportunity and true competition. Cheers to passion, enjoying every moment, the next chapter, and more travel. #newyork #nyc #wallstreet #travel #studentoftheworld

🦋 was SO ecstatic to learn about the winners of the #manhattanshortfilmfestival this morning. Watching the genius behind these filmmakers was truly inspiring. Congrats to everyone involved-- you guys are seriously changing the world by opening our minds and exposing us to the world in the most creative and heartfelt way. #studentoftheworld

Looking forward to studying and learning from nature in this magical land ✨❄️✨ Officially accepted to the #UniversityOfIceland to pursue my Masters degree in Wilderness Environment & Natural Resource Science 🌿🌲🌌🌎 #háskóliíslands #studentoftheworld #iceland #vikings

Body results of my buddy @igorjovanovic4 making big changes this year #proudofyou #comedian #malemodel #studentoftheworld #traveler

Today my beautiful mother embarks on another one of her terrifyingly amazing adventures. Teaching in Kenya then traveling through Ethiopia. Best role model I could ask for. ❤️ #traveler #Africa #Kenya #Ethiopia #studentoftheworld

Such a pure joy seeing your growth. Thank you for your trust. Watch these beautiful courageous women improve and transform their family wealth.. You all inspire us to be a better person, partner, friend, leader etc.. And the team grows...😍😘❤️💙 #thrive #studentoftheworld #truestory #wvsuccess

Dreary evening in #dublin, can feel winter ❄️ coming upon us. The city still looks beautiful though. I love strolling around and taking it all in, seeing how it changes, chatting to its people and observing the world.


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I found a little couch for my office that I ordered in the store to be delivered. When they arrived, they were pushing this ginormous box on a hand cart. They get to the office, check the paper and say ‘You didn't pay for assembly’. I stated back at them with a blank look on my face. ‘Assembly?!´ It's a freaking couch how much assembly could there be? So I made them stand there while I opened the box to be certain they had delivered the correct thing. Sure enough there was a couch in the box. Assembly basically meant taking it out of the box and putting the cushions on. It took more effort for me to get rid of the box than it did to 'assemble' the couch. Ahhh France.

Prostitutes in Vans:
I was driving one day with a friend and he points to a white van parked off the side of the highway. He says "See that? That is a prostitute." I'm not sure why the van is the mode of choice. Portability? They put a light in the dashboard to signal if they are free, if the light is not on, she's busy with a client. It's similar to the setup in Amsterdam where the window lights serve the same purpose. I asked what it was like inside one of the vans and he said he didn't know. (I'm not entirely certain I believe that. 😳) ***The More You Know 🌈 ***

#poolsidechillin#liveaction#aj #nephew#nodaysoff#noschool #callinsick "“Children should be taught to question everything. To question everything they read, everything they hear.. children should be taught to question authority. Parents never teach children to question authority. Because parents are authority figures themselves and they don’t wanna undermine their own bullshit inside the household" trying to keep AJ asking questions an curious about his world #studentoftheworld

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#anywaykharkiv #anyway #скидки #student #wat2018 #воркэндтрэвел #studentoftheworld #неделястудента #хпи #хнурэ #каразина #хаи #всестудентыснами

내가 세계일주를 떠날 생각을 해줬던 책,
☆ 개인적으로 제 인생에 큰 영감을 줬던 책이라 별 10개를 줬습니다. ☆

초등학교시절 형이 학교 숙제때문에 외국 친구들과 펜팔을 해야한다고 이 해외펜팔 책을 집에 가져왔었다.

그렇게 형은 중학교 2학년의 나이로 힘들게 영작하여 미국 위스콘신 주에 살고 있는 켈리라는 12살짜리 아이에게 편지를 보내었고 3주 뒤 켈리에게 답장이 왔다. 형은 빨강 파랑 줄이 들어간 국제우편 편지를 나에게 보여주며 답장이 왔다며 흥분한 채로 편지를 뜯어 읽었다.
당시 초등학생이던 어린 나의 기억에 펜팔로 외국 친구와 편지를 주고받았다는 것은 너무나 큰 충격이었다. 그리고 다짐한 것이 있었다. 나중에 나도 중학생이 돼서 영어공부를 하게 되면 외국 친구와 펜팔을 하며 외국 친구와 편지를 주고받고 싶다는 생각이었다.

세월이 흘러 군대를 전역한 후 책꽂이에 꽂인 채 누렇게 변한 “해외펜팔” 책을 보니 그때의 기억이 떠올랐다. 잊고있던 펠팔의 추억, 그렇게 나는 펜팔사이트를 통해 전세계에 펜팔친구들을 사귀었다. 그리고 전세계에 많은 친구들이 생기자 그 친구들을 모두 만나고 오고싶다는 생각이 들었다.

그리고 대학교 3학년 학교를 2년간 휴학하고 펜팔친구들을 만나러 세계일주를 다녀왔다. 그것이 벌써 7년전이다.

내가 형을 통해 접했던 이 책 한권으로 나는 세계일주라는 경험을 할수있었다. 그리고 국내 입국후에는 책을 쓰고 강연을 다닐 기회도 가졌다.

자신의 인생에 어떤 책을 만나느냐가 자신의 인생을 선택하는데 큰 영향을 준다.

#북스타그램 #책스타그램 #독서스타그램 #책 #책추천 #펜팔 #펜팔친구 #펜팔친구찾아떠난세계일주 #달타냥의세계일주 #세계일주 #세계일주책 #독서추천 #추천도서 #여행 #독서 #penpal #penpals #studentoftheworld #mail #penfriends #펜팔찾아떠난세계일주

The cafes are central to the culture of France. There’s an adorable little cafe in centre-ville in Chartes that I love to frequent but it has very limited hours. When my friends came to visit, we decided to go as their last stop before catching their train. Problem was we only had an hour before their train was due to arrive. I said to them “We really don’t have enough time for tea but we can go anyways if you like.” They looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Of course an hour is enough time. Long story short, we had to rush out before finishing our tea or they would have missed their train. You just don’t rush tea here. Ever. 😁☕️

The world is a playground. Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play! 🤸🏼‍♀️ #playgroundfun #comuna13 #Colombia #adventurethatislife #backpackerslife #studentoftheworld

Traveling through the Amazon rainforest...amazing. I am so grateful that I had this tremendous opportunity. I thank God for every experience. May every sunrise bring you hope and every sunset bring you peace. 🙏🏾 #amazon#brazil#amazonas#rainforest#southamerica#wanderlust#studentoftheworld#travel#travelwideandfar#nature#amazonrainforest#incredible#believe#thankyougod#beauty#findbeautyineverything#naturalcapital#beautiful#sunset

А у кого-то сегодня праздник! 📆🎈
Даем подсказку. Оптимизм, вера в будущее, сила, отвага и бесшабашность, огромный потенциал, который может многое изменить... Думаю, догадались о ком мы)))
🌈Happy World Youth Day, ребята!!!🌏 #anywaykharkiv #student #anyway #travel #всемирныйденьмолодежи #studentoftheworld

So the reason I went to Morocco was to attend my friends’ wedding. She’s 🇦🇺 and he’s 🇲🇦 and it was definitely an experience to remember. The food, the music the ceremony (which lasts for days). This is the beginning of the ceremony where they’re carried around on thrones. I have the video if you guys want to see it. There is chanting and singing. It’s intense. The traditional ceremony has five dress changes. 5!!! And it’s not a 2 minute change. These outfits are complicated!

Today officially marks 2 months since I have been full time adventuring. A lot of people ask what I’ve been up to and what I plan to do with my life. •

That’s totally fair; I’d be curious as hell too! It began with a curiosity that grew every time I visited a new place, whether it was local or far away. When I couldn’t travel internationally, I would spend my time camping or hiking because it sparked the same feelings of wonder. These feelings continued to expand until one day, I decided it was time to see as much as I could. I didn’t want to look back one day and regret. I wanted to read books or watch shows about incredible places and actually say, “Yup. I’m going to go do it.”

I’m a believer in the power of people and the stories they share. I want to see mountains that make me tear up, walk the same earth that my ancestors may have once crossed, visit spiritual sites that make me question my purpose, and eat all of the fragrant smelling food I’ve never tasted before. I want to experience these things with my own eyes. •

I’m a student of the world and I’ve got a lot to learn. Thank you to past Crystal for being such a responsible young adult, so present and future Crystal could explore. •

#reflection #transformativetravel #travelersnotebook #peoplefirst #fulltimeadventurer #sutrobaths #sanfranciscobay #gltlove #tbscommunity #exploremore #traveldifferently #thisiswhyigetupearly #studentoftheworld #wetravelgirls #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #introspection #offtoseetheworld #travelinspired #letsgosomewhere #visualsoflife #passionpassport #whyitravel #muchtolearn #adventureisoutthere #illgrammers #adventureculture #askyourself #eatpraytravel #questioneverything

Is anyone else having weird Instagram problems? Now whenever I comment on someone’s post I see all the comments that follow. Is this happening to anyone else? I have nothing of value to say about the photo except that I quite like it. 😝. I’m at the vet with one of my cats - the umpteenth trip in the last few months. My charming wit is not on the agenda for today sorry.

"we get the element of love in proportion as we have it in us... we draw it in proportion as we admire every expression tree, or shrub, or insect, or bird, or other form of the Natural... the more of these things we really love, the more of their element of love flows to us. That element is for us life as real as the tree itself. The more of that life we are receiving and absorbing, the more shall we realize a power in life, which can only be expressed as miraculous." .
Book: Thoughts are Things by Prentice Mulford

#nature #consciousness #analog #summer #plants #energy #55mm #pastel #traveling #studentoftheworld #quote #yoga thank you @megnel10 for the inspiration <3

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