It was a week of firsts on clinic! I had my first pulpotomy patient in urgent care and my first pediatric tooth extraction!

Pulpotomies are endodontic treatments where you remove the pulp in the chamber (not the canals). Ultimately this patient needed a full root canal treatment, but since this was an urgent care patient (walk in patient with pain), a pulpotomy was needed as a temporary measure.
For the pediatric extraction, the patient's primary mandibular canine was ready to come out! I gave the patient local anesthetic and the assistant said I had "gentle hands"! 😭😜I just used an elevator and pretty much popped that little guy out! Thank you all so much for the tips last time for working with pediatric patients. It really helped a lot! ❤️ I'm so happy that I'm learning lots and my interest in dentistry continues to grow more and more!
What are you learning right now in school? 😇

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No dia 15/09, o professor Fábio Guedes estará ministrando a palestra "Quatro motivos que fazem usar os alinhadores ortodônticos" no Orthos, o evento focado em Ortodontia que estará compondo o Congresso Rio Dental Show!
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Orthos é o evento que vem para compartilhar as novidades e estudos da Ortodontia. E sabe o que tornará esse evento mais rico? Você e os professores confirmados!

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O professor Fábio Dantas está mais que confirmado no Rio Dental Show! Sua conferência acontecerá no dia 15/09 e abordará o tema ""Nemo 3DS - Enceramento Digital integrado à face". Imperdível, não é?
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What’s the radiolucency superior and lateral to the vidian canal on the attached image? SUMMER VACATION (round II!) •

Finally done with radiology (for now, at least 😅) and looking forward to the next two or so weeks off. The real question is if I’ll actually get any off time since I’ll be helping the class of 2022 for orientation and waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to Big Sur and Napa Valley when I head to San Francisco in a week 🤔 •

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Smiles é um dos eventos que integrará o congresso Rio Dental Show, onde teremos muitos profissionais abordando temáticas importantes da Odontologia Estética. E o professor Fabiano Marson não poderia ficar de fora dessa! Ele estará conosco no dia 14/09 ministrando a palestra "Aliando biologia, estética e oclusão em casos estéticos funcionais". Confira a programação completa em nosso perfil e garanta sua inscrição!

A Endodontia do Rio de Janeiro se encontra aqui. Sob a coordenação do Professor Renato Lenzi, o ENDO se torna o ponto de encontro de todos que amam esta especialidade. Com uma programação sempre cuidadosamente elaborada, é um evento que foge sempre do padrão de outros na mesma área.
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A professora Andressa Ballarin estará conosco no Rio Dental Show durante o dia 15/09 ministrando a palestra "Escultura labial Ballarin 3D" no evento Harmonize! Não perca a oportunidade de se atualizar!
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#fbf to last semester when members bonded at our advisor, Dr. Levine’s, home!

O professor Estêvão Carvalho também estará conosco no Rio Dental Show! Não fique de fora! Acesse o nosso link no perfil e garanta sua inscrição.

Subtleties in teeth.... the premolars are transition teeth between the molars (meant for grinding and chewing), and the canines (meant for biting and shearing through food). The premolar has a biting surface as well as a sharp edge to tear into food.
I try not to completely match the surrounding teeth here because the typodont we are given lacks a general character and sharpness.
I turned the structure and sharpness way up on these pictures so You can check for small details I may have missed and comment on how to improve!
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O professor Eduardo Picanço estará no RDS participando do 2º Encontro Jovem Dentista, o evento inteiramente pensado para acadêmicos e recém formados! Então, no dia 15/09 você não pode perder a palestra "'Me formei, e agora?' - Como ser gestor do seu negócio". Participe conosco! Acesse o link no nosso perfil e se inscreva!

Today I had a Skills Assessment, a Pass/Fail practical where we have to pass before entering clinic again, which starts on Monday. Although I’m not proud of my work, I did PASS. Idk if it was the rush or the pressure that caused my work to be horrible, but one thing I do know is that my work on real patients is far more beautiful than this. We had to prep and restore (composite) #3-MO and prep and restore (amalgam) #20-DO. As you look at the before and after pictures, I could have made the prep outline more smooth and as for the restoration, the mesiolingual definitely needs to be improved. I didn’t want to try to remove the excess because I was afraid I’d remove my contact and earn an automatic fail. But clinically, I’d approach that with a Sof-Lex disc or a super thin bur. Just realized the reason for my overhang is because I forgot to use a ring to have a good adaption of the matrix band 😂😭 I’m so dumb LOL. Guess the pressure got to me ha. As for #20 prep, I did too much on the distobuccal side when trying to open the box. The prep could have looked much better. The restoration could have been more defined and smooth.
Overall, it was a pass or fail so I passed (pretty decently honestly cause my problems are super easy fixes). Lab practicals always make me stress. Many of my classmates practiced yesterday, maybe I should have as well, but I still did well so guess not. I just need to practice my interproximal finishing a bit more. Considering I haven’t done a class II prep or rest for a year, not bad right? What are your steps on finishing/polishing class II restorations - any tips? Clinic is starting Monday and I’m excited to be back in the action! I’ve started my 3rd year of dental school and I’m looking forward to a lot more clinic action and learning new procedures!
What’s a dumb forgetful mistake you’ve made recently? 😅

I’m super excited to say that I passed my boards!!!! 😍🙏🏼🎉😍🙏🏼🎉😍🙏🏼🎉
I know I sound like an old record player but it’s never too late to follow your dreams!! It takes courage to let go of your security blanket and take a chance, faith in knowing He has plans to prosper you, and extreme work ethic! .

And just like that a new school year has begun!!! I’m so excited to be starting D2 with a group of friends that have been there through the low of lows and high of highs of D1!! .
Wishing all new students the best school year possible!!!

Be on the look out 👀 for the content you’ve been craving from the #AAWD at @tourodental

No dia 14/09 teremos a conferência sobre "Implante na região estética. Como avaliar?" com o grande professor Eduardo Groisman! Teremos no Rio Dental Show mais de 30 conferências sobre diversos temas da Odontologia!
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O professor Diego Zimmerman (@diego_zimmermann) marcará presença no CONAPE, um dos eventos confirmados no Rio Dental Show! No dia 15/09, o professor ministrará a palestra "Implantodontia digital: Planejamento virtual para reabilitação previsível". Saiba a programação completa do CONAPE acessando o link em nosso perfil!

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