I love making memes like this kdkdkd

this goes for tom and seb too 😂

incorrect mcu quotes edition no. one
since i have yet made a public announcement about this, i just want you all to know that my account will be a spoiler free zone! i’m not watching IW till 3 days anyways! now that that’s been mentioned, i hope you guys enjoy this! :’)
- 🌮

QOTD: who is your favorite MCU character? ⠀

cc: me
inspired by: @captainrogxrs
dedicated to: the poor soles (and top hats!) that have suffered monopoly jail time😓
editing program: photoshop cc 2018
quote source: psych!

To Infinity and Beyond! And Til the end of the line punk. 😭

Gonna go lie down now.
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REPOST from myself because my instagram ate the last few pictures from my original post. — These new Steve and Bucky prints just got here. I got these all from emptymasks’ Etsy shop. I can DM the direct links if anyone needs them. There are also Thor, Loki, and Tony versions. They are all by @emptymasks @rebeccalpeet — Also they sent a little Steve and Bucky sticker set. — #stucky #stuckyfanart #steverogers #captainamerica #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #emptymasksart #emptymasks

idk maybe? -
do you have any theories?
no spoilers pls tho lmao
this is just a theory bc I reawatched gotg2 and this came to my mind


*watches #InfinityWar clips*
Is it Thursday yet?!


why is he like this? 😂😂

the king & princess and a broken white boy

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