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She did it again @daniellebartonn #strugglecity

I’ve been using this Rogue Echo Bike or a variant at the gym 3 times a week for the past few months and I can definitely tell a difference in my cardiovascular output and endurance. It’s a great tool for general physical preparedness. Just doing 8 20 second sprints on this thing brings you to struggle city. I really feel like physical fitness is a huge advantage in any altercation someone may run into. You don’t have to be a jacked up bodybuilder, in fact I think that’s a detriment in a lot of ways in a physical altercation, but having a good anaerobic and aerobic capacity I think is huge. Also, here’s the always lovely P30. •

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Really feeling this at the moment!! 😪🤧🤯 #whenwillthisend #worstfewweeksofmylife #strugglecity #helpme

Wait so vaca isn’t real life ✋🏼 #mood #strugglecity #nothappy #atleastimtanaf

172.5kg x 5 of the s.l.o.w.e.s.t prowler pushes probably ever, followed by a quick spew. Cheers then!

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Who’s struggling like her today from this past weekend!? 🙋🏻‍♂️#thesandyhandy

Workout done! 35 minutes but man did I sweat! Happy Monday!

✨ THE RESULTS ARE IN 😬 Before I started this program, I was sooo excited to start something new, but also super nervous because of my arthritis 😖 ALOT of the moves involve you being on your wrists, which I can’t do because my arthritis in my wrists is so bad. That means during this entire program I did 0 push-ups, 0 burpees, 0 bear crawls, 0 mule kicks, and 0 inchworms 😱 THE DAY BEFORE I started, I was thinking of waiting a few weeks until my wrists got better and just starting when I felt 100%.. Guess what? My wrists don't feel any better and it’s now 98 days later.. good thing I didn’t wait 😂 My point is, DON’T WAIT! 🙅🏼‍♀️ So many people say “it’s not a good time for me” or “summer is coming and I want to enjoy myself” (ps- you can still enjoy yourself).. If you are waiting to feel 1,000% ready, no distractions- you’re gonna be waiting forever because that’s probably never going to happen 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was NOT feeling ready at all when I started. I knew I was gonna have to modify like crazy, I knew I was going to have to plan my entire day around what time I had to workout because of Jaycen and work and LIFE! But I am soooooo glad I just DID IT! Because I have never felt better and more proud! 💃🏼 I allowed myself treats (pizza, garlic bread, ice cream, cupcakes, mozzarella sticks- just to name a few 😂) but what really kept me going was everyone doing it with me!!! Our accountability group is AMAZING! 😍Everyone is so supportive, motivating and they inspired me to just keep going even on days I didn’t want to! 🙌🏼 It was such an amazing journey that has transformed me mentally more than anything else, and I can’t WAIT to start it all again on the 30th! 😁 YOU NEED TO DO THIS!! If your excuse is your kids, flip that around and make that your REASON for doing this! You spend all day taking care of other people. Do this ONE THING for YOU! 💕 And if you don’t have kids, then do it for yourself!! You deserve to feel your best and you don’t have to give up the fun parts of your life to do so! So stop making excuses and send me a message so we can do this TOGETHER!! I promise I will show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to support you! You’re not in this alone 👭

Back at again at club LA Fitness (freaking music lol) Sundays we max out. All I got say is.... I have nothing to say, my soul left my body for a couple seconds on the second rep. Lol. Depth was not there, as this was the second set and I had little to no energy, but I'm still trying to get used to the weight, so happyish with the progress. 315x2. 🙌🏼 to @luvsc4evr for the spot. #StruggleCity #Grind #WeakSauce #QuarterSquat #Squats #NoAssToGrass #MaxOut #Lift #Weightlifting #ILaughLikeAHyena

Deadlift day. Pause at knee deadlifts. Who knew I had a massive vein in my forehead? Well I know now! Thanks @lizpowerlifts for the challenge! #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #powerliftingmom #deadlift #strongerthanyesterday #strugglecity #gaintrain #glutegains #teamASF @ascendstrengthfitness @mega_mums

Incredible start to the day with my second duathlon! A 10km run nestled in between 40km of cycling on closed roads. Didn't break records but got the job done without pause. This lady snags herself a well earned 9th place divison finish! #strugglecity #trifactorsg

We so hardcore 😅 just stoked we didn’t get struck by lightning and die! ⛈ who’s bright idea was this anyway?! @outsidethezone7788 #training #marathontraining #soggy #strugglecity #perthrunners #perthrunning #perthinstarunners #perthfitfam #sundayrunday #weekends

Sad to miss closing day with my favorite nerds SO if any of y’all see these two magical meatballs give them a beer. Or several. @fishouttathewater I hope you’re first pumping in my honor tomorrow. #strugglecity #errdayisjerzday #tshirttime #allthejerseyshorequotes #butshesmymeatball

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