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When my poor pupper gets too close..🐶🙀
Okay @moderntarzan & @acrosprout I know you guys are adventuring but I'm ready for you to come back now please!🙋🏼🌱🐒
SOUND ON (before everyone thinks I actually aimed for my sweet pups!)

Let's get a little bit real, because so many professional photos might give you the wrong impression of my body. First of all, whenever I go into a shoot I make myself very clear with the photographers when they edit the photos to not alter the shape of my body in any way. So this video gives you my current body shape! I haven't trained like I should since last Thursday between the Europa Expo and catching a cold on our way back. I haven't been able to hit the gym as I should. But going back at it tonight, so stay tuned on those IG stories for full leg day routine ladies. Now what I really want to address is the obsession with the gym and diet, I'm one of the biggest advocates for hard work, to not make excuses and always give your 100%, however this is a journey that should last your lifetime. This is a lifestyle, if you miss the gym for a week trust me you won't lose the work you have been doing for years. For the people just starting their journeys if a situation comes to your life that forces you to make a little stop make sure yo watch your diet. Diet is the vehicle in your journey. Let's say if you have it at a 100% you are driving a Ferrari if you are giving just a 10% to your nutrition well chances are you are not even on a bicycle. So if you can't go to the gym for a couple of days don't get out of your Ferrari to crawl around eating a bunch of crap. It's just a temporary stop so don't screw things up! If you are traveling and you can manage to wake up a little earlier and do some work in your hotel or the streets don't even question it, go for it and allow yourself some little treats, enjoy your vacations. And most importantly if YOUR CHOICE is to let things go for a week, eat anything you want and don't train DON'T F* COMPLAIN AFTER, it was your choice!!! So make sure you never regret any of your choices nobody is pointing a gun at your head. With this being said I have some weights to dominate peace out IG see you at the gym 💪🏻
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Two years ago today the photo on the left was taken and it's what sparked my journey. I immediately cringed when I saw it and called myself "a beached whale" 🐋 My best friend in turn said "you don't look like a beached whale, you just don't see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you". And it was in that moment that I decided enough was enough. I was over feeling worthless, not valued, talentless, and unloved. But it wasn't validation or love from others I was seeking. I was looking for love and acceptance from within. It was in that moment, just a brief blip in time, that I chose to fight for and believe in self love ❤️I no longer judge nor loathe who I used to be, I thank her instead! Because without HER strength, courage, vulnerability, patience, and trust in the process, I would not be WHO I am today. I could have easily chose a standing ab flex pic to "compare who I was and who I am" with a physical transformation, but I think this is a better reflection. Sure it's not a great "before and after" comparison but my journey to being both healthier and happier stemmed from a desire of self love. Today isn't about the physical transformation, because although that's been great, it's the mental and emotional growth I'm most fond of. Through self love, I've found self acceptance for the things the old me would have cringed at like a squishy/ rolly tummy. But self acceptance is just that: ACCEPTANCE for weakness, mistakes, bad decisions, and it certainly doesn't over exaggerate the good either. It's just pure acceptance of what was, what is, and what's to be: the good, bad, and ugly with grace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and love for yourself 🌿✨💕

I did 2 workouts yesterday 😵 a Bi/Tri workout in the morning and Chest in the evening. Let's just say, It was an intense day haha. So here is the chest workout, hope ya like it ☺️👍🏽.
▫️Bench Press: 6 sets / increasing weight every 2 sets / 8-10 reps first 2, 5 reps second 2, then 3 reps for the last 2 sets.
▫️Hammer Strength Chest Press: 4 sets of 6-8 reps (I overestimated my strength on my first set and had to lower it for my next sets 😂).
▫️DB Inclined Chest Press: 4 sets of 8-10 reps.
▫️Superset: Cable Chest Fly's 3 sets of 12-15 superset w/ Push Up's to failure (You'll be surprised at how dead you get by this point of the workout, I had to switch to sissy girl push ups and they still killed haha)..
💙 Well, I hope you guys enjoy this chest workout! I know my weakest point is my chest so I like to do what I can to real push and strengthen it! 💪🏽 If you are like me and have a weak chest, give this workout a go 💯.

#tbt part 2 with @brookewellss and @ncapurso22 😎💪👙

You can't break a strong women down. Your words will mean nothing to her. 🙏🏻
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YAY!!! 200 club!! Finally! Haha 20# PR 💥 @jadon_kempers #OPEX .
If you have spent any time training with me in my Competitive Crossfit days... squatting is what killed me... I was good at a lot of things but Squat cleans were my worst 😫 I never took the time to believe I could get stronger..I just trained harder to get better at everything else.. I've actually lost competitions at finals due to this voice in my head saying "it's your weakness" I've grown to love leg day and want to keep improving and make it a strength! @trispatterson @madathletes @biehlerl @staceyrene912 @franklin667 @florian.frg @larry_let @leospop @jettonlanay @_christinatran y'all all have watched me struggle 😂😂 be proud!!! .
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Things girls ask me about all the time: Diet. The idea that you have to starve yourself to lose weight/get fit is a myth. Again, I would normally not post a picture of my stomach that I wasn't flexing in to show the abs I've worked so diligently to sculpt but I thought I would for the sake of keeping it real. This is a 9 month difference. On the left, I consumed 1200 calories a day maximum and ran at least three miles a day but I had never touched a weight in my life. The right is about 2100 SMART, planned and well thought out calories a day and extensive weight training with juuuust enough cardio to keep my heart healthy. If you're starving, you're setting yourself up for failure and you're not doing something right. Food is your friend. Eat, train, gain. #strongwomen #fitchicks #girlswholift

Thanks @danemels for pushing me today with the one thing you know I hate most!! Pull-ups are my worst nightmare 😐 #anytimefitness #trainerprobs #hepushesme #girlswholift #strongwomen #fitmom #momoftwo #gymlife #gymtime #quickworkout #nodontputmedownforcardio

Trying to build those muscles☺️💪Happy to be able to hit the gym today🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️Lately I haven't been going as much as I would like to since I decided to take spring classes😭😭A little off schedule but I'll be back on track once I'm done! So right now, doing the best I can😊
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So, I know I've moaned and groaned about folding but wooooweeeee I love this one. Everything about this pose makes me feel like a badass. I love lotus, I love binds and I wanna love folds. This pose gives me a hint of what it would feel like to really fold and love it. Here's my quick instruction for Ardha baddha padmottanasana.

1. From Mountain pose, shift your weight to the right foot and slowly bring the left foot up into half lotus position (foot above the thigh with knee bent to side). The higher you place your 'lotus leg' the more intense the stretch.
2. Reach the left arm around your back and hold onto the left foot. Keep the shoulders down, the chest open and the hips and chest facing forward.
3. Inhale and raise the right arm up towards the ceiling. Let your gaze drop towards the floor, staring at one point for balance.
4. Exhale and slowly fold forward, bringing the right palm or fingers to the floor. Keep the standing leg straight, press the lotus knee back to align and open hips. Let your gaze move to the right knee and gently pull your forehead closer to your right leg.
When I got to this point my equilibrium tanked and I almost went swimming so I opted for a front gaze instead of the face cram.
5. Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.
6. To release: slowly inhale the right arm and torso back up. Exhale and release the arms and leg.
7. Repeat on other side.

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