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Vid by: @melissa_machale
My homegirl always! I mean ALWAYS providing me with the content I need for the ladies🙋🏼
💥There is no fitness page on Insta that has love for these amazing women like I do, not one! Thats why Im cool with a lot of them, they know the real from the fake🙏🏼💥
Build those boulder shoulders with this great routine, tag your gym partner and give it a try. My vids are sped up to fit my full workouts into my posts, all exercises should be performed slow and controlled.
1️⃣dumbbell front raises
2️⃣single arm side laterals
3️⃣rear delt raises
4️⃣landmine shoulder presses
5️⃣side laterals into rear laterals
3 sets of 10-15 reps of each exercise.

Here's how I stay lean while traveling👇🏼(read below) 👆🏼This=my bod after 2+ weeks on vacatipn
1️⃣=2 weeks in America
2️⃣=2 days at home
3️⃣=NOW: cruise for 2.5 weeks
Calorie dense food is+has been around me CONSTANTLY🚢
How I've managed not to gain a crazy amount of fat:
•Intermittent fasting (IF) -I typically don't eat until around midday (I do this at home also). Personally I don't get hungry until then. IF isn't magic. It just means that the period of time ya spend eating during the day is less than if you were to eat as soon as you wake up! On holiday, I then usually have a reasonably light lunch (high in protein), a pudding if I want + then have whatever the hell I want at dinner! (Hallooo pudding. See ma story for more 😜)
•Stick to clear spirits & diet mixers 90% of the time! (I love a gin & slim, but I also love a Long Island! But most of the time I'll have the gin, as I like 'Em equally & gin+slim has hella less cals)!
•Keep up with training! 🙌🏼💪🏼 Your hotel gym may not be great, MAKE IT WORK! (I have examples on my YouTube: link to my channel is in my bio). Or find a gym nearby! You can take time off, but I LOVE training + it makes me feel GOOD... so I keep it up!
‼️If you're friends/family are like WTF R U DOING, say.. I enjoy this & want to do it for ME! As long as you're not ruining/taking away from their trip, then they shouldn't care! I personally set my alarm extra early to make sure I can get my training done before everyone else even wakes up!
•Walk around! Get your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (N.E.A.T) up! If you're walking around cities/theme parks, you'll likely be hitting a lot of steps anyways! I often find I hit over 20,000 😵 +Have a lil' boogie!
•Chill the F out! Take some TIME OUT!!! If you're stressing about what you're eating&how you're looking, you're going to:
1: not have fun
2: hold hella water from STRESS: relax & know that you'll be back to YOUR 'normal' once you get home
‼️holidays= memories- you'll remember the yummy food you ate, fun things you did+funny experiences...& not whether you gained 2.69566% more body fat than you went on the trip with. JUST. LIVE. #StrengthFeed

➿Left or Right➿
A chacun son modèle, avant je trouvais que mes fesses n'étaient pas belles mais en réalité, je n'arrivais tout simplement pas à les mettre en valeur.
C'est juste une question de choix de maillot de bain.
J'évite un maximum les culottes.
A droite, j'ai l'impression d'avoir les fesses larges et plates en sachant que ce n'est pas le cas.
@calzedonia #calzedonia #calzedoniabikini #baywatchvibes #bikinibody #avantapres #baywatch .
Objectif booty inspiration @yarishna 🔥🔥🔥

Buenossss diasss🌴🌞 disfrutando de todo lo que nos rodea aquí (mar🌊, brisa🍃, sol🌞 y comida 🐽) VIVE🌼🌸🌻🍃
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Invejosos dirão que é biquini pintado a mão,mas é só um biquini de fita feito por minha sócia que é brocation e não tem ninguém na Bahia que faça isso melhor que ela.
A partir de terça-feira o @terrazzobeauty estará funcionando no novo endereço: Caminho das árvores. Já podem agendar, meninas! #LetsGo ficar com a marquinha mais linda da vida. ❤ @paulinha.urbano #OMelhorEspaçoDeBronzeQueVcRespeita


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I hope y'all are having a beautiful Sunday! Hopefully you're enjoying it with family or friends.

Had a little fun with the bag this weekend after lifting .. I know my form is bad but it was something different! 💪🏻😁 #stronglegs #longlegs #kickboxing #gymlife #girlswholift #strongwoman

#strongwoman Happiness Is Permanent

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