Feliz Viernes!
Simon no se ve tan feliz pero es porque aun esta a la espera de su primera salida y es cuando se pone mas intencito 😂 ...y eso que tiene su puertica pa salir al patio las veces que quiera 🤷🏼‍♀️

“...ele pensou que ela fosse uma donzela presa no alto da torre do castelo sem ter como fugir. Mal sabia que era dona do castelo, do dragão e de si mesma...” 😘

As we Celebrate #AfricaDay2018 This is an Inspiring amazing African woman, 26 year Zainab Abdalla attends her Graduation ceremony to get her Master's Degree less than 24 hours after delivering her newborn baby.


Today my sweetheart has her last day of 4th grade and is heading off to the 5th grade 😧 No matter how big she gets, she will ALWAYSSS be my baby! ❤️✨ I used to hold her like this all the time when she was bitty and just stroke her long beautiful hair and back-and even now at 10 years old, I can pick my baby up 🤣🤣🤣 we had a good laugh about this and I told her that’s why I workout so much is so that I can keep carrying her around like my little baby! HAHA. Her response? “Well if I stay a baby, that means no school right?” 🤨😂😂 I will tell you all now, this little girl has brought more sunshine, hope and love into my life than she will ever know. In some of the hardest times of my life, it was my love for her that carried me through. I have told you all before, I workout each day not because it’s the funnest thing on earth 🌏, NO! I am so focused on my health, my heart and doing everything that I do have control over to ensure I am healthy for my children. I want to be here to see my daughter graduate, go to college, get married and all of the other pivotal moments in her life. I know heart issues run in my family and I refuse to take chances with my health and squander the one life I have unhappy, unhealthy and lethargic. I have numerous reasons as to WHY I choose to lead an active, healthy lifestyle-let’s talk about your reasons WHY, let’s work together to set yourself some obtainable goals and let’s get to work TODAY! If not for your own sake, for your children’s because I know we as parents want to always be around for our babies-no matter how big they get ❤️✨ #proudmom #alwaysbemybaby #myreason

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Happy #forearmfriday #fbf
Don't let the sunshine fool you...it was quite chilly! The weather is the 💩s this week...pissing rain today. Come on summer!!

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