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shawty looks empowered
Ps suit is from Victoria secret
Also new YouTube video at some point today so be on the lookout for that 😁💕 talking about bulking and cutting and all kinds of good stuff.

How do you like to spend your Sundays? For me it's about taking the action outside! Beach is my favorite place to be!!! And you can be sure I can get a workout in with the kick of a @BANGenergy if you see me around just say hello seriously love meeting all of you
🎥 video by: @woodrops__
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The babe boss: @MegLiz.Owoc

Jednym z naczęstszych pytań jakie dostaje, to są zdecydowanie pytania odnosnie tego, jak "wyrobic" brzuch 😮 powiem Wam coś, co na pewno wiecie, ale chyba nie dopuszczacie do swoich mysli, skoro ciagle sa pytania 😜 brzuchy robimy w kuchni! Amen. Jezeli chodzi o trening to typowy trening brzucha robie 1 x w tygodniu i sa to max 3 cwiczenia (czesto z piłką gimnastyczną). Poza tym robie cwiczenia wielostawowe, w ktorych (jezeli zachowamy poprawną technikę) brzuch pracuje bardzo mocno! Czasami takie cwiczenia juz wystarczą, żeby ładnie sie zarysował, tylko trzeba wykonywać je swiadomie, a nie bezwładnie machać sztangą 😊oczywiście fajnie jest go wzmacniać osobnymi ćwiczeniami, ale przy nich rowniez nalezy pamiętać o technice. Czesto, podczas ich wykonywania, zamiast pracowac brzuchem obciazamy odcinek lędźwiowy (np unosząc nogi w leżeniu tyłem) albo odcinek szyjny (robiąc np zwykłe spięcia), a pozniej marudzimy, ze boli nas kark, a sześciopaka jak nie bylo, tak nie ma! 😁 oczywiacie nie kazdy musi go miec, niektorzy maja do tego predyspozycje genetyczne, a innym wystarczy po prostu płaski brzuch, co rowniez pieknie wyglada ☺
Zadbajcie o wasze brzuchy rowniez od srodka 😋😚

My Workout — From Skinny to Strong

This is a little sample of the workout I’ve been doing when I started my way from skinny to strong — it’s a collection of exercises that use compound muscles and joints to give you a total-body workout with nothing but your bodyweight and a little equipment. .

It takes no equipment to get a great workout and get in shape, and with one or two pieces of simple equipment, you can turn that great workout into a fantastic one, you magnificent beast, you. 😘 You can do it at home, or wherever you are. .

If you want to transform your body from skinny to strong as I did this program is exactly what you need - My New Me @mnm_mynewme - for all details click link in bio 👆🏼And you still have the chance to receive my 12-week Home Program for free. Just enter my giveaway from yesterday. #mynewme #houseofhuber #giveaway #fullbodyworkout #skinnytostrong #workoutplan #workout

another day, another stack of pancakes!!!
noms: @bobsredmill gf pancake mix made with @popandbottle vanilla bean almond milk, mixed in w coconut/pumpkin seeds/@enjoylifefoods chocolate chips + @vitalproteins collagen peptides and drizzled w @jemorganics cardamom AB💯


There's much more meaning in life once you know your purpose😊
What's your 'WHY'????? .
Though am a Daddy 's girl..Since I was a kid, I just wanted to be like my MA!!
An awesome homemaker🤗.., a loving wife and a perfect mother❤️ I was NEVER ambitious.
I Just wanted a beautiful HOME, no NOT a House ,but HOME🤗!! ----------------------------------------------
MY PURPOSE?? .... I want my 2 kids to understand that they can be ANYTHING they want to be. I want to raise them as a compassionate, kind yet strong individuals. So that's MY WHY . ---------------------------------------------
Care to share?????? _______________________________________________

Just wanted to break up your feed with a little reality, because i myself, got to comparing today.There is about a 5 second difference, position change, and breathe of air between these two pictures. It is very hard to avoid with some of the beautiful people on here, but showing the reality is important. Even on contest prep i dont walk around with a six pack. I drink lots of water and eat 6 meals a day.. can you expect me to? Try not to get caught up in the unrealistic BS. We all have different bodies. ❤️ Joggers- @foxyathletics ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Snapchat: fearstofit
YOUTUBE: fearstofit
Training- kstrampsfitness@gmail.com
@uniconutrition- 20% - KENDALL
@divebarnutrition -FEARSTOFIT
Coach- @nickkomodina


Just one week after Easter and I've managed to make up the gains I lost during the Lent fast #bootygains #gainsville #girlswithgains #legday #legs #quadsfordays #calvesofsteel #hamstrings #glutes #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #strongnotskinny #stronger #strongissexy

How I approach Rest Days 101:
You guys know I'm THE biggest advocate for rest days especially considering my past with overtraining/injuries. It's something I'm very passionate about and certainly is not talked about enough on insta. In this industry especially it can seem like working out is romanticized and all everyone does. But I'm here to say that if you are working out 7x a week for a couple hours a day you are doing a lot more harm than good. Rest days are PART of training. Actually the most IMPORTANT part of training. They are not a day of getting off track, but rather a day where our bodies repair themselves, get stronger, and grow.
To be blatantly honest, rest days are extremely hard for me still!! But I can without a doubt say that they are the BIGGEST contributor to my training/the reason why my body is responding so well to what I do. If you are serious about training then you know Rest is SO necessary. Our bodies are not machines. In a weird way our bodies need to be treated like babies- they need sleep, they need care, they need love, and they need nourishment to grow stronger, not constant tearing down.
Here are my tips how I handle rest days:
◾️ Keep BUSY. Do your grocery shopping, do your laundry, meal prep, get ahead on school/work, do anything you need to on this day.
◾️ Take time for YOURSELF. Rest days are a day for me when I pamper myself and take care of myself a lil extra. I like to read on these days, maybe put on some makeup, do my nails, etc.
◾️ Surround yourself with people you love and focus on stuff OUTSIDE of fitness (yes there's more to life than fitness say what!!). Today I spent the day with my best friend talking about life and I feel incredibly refreshed and happy.
◾️Remember the underlying importance of a rest day. When I'm really struggling/antsy, I write a list of the reasons why rest days are important and that list is V LONG and gives me the motivation I need to kill my workout the next day.

This morning I got Burn Intervals done.
This afternoon, I had a friend coming over, and he brought our.
That's right ladies and gentlemen, a friend that is so dear to me, that I love love love so much, came over AND BROUGHT PIE!
What does it mean?
Workout #2 later on!
Since it's been awhile since last time I hit Piyo Core, there it is.
Chalene back to back, today!

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Well I can officially confirm that working out with really bad sunburn sucks 😐 After a fun and much needed weekend at the beach, I attempted (key word here) to get a shoulder/back workout in today.
Here's a superset I did where I alternated these 2 moves every 30 seconds for 5 minutes straight.
I did this same structure with a cable wide grip lat pull down and a cable single arm alternating pull down, as well as a dumbbell lateral raise and dumbbell overhead press.
Especially with timed workouts, it's really easy to get ahead of yourself and move quickly. (This clip is sped 2x but) Try slowing down and to increase the burn 💪🏼💪🏼

meal prep or procrastination? @cam_zam is currently yelling at me to study while I post this 😂boyfriend or father? Will put up recipe soon!

I have been taking on the transition to vegetarian these last couple weeks. Confusing statement when I have some battered fish on my plate right? Let me explain.

I've gotten quite a bit of grief, uncertainty, and curiosity with my choice. Most people don't think thy could live without eating meat, and I definitely fell into that category.
People go vegetarian/vegan for multiple reasons. Some for health reasons, others don't like it. Some don't think we should eat our animal companions. There's many reasons. I fall into the category of reducing my meat consumption for the environment.

Animal agriculture accounts for 30% of green house gas emissions, with 18% being DIRECTLY related to livestock production. That's more than what the entire transportation sector puts out.
Livestock is also the leading consumer of fresh water. It takes 5,000 gallons of water to produce 1lb of beef.
Animal agriculture is responsible for 90% of the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, and 75% of the worlds fisheries are exploited or depleted. It's expected they will be completely desolate by the year 2048. Not so far off. (All facts I pulled are from 'A Leading Cause of Everything: One Industry That Is Destroying Our Planet and Our Ability to Thrive on It' from the Stanford Environmental Law Journal)

So why is there fish on my plate? It's smelt my boyfriend caught. It wasn't environmentally taxing to be fished and consumed. I'm not necessarily in the 'save the animals' boat, as terrible as that might sound. I think our production of meat needs to drastically change to be more humane and environmentally sound. If my boyfriend hunts in a legal manner and we end up with fish, bird, deer, etc. I have no problem eating it.

I'm not sure how long I will keep commercial meat out of my diet. If I do decide to reincorporate it I intend to source it from grass fed, cage free, ethical production. Both because it's nutritional content is better and its environmental impact was lower.

I know change is scary. And I know meat is a dietary staple in the western diet. But I urge you look at the impact it has on our planet. The only one we get btw.

Enjoying a papas and soyrizo burrito with fries smothered in chipotle sauce 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

The accomplishment is not only in the results or how you look. The accomplishment is knowing that for 21 days you have given yourself exactly what your body needed.

These results are from 21 days of working out for 30 minutes a day from the comfort of my own home and drinking my Shakeology daily!
My next Bootcamp is starting May 22nd ! If you'd like a spot! Message me! 👉🏼coachjillianseach@gmail.com

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Ended my time off of working out with a power yoga class @beyondzenstudio with @trainerkt this morning 🙏🏼 I've already meal planned and grocery shopped for the next week. On tonight's agenda is prepping lunch and making a workout plan for the next few weeks so I am prepared to hit the gym strong 💪🏼

Fruit salad, yoghurt and nuts for breakfast today.
I bought a packet of mix nuts from home for my boyfriend to eat. He didn't eat them so I added them to my breakfast!
Super delicious! I need to add more nuts to my diet 👌
One more night at this Air BnB and then its on to Disneyland before heading home 😔 around Easter I really missed home but now I don't wanna leave!
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You would think AFTER TWO YEARS that the results that are being achieved through with:
---->>30 minute workouts from home
---->>clean eating
---->>portion control
---->>a daily superfoods shake
...wouldn't still BLOW MY MIND!! I just compared the pictures I took this morning to share with my accountability partner. I CAN'T BELIEVE how far I have come in just 14 DAYS!! This makes me EVEN MORE READY to jet set off to the Dominican Republic in 4 days!! The best part is, I FEEL INCREDIBLE and I know this isn't a quick fix. I will keep the INCHES OFF!! Want to see my updated results?? Check out the comments!! 😉 Message me for info on how to get started on YOUR AMAZING RESULTS. I am already filling spots for my May challenge group!

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These ladies are legends!
@malindsve @vmadley @f45_training_hollandvillage taking on Monday like total bosses!
Wash away all the weekend antics, with abit of sweat, positive vibes then loading your body with everything it needs to stay strong and lean baby! +
#getitdoneearly #nutritionalcleasing #strongnotskinny #comeandjointhetribe

Got after it and got it done with @mjnoons14 today 💪🏽💪🏽I did BBG arms! Don't ask me why it (arms twerkout) was done on a Sunday 🤔 we will never know! Either way felt great to sweat! 💦 I followed it up with my classic @smoothiekingpittsburgh strawberry blueberry Greek yogurt add kale+protein 🌞🌞 have an amazing Sunday evening baby dolls! 😘💛💖

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