When people ask me how I stay so strong🔥🔥🔥😂#strongmindstrongbody #seriousjokesonly #onepunchman #anime

Thankful Thursday! 🙏🏼
What are you thankful for today?
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When pain of failure leads to fear of failure - many people get stuck in the fear cycle.
According to John Maxwell, the most common forms of inaction caused by the fear cycle are:
- Paralysis
- Procrastination
- Purposelessness .
The book "Failing Forward" has really helped me start to identify when I'm creating this fear cycle for myself.
Now that I can identify and name it - I can snap out of it and change my mindset.
Mine tends to be either procrastination or purposelessness.
What about you?
Do any of these forms of inaction resonate with you?
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•Keep. Showing. Up. • When things are hard, you keep showing up. And when you do that, you WILL KEEP STRONG💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿. Unwavering strength is a result of those who push through hard times. Whether it's clean eating or exercising . . . make conscious choices and own your journey 🏆

per·sist·ence: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

con·sist·en·ce: the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.

I Have had a huge and overwhelming response to my last few posts, but with every positive always comes a negative. .
People think its to show boat? people think its cause I love myself? funniest one is because im trying to get instafamous. so now ill set it dead straight. .
My one goal with what I post is to create a real and raw touch to issues people shy away from cause its not cool. depression, suicide, self worth, you know the shit that actually matters?? to be 100% Honest I really dont give 2 fucks if im cool as long as my message gets through to at least one person which I know it is.
Loving yourself shouldnt be seen as a bad thing, but sadly in a world where people are to caught up on how they look to the outside world it is. Ill tell you all now though I have insecurties, I have fears and I have demons just like you all. .
Finishing note. If there is one thing I want to be remembered by it is the fact I gave a fuck, the fact I cared about everyone. A big bank account is nice, hell a fancy home is too, but I would rather be known for my real, raw, authetic self that simply wants to be the change we need in this fucked up world then a fake image 👊
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Etter fire runder me tabata, klarte æ nesten å dra inn 3 chins!😅😀 D kjentes lettere å dra sæ opp FØR økta for å ha d sakt.. 😂 D e fremgang, å æ e optimistisk på at æ skal klar å kom mæ nermere målet me 10 stk i juli😎😂👊🏻 Arti å se at til tross for at æ ikkje har hatt fokus styrke-trening de siste uken, så klara altså kroppen å prestere🙌🏻 (tru ka d kan skyldes🤔😎) D e godt å få litt inspo fra flere hold, noe æ merka æ har gjort mæ litt avhengig av- spesielt i perioder kor man har fokus andre steder😊🙏🏻
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ANYONE ELSE GET BODY DYSMORPHIA WHEN THEIR SAD??? I’ve had a rough week filled with bouts of unprovoked random crying and feeling incredibly sad. It’s caused me to start seeing this BLOB when I looked at my reflection. I genuinely saw a chubby girl with fat rolls. Only by looking back at these pictures from last weekend can I re-affirm that I am not as big as I think I am. It’s crazy how much your mind can warp reality when your in a funk. Has anyone else experienced the same??

Thursday…come at us 👊🏽👊🏽
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Keep challenging yourself! Thank you @pilatesfusionsa helping me to improve myself on different aspects than weight training. Surely proper strength needed for this!

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Long spine . Working on lengthening hamstring , and core stability.
Great job !! Finding the balance between strength and flexibility. #pilatesfusion#helderfontein#strongmindstrongbody#abs#lean#powerhouse#aesthetics#bodybeautiful

Happy hump day peeps💜
Don't mind the suitcase in the background...I still haven't finished unpacking from Vegas😅
#imtoolazy #butatleastmybootylooksgood

Backbending practise this morning😊 ❤️Learning to improve on,
*Keeping the heels out. *Outer edges of my feet well grounded *weight equally disturbed on feet and palms *opening the upper back more *straight arms *strong legs
*and most important learning to come up with control with the help of the legs instead of lumbar.
Looking forward to be able to touch my heels one day slowly and gradually no rush 😬 🐢
Also I am missing the voice of my teacher, “strong legs” hehehehe ❤️🙏🏼
#backbend #lovehaterelationship #beingmorepositivenow #lovingtheprogress #slowlygettingthere #dailypractice #openheart #strongmindstrongbody #practiceandalliscoming 😊

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