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Well my gallbladder was removed yesterday. 😬 Feeling extremely sore, achey, swollen like I just had a baby, and am peeing very small amounts every 1-2 hours - so I didn’t get much sleep last night from all that! 😴 I was able to eat some toast last but my mouth is SO dry I could barely get it down. 😩😭 thank you to everyone who has called or texted to check in on me and a BIG THANKS to this guy for being my nurse for the next week! He’s been so amazing! 💙🙌🏻

Super Strength 50 + Super Shift Core ✔️✔️ Alarm went off - I didn’t want to get out of bed - last thing I wanted to do was workout. Then I remembered my goals. Shop rule of the day was “Push with a purpose” so... I switched my negative nelly tone and damnit! I pushed with a purpose! and 65 minutes later (😱yikes) I now feel unstoppable. I now feel stronger! Why be mediocre... push. with. a. purpose! Happy Thursday! 💋

Happy Humpday babes! 🤗 Give this unilateral glute sculptor a go and be sure to SWIPE to see each cheek scorching move in real time 🍑🔥🔥
I perform these as a megaset completing all moves on the SAME side with little rest in between. This is pretty intense and if you are newer to moves like this, I would recommend splitting them into two supersets (bulgarian split squat and single leg glute bridge sequences) as described below. I always start with lots of activation work — see the tag "hbsculptgluteactivation" for ideas! —before I get into my main workout. I like my glutes to be aching before I ever pick up a pair of dumbbells 😈
Please see key details in the comments below 📝👇🏽👇🏽 to get the most out of these moves. Happy sculpting!! 👊🏽😘
🔹stuff in this vid!
*bands: @thexbands (purple band from their "booty band" set)
*dumbbells: 20lbs each
*leggings: @gymsharkwomen
*top: American Apparel cotton/spandex sleeveless tank (from Amazon)
👟: Nike free run (exact deets posted in my last vid ☺️
👉🏽complete all moves on the same side (minimize rest in between), then switch sides and repeat. Complete 3 rounds EACH side #cheekmasochist
🍑modified (still very challenging!):
👉🏽complete moves 1-3 on the same side, then switch sides and repeat. Complete 3 rounds each side
👉🏽complete moves 4-6 on the same side, then switch sides and repeat. Complete 3 rounds each side
🔹Bulgarian split squat sequence:
1️⃣1/3 split squat (high) (12x)

2️⃣1/3 split squat (low) (12x)
3️⃣slow split squat hops (to failure)
🔹Single leg hip thrust sequence:
4️⃣eccentric hip thrust (12x)
5️⃣hip thrust knee tuck combo (12x)
6️⃣hip thrust tuck pulses (to failure)

Please see comments 👇🏽👇🏽 for detailed notes! 🙏🏼
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@legguide @legsecrets @homesquats @homesquatguide @lowerbodyguide @legvideos @befitvideos @fitgirlvideos @home.exercises

We would like to formally welcome @amber_lynn25 to the team as a Sponsored Athlete!
📸 - @fitrstudios

I like to spice up footwork by sitting upright with the short box behind me. It feels completely different and really challenges the pelvic floor. I use the same springs as the traditional footwork. It’s pretty much a heavier version of Stomach Massage. I focus on creating as much lift as possible from the pelvic floor while staying connected and strong under the shoulders. Adding the hand weights is a nice way to incorporate some arm work and develop that body heat.

Slightly different jumping this time, but still a lot of fun 😊 Who is coming to class today? #jumpingforjoy


Work towards your goals not someone else’s! 💪🏼

We would like to formally welcome @stokedd to the team as a Sponsored Athlete!
📸 - @fitrstudios

How many of you have looked at my journey, my crazy busy morning schedule (5:45-6:30am workout classes MWF, 9:30am workout classes every morning, home workouts in between plus getting myself and 2 kiddos fed, dressed, bundled and out the door) and wondered...how does she fit it all in? Yes, there are mornings I am about at my wits end trying to make it all work, but my workouts are a NON/NEGOTIABLE for me, no matter how hectic they make my mornings, I always feel better just getting them DONE.
But, one thing that HAS helped immensely with keeping my head in tact is laying out my daughters clothes the night before. Yes, it may not make a huge difference in time, but having one less thing to THINK about in the morning, just grab it, grab them, and make it happen sure does help a whole lot.
Sometimes I try to lay mine out too, but, let’s be honest, I pretty much just throw on the first thing I can find and I’m out the door. But they ALWAYS look super cute and put together. Why do you think I wear the fun floral headbands all the time? They make me feel just a little more F A N C Y!

Next month, when the new, never been done before LIVE 80 day program launches that has workouts closer to an hour, it will make my time even more crammed. It will, without a doubt, be worth it, but honing in my time management skills now is going to be KEY to my success come January 15. Besides, from the results I have seen so far in the test groups of this abs and booty program, this Mama has GOT to make it happen in her morning routine no matter WHAT! 🙌🏼 Want to know more about what I will be up to then or would you like me to share more tips on how I make morning workouts happen with 2 littles? It’s mostly a mindset above all else but I would love to tell you what all I do. Just message me and ask anytime! ☺️

#trainingdone🏋🏋🏋 Endlich Freitag🤗 für mich gehts gleich zur Arbeit der letzte Arbeitstag in diesem Jahr 👌😲 ich liebe es Ende Dezember📆 Urlaub zuhaben 😍 so ist alles weniger stressig da neben dem Fest🎄 und Silvester🎆 noch einige Geburtstage🎂🎁🎈 anstehen...und ich auch noch im Stall helfe🐴 Aber allen anderen schonmal ein schönes #wochenende 🤗#haveaniceweekend #fitnesslifestyle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #instafit #fitfamgermany #fitgirls #stronggirls #girlhowlifts #gym #girlwhitmuscle #bodyforming #bodybuilding #kraftsport #krafttraining #bodyinprogress #pullday #strongisthenewskinny #strongnotskinny #bodyengineers #focus #healthylifestyle #trainhard #workforit #gymselfie #lifting #kingdomofsportsbremenvahr

Finish off 2017 strong 💪 and commit to your 2018 fitness goals today! Today only, receive a $25 or $50 gift card with our 6 or 12 month package. Purchase online or contact us at naperville@purebarre.com for more details! #purebarrenaperville #purebarre #downtownnaperville #fitnessmotivation #strongisthenewskinny #timeforachange #purecheer

Danoontje powerrr! Vanmorgen mezelf flink in het zweet gewerkt. Waarom ik aan krachttraining doe? En waarom iedere loper krachttraining zou moeten doen? Je leest het nu op mijn blog.
📎 link in bio

Last day under the Jazzercise sign!
We burned a lot of fat here...

Overhead presses are my least favorite and weakest lift. All the more reason to work on them. .
#strongisthenewskinny #fitness #fitchick #yesilift #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #strengthtraining #centralrockgym #beastmode #training #progress #workout #shoulders

And here I am!!! Almost ready to go to my Yoga Teacher Training!! What a year! So many STRONG EMOTIONS and also AMAZING things and people to be GRATEFUL for 🙏🏻 Xmas Romantic Dinner 🎄 with Nik ❤️️tonight and then I fly to @hariomyogaschool for my 200hr YTT !! Yayyyyy
#yoga #yogateachertraining #stronggirl #yogini #strongisthenewskinny #onebreathatatime #yogalondon #yogaaddict #fitspo #fitness
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Hi Teman-teman... mau liat engga efeknya bergadang, tidur dan makan tidak teratur? Slide ya... 😊

Dulu saya, @nacelaras, beratnya hampir 100 kilo, loh! Setelah saya hidup lebih sehat dan banyak bergerak (olahraga teratur, tidur dan makan teratur), berat badan jadi terkontrol dan saya merasa lebih fresh.
Kalian juga bisa seperti saya. Ikuti terus perjalanan kami di Project Mager ini. Lots of love from us Inge, Nace & Nadia.
#fitnessmotivation #fitness #strongisthenewskinny #strongisthenewsexy #fitmom #fitmoms #ladieswholift #girlswholift #healthquotes #gymquotes #nike #nikewomen #underarmour #underarmourindonesia #nikewomen #projectmagerTutorial #letsmove #tutorial #video #gymvideo #homeworkout #homeexercises #exerciseathome #weightloss #weightlossjourney

When you get home from the gym and realise that you had your leggings on back to front the whole time!!!! Ha ha can still booty pose! #flexibledieting #gymlife #booty🍑 #legday #strongisthenewskinny #girlswholift #gymclothes #healthy #cleaneating #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgoxford #strongwomen #blondemoments

I’ve found recently that even when i don’t feel good, sticking to my routine is the best possible answer. If I gave in to letting my body decide what’s going to happen today, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 💪🏻

FRIDAY FEELINGS TIME!! WOOHOO! Why I am NOT anti weight loss
Clearing up misconceptions.“It’s about health”
I'm not anti or pro weight loss or gain. IDGAF
I am anti you feeling like sh*t about yourself because you give all your power away. I am not anti weight loss. Im anti you using weight as a measure of self worth. Full video on FB biz page/YouTube (link in bio)

🙌🏽 you set the tone my peeps! Here’s a little Friday reminder for y’all!
Hope you have a great day! And remember put Work in today so you can go out and have a blast😘

ZWISCHENSTOPP nach 3,5 WOCHEN. HILFE : Erstes Bild in Unterwäsche 🙄 #mut #sizezeromiezen #sizezeroarmy #sizezero
Wenn das mal keine weitere Motivation ist.. die 3 Wochen waren echt hart, keine Frage. Aber wenn man sowas sieht kann man doch nur stolz sein. Ist übrigens beides komplett unbearbeitet !! So kann es doch weitergehen, hab gerade mit meiner Mami schon mein Weihnachtsmenü besprochen 🎄🎅🏽⭐️ Und ich sag euch eins: die Waage ist echt egal. Und das hier ist erst der Anfang.
#proud #weightlossjourney #fatloss #teamalina #abs #workout #motivation #strongisthenewskinny #bikinibody #bodylove #bbg #miezen #nevergiveup #justdoit
@teamalina_ @teambodylove @alina_schulte_im_hoff

Getting really focused and working on building muscle....I’m in the zone and hoping to stay there!! I have lots of areas I need to improve but pretty happy with how my arms and shoulders are doing 💪🏼😊 #upperbody #upperbodyworkout #arms #shoulders #girlswholift #girlswithmuscles #gymgirl #ironaddict #pumpingiron #delts #strongisthenewskinny #fit_over_40

{{Girls compete. Women empower.}} Instead of displaying jealousy towards another lady, send her some love - I can guarantee you’ll open up a world of possibility! I challenge you to TAG a friend and send a COMPLIMENT her way! 💕#beautymeetsbeast

Happy Friday! 💪🏼👊🏼🤗


Day12 #UpsideDownIsComingToTown @kinoyoga @upsidedownmama @omstarsofficial @umstuff
Well, what can I say. Snow is falling, Christmas Jazz music is playing and I’m having a cup of peppermint tea and some chocolate (I’m such a #badyogi I just can’t...someone come over and take all these sweets away from me 😬).
Getting ready for a little Christmas party with colleagues. Dinner and then opera! ☺️ happy friday!
. . .
#yoga #inversion #pincha #forearmstand #balance #upsidedown #inversionjunkie #yogachallenge #yogalove #core #strongisthenewskinny #workit #practiceandalliscoming #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime

@mrmiyagimelbourne with this gorgeous girl @miss_cordi 👯‍♀️🥢🎁 Not long til we’re reunited again! 😍

Yesterday sucked, today I killed it!!! Friday Fight Round 2 with NO Max Out!!!! Everyday isn’t perfect! Everyday is still progress!
One bad meal, or one bad workout shouldn’t set you back! You just keep pushing forward!

"Salat im Glas" 🌱 ____________________________________
Was esst ihr gern unterwegs oder auf der Arbeit? 💭 Ich mache mir öfter #salatimglas oder auch bekannt unter #saladinajar 😊 Kann man super am Wochenende vorbereiten und hält sich die ganze Woche 👌 Schon mal ausprobiert? Mein Favorit besteht aus Salat, Mais, Thunfisch, Zwiebeln, Gurke und Joghurtdressing ✔
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She’s always killing it! 💪💪💪💪 tina_tornado

Quando eu vejo essa comparação, me arrependo das vezes que critiquei o meu corpo quando me olhei no espelho!! 😫 Foram ANOS para chegar até aqui e esse corpo, é capaz de muito mais coisas do que um dia, fui capaz de imaginar
Se eu tivesse focado nas minhas estrias e celulites, eu não teria nem começado. Se eu tivesse focado no corpo de outra pessoa como o "ideal" para mim, eu nunca teria topado o desafio de participar de diversas competições de Crossfit, nunca teria colocado uma barra com 200lbs nas minhas costas e desafiado o meu corpo em diversos níveis. Enfim, não estaria escrevendo isso e tentando ajudar vocês no processo!!
Eu estou aqui para te incentivar a viver uma vida mais leve. Não precisa querer se enquadrar em lugar nenhum, escolha ouvir o que te faz feliz que tudo flui e acaba se encaixando no lugar certo. O que eu aprendi ao longo dos anos, é que se você não se amar e se colocar em primeiro lugar, não tem como você viver a sua melhor versão. E a sua melhor versão, é a razão pela qual você veio para esse mundo
When I see this comparison, I regret the times I criticized my body when I looked in the mirror!! 😫 It took me YEARS to get here and this body is capable of so much more than I could ever imagine
If I had focused on my stretch marks and cellulite, I would have never started. If I had focused on someone else's body as the "ideal body" for me, I would have never faced the challenges of competing in some Crossfit competitions, putting a 200lbs barbell on my back and accepting the challenging workouts my body goes through. Anyway, I would not be writing this and trying to help you in the process!!
My point here is for you to choose to be free and go find the type of workout you like, the food that makes you happy to eat. What I have learned over the years is that if you don’t love yourself first and foremost, how are you going to be able to live your best version? Cuz living your best version is the reason why you came into this world.

That drishti.......you practice it on the mat so you can take it off the mat. Can you think of a few things that are possible with a clear focus in life? Happy Friday everyone!

-Warm up
-KBHP 120 (35 pounds) -50 each side clean & press (20 pounds) -80 goblet squats (26 pounds)
-60 toes to bar -40 box jumps -10 each side snatches (25 pounds) -15 mins cool down walk
Happy Friday!! Day 15 of workouts!!! I don’t need a New Years resolution! I’m gonna keep kicking my butt 365 days next year! Nothing is going to stop me! #goldsfit #goldsgym #gymlife #gymaddict #happyfriday #earlymorningworkout #strengthtraining #cardio #progressnotperfection #strongisthenewskinny #getfit #applewatchactivity #caloriesburned 🔥💦💪🏼💙

Flex Friday!!! Cardio this morning..whew!!!! Early morning workout in..today is my babes birthday!!! If anyone sees Troy today, wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!! So I could enjoy the day, I got my workout in early!!
I posted this pic for our accountability group this morning! We will all be posting these today!! When I was younger “skinny” was what everyone wanted to be! I have always had bigger arms and I ALWAYS wanted those thin arms that you could wear any style sleeves (if you have bigger arms you will understand this!) Now STRONG is the new “skinny”! Not afraid to flex those muscles!! Love your bodies ladies!! When you are working g on getting “fit” every little bit of progress counts!! Be proud of how far you have come!!! If you haven’t started yet..what are you waiting on lol..I am help you with that!! We have an amazing accountability group just waiting for you!!
Happy Friday!! Smile!! Blessings!!

You’ll always remember the time you gave up ,so don’t allow your excuses to be bigger than your wants. ..
Learn how to fight for your purpose. Dig deep and never let go of passion.. 🙌..Happy Friday everyone..
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I guess 5 years of training was just a waste? Here I am, busting my ass for bigger legs to be as strong as possible 🤦‍♀️ ••
If It's thigh gap you want, read below on how to get it 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
YOU CAN'T TRAIN A THIGH GAP!!!! It's either genetic or you are seriously dieting. What makes a thigh gap is the lack of muscles on skinny legs. If you want one, don't workout and don't eat. It's that simple (simple is not always easy). I feel really bad that it's not more complicated or fancy than that, but that's it! Just a heads up 👉🏻if it seems like a pretty easy fix or extra fancy like this workout, partial sit backs or some device you put between your legs while you "exercise" it's probably bull shit so no need to waste your $40 on any boutique group fitness class or any other thing that promises these!
In all seriousness, this whole thing is absurd! Not the thigh gap part (if that's what you want go get it), but the extreme level of bull shit this and other workouts promise. Personally, there is NOTHING sexier than a fantastic ass and legs that are strong AF. I respect all of the ladies who have them and put so much time into them!
Not to sound cliche, but focus on being healthy and strong and the rest will fall in place #strongisthenewskinny ••I'm proud of my strong legs! I've worked on them for 1000s of hours and have lifted 1000s of pounds! This is all from a lady who had the "best" thigh gap you've ever seen, 35 pounds ago...
#strong #women #legs #from #squats #deadlift #hardwork #training #nyc #ladieswholift #girlswholift @sarah_jane_rev @hopkinsmrs @aven_johnson @rhino_rounds @hannahhusband @hillybean @ippolitadi @hayleyree3 @dinade8614 @thegirlsgonestrong @tuffgirlstrong @girlswhopowerlift

THIS! Sometimes when I don't see the results as fast as I dreamed up in my head, it's discouraging! I get down on myself, but then I remember the trueness in this quote! Even though I don't see Changes on the outside, my body is STRONGER! I can workout longer, push harder, and do 5 more sets them I once could ! Don't forget, just because you can't see the difference, try and feel the difference! Your body is changing in multiple ways, making magic happen, so give it a sec and don't give up! 💪💪💪 #offscalevictory

Chisel Balance is done!! I've almost completed week 2 of Chisel from The Masters' Hammer & Chisel program.
My energy is increasing and I'm getting stronger every day! Every morning I make time for my workout because with Rheumatoid Arthritis, if you aren't moving constantly, you lose your ability to move and I REFUSE to go back to feeling crippled by this disease!!

These ladies and gents delivered at last nights leg day camp! They will be feeling the 🔥Burn 🔥 today!!!

NEXT UP 👉🏻Änglamark nytårs halvmarathon fueled by @energybar.nu
Jeg er blevet lokket til at løbe halvmarathon med super seje og hurtige @kraunskov nytårsaftensdag. Vi snakker lidt om PR til mig, meeen jeg ved ikke helt om formen er på sit højeste lige nu, med meget lidt løb og mere fokus på styrketræning pt....
Håber at jeg med rette energi fra Energybar.nu kan hive lidt ekstra op af hatten på dagen 😉
Ses vi?

#fit #fitfam #fitgirl #runner #fitmom #fitnessgirl #running #neverquit #fighter #fitspiration #fitness #ocr #run #trailrunning #fitnessinspiration #sixpack #crossfit #løb #activegoals #neverquit #ocrwc #spartan #strongisthenewskinny #stronggirl #girlswithgoals #goaldigger #docra # #training #abs #betterthanyesterday

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