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Core goals 😍🔥
📷 @eriana_blanco

Who else holds their breath when they are flexing really hard? I do 🙋🏻 I'm sure it's probably not the healthiest thing to do though. 😂😳
Chest day vlog is up on my YouTube channel btw, link to watch it is in my bio! 🎥💙

Strong is the new sexy 🤣🙌🏻💪🏻🔥
1. Jump squats - at least 8 each set - these are extremely hard because of the 20kg bar so if you do less than 8 it's not a problem
2. Deadlifts - 10-15 reps
3. Lounges - 20 reps
4. Pulses - 20 each leg- it targets especially glutes and hamstrings
At least 2-3 rounds

Każda, powtarzam, KAŻDA 👈z Was może stanąć na scenie zawodów sylwetkowych.👙🏆
I nie ważne, czy jesteś Haliną ze spożywczego, czy Mariolą z Biblioteki, jeśli cechujesz się cierpliwością 👌i nie boisz się ciężkiej pracy, 👌to z Pani z kasą fiskalną lub książkami możesz zmienić się w Gwiazdę Fitness. 🔥👙🏆
I nie chodzi tu o medale, czy Mistrzostwa, a o to cudowne poczucie satysfakcji, że podołałaś. 😍❤️
Przygotowania nie są łatwe i nie chodzi tu wcale o trzymanie miski, czy treningi, chodzi o cierpliwość, bo starty, to nie miesiąc czy dwa na siłowni. ☝️
Chodzi o siłę charakteru, kiedy słyszysz ten tchórzliwy głos " że nie nadajesz się, a po co Ci to". ☝️
Chodzi o wytrwałość, kiedy chwilowe zmęczenie, lub brak WOW progresu łapie, a łapie każdego z Nas i to wytrwałość pozwala wtedy przetrwać te gorsze, bardzo ludzkie przecież chwile słabości. ☝️
Tak, przygotowania to prawdziwy sprawdzian charakteru, ale czy nie warto stanąć w świetle reflektorów, dumna z Samej Siebie, dumna, że stoisz Taka odważna i cudownie pewna Siebie uwieńczając kilka kat treningów, potu i diety. 🤔Czy warto? Choć raz warto!👌
Jeśli jeszcze się zastanawiasz, to powiem tylko tyle: na co czekasz Moja Wariatko?!😁
Ludzie wierzą w horoskopy, duchy, czy UFO, a Ty nie możesz uwierzyć w Siebie, Hmm?!?! 👈🙈😂💪✌️✌️
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I stay Cali dreamin' and this wall, that forces you to flex.🙌🏽
PS. How exact does my flex look compared to the emoji 💪🏽👈🏽
Im dead. 💀😂👏🏽🏆
👟top @forever21 bottoms @buffbunny_collection
Off to film some content for my YouTube today! Link in Bio, Please go SUBSCRIBE!✅What are you Sunday plans Familia?!

@talaynaf 💪😎 by @anthonytomphotography 📸👍

photo: @wild.orange


I haven't counted macros in a few weeks. At all. Not even a meal. I haven't worried about hitting my protein goal or about going over my carbs. I've only been getting to the gym maybe three days a week. I'm not worried about my weight, about what size clothes I fit into, or anything else like that. I don't spend hours at the gym when I do get there. My workouts feel 100% more effective when I don't go everyday. My muscles are fully recovered and ready to fire away when I get there. I've been enjoying life and fitness equally. This is what it's about. Embrace the balance of life. I'm embracing this "fuller" look. Life is much better when you don't worry about shredded abs😉🍩🍑🔥

Currently watching this doc on #netflix #strongissexy #crossfit 😃🤘🏿

Assisting my captain ⚓️ #boat #crazyhair #fit #workforit #strongissexy

Baby shoulders were on fiyaaaaaaa #strongissexy #wonderwoman #gymlife

@arianemarisa and I were feeling strong after our workout today 💪🏾and had to capture the moment! Body confidence doesn't come from having the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got! #strongissexy #healthyisthenewskinny #findyourstrong #bodyconfidence

You don't need to look like that person on the cover of a magazine. You don't need to look like that woman/man you see on TV. You don't need to look like that Disney princess, that fitness competitor, that Victoria's secret model, or that fitness model.
You don't need to LOOK like anyone or anything other than YOU. What you see on TV, what you see in magazines, what you see in movies and social media, you might notice trends that lead you to believe that you need to conform to the standards set by society. What most people forget is that these bodies aren't the only bodies that are considered beautiful, in fact, most of the bodies we see don't even exist (due to Photoshop and editing). Your body can be what ever you want it to be. Never feel the pressure of society to make it a certain way in order to "fit in". You are You, and the only body you should strive for, is one that makes you happy. .
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So true though. 👏🏼🌸 Quick study break to provide some daily inspo! The minute you start doubting your ability to do one more rep is when you gotta push anyways and finish it out. THAT rep is where the muscle builds or the fat burns 🔥 That one extra second where you thought you were "literally gonna die" and you pushed yourself one step further, that's where progress is made. Keep pushing, trust the process, and remember every single step you make is a step in the right direction. Don't ever give up on yourself because YOU are the only one who can make your goals happen. Not a diet pill or the healthiest chef in the world (would be nice tho lol), YOU! 💪🏼 Remind yourself today and every day that you are beautiful and amazing and you're going to reach your goals no matter what. 🌝 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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I hope all of you have had a marvelous weekend. 🦋✨🙃

These one day weekends have really been fucking with my groove lately, but I have so many things that I'm super excited to accomplish this week, so I really can't even be sad about tomorrow being Monday -- my most favorite day of the week! 🙆🏼

I love Monday's so much, because they set the tone for the entire week ahead. If I'm completely on top of my shit on Monday, like I just kill it, I finish out the week just like that, killin' it. If I'm unorganized and not sure of the things I want to accomplish that week, my entire week tends to be a little chaotic. •
Set your intentions for the next seven days TONIGHT and WRITE THEM DOWN! I didn't start writing things down until aboooouut three weeks ago, but I've noticed such a difference in the things I'm able to accomplish. If you're anything like me, and you forget things like your own name on occasion (that was embarrassing), then writing your goals down is going to be a huge help in regards to succeeding in WHATEVER IT IS you wish to succeed in. I just use the notes app on my phone, because the universe knows this lady can't keep track of a piece of paper to save her life. 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ •
Set you intentions, write them down, and obliterate this next week. 🌸

Also, if you'd like to see one of the greatest transformations you'll ever see.. like ever, and you haven't already, check out my story. 😜

Happy Sunday, ya lovely humans. 😘💕

Cardio ✔️Sundays I try to spend the day spontaneous. My week is about scheduling ,training time is early am ,the start for my day 🙌🏼💪🏼#sundayvibes #strongissexy #muscles #instagood #girlswithmuscle #fitfam#fitnessmodel #hairstylist #bootygoals #buckedup

✨✨✨✨✨ You're a lean, mean waist-training machine! Lengthen and strengthen your core muscles in plank pose with a waist trainer.

@steelquadz looking aloha in our "Peachy Squat" racerback tank 😍🍑
#getpeachy #peachesandmuscle

Hot summer days just got so much better! 🏊🏻🌊

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