Keep calm and Grill ON!🔥Quelle joie de préparer ses lunchs de la semaine au soleil avec un bon bbq! C’est selon moi une des meilleures façons de cuire tous mes plats santé! Savais-tu que le grill avait des bienfaits!? En effet, lorsque la cuisson est bien exécutée, elle permet aux protéines contenues dans ta viande, poulet ou poisson d’être mieux digérées par ton système! Aussi, cela permet de détruire complètement les bactéries, d’éliminer le gras et de donner un meilleur gout à tes lunchs! Mais si par mégarde, tu brûles tes aliments, fais attention puisque cela peut être très nocif pour ta santé et crée des composants toxiques. Tu pourrais alors développer plusieurs types de cancers comme par exemple le cancer de la prostate, pancréas et même du colon!! Alors lorsque tu mets quelconques aliments sur le grill, évite l’écoulement du gras dans le BBQ puisqu’il prend feu aux contacts des braises et finissent par carboniser!! Please follow me: -@fitnessjourney_030

The EAGLE 🦅🦅🦅 Please follow me: -@gym_00006

just submitted my last masters 🎓assignment and feeling super accomplished. ✔️✔️✔️acknowledge your wins and reward yourself for smashing those goals!

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These little goodies aren't called bliss balls for nothing💕
The perfect on the go snack, filled with all things good!
What more could you want😊🙌
Comment below what's you favourite healthy snack💛🍪 Please follow me: -@fitnessmotivation_010

The Models of Mayhem, the Dames of Destruction, plotting to take over the world from the Streets of Philadelphia.
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Ok, so when I went to the Ipswich show last wkend, I’m pretty sure they had a challenge set up there to hold onto a bar for 2 minutes, (A dead hang 💀). (Think I’ve only did a dead hang once before, but never timed it or seen how long I could hold on for). I didn’t end up trying that night, but it did have my curiosity & I do love being challenged... so I gave it a crack at home. And well... I hit just over the 2 minute mark! 💪🏼😃👏🏼. My forearms & hands were caning tho 😛. I set a watch up in front of the camera to show it’s legit.. obviously I had to speed it up cos (1: instagrams 1 minute limit) & (2: who really wants to sit there that long & actually watch it lol). But I’d like others to challenge themselves & see how long they can hold for?? Play along if you’d like to have a crack at it &/or tag your mates to give it a go too 💪🏼.
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The Models of Mayhem, the Dames of Destruction, plotting to take over the world from the Streets of Philadelphia.
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Fun night with the @chilternswansfc it’s funny when I’m drinking (very rare occasion) or people see me eating food 🍫🎂🍩🍨that isn’t what they would consider “healthy” they assume I wouldn’t eat that because you no lychee strong 🤔💪🏽, news flash 💥 guys I’m just like everyone else 🙋🏽‍♀️ I enjoy a champers 🥂 on celebrations & mcdonalds 🍟🍔when I want too! Everything in moderation as much as I love sweating 🏋🏽‍♀️in the gym & eating nutritious food 🥗🍌🍉🥥🥦🥝🥕full of goodness that fuels me 🤗💪🏽 I also like to splurge on occasion! It’s called living a balanced lifestyle 👍🏽😻 I’ll be back in the gym at 5am tomorrow - discipline, routine & habit!! Major 🔐 happy Sunday 🙌🏻 #stronglikelychee

Happy birthday Mumma Bean you’re the best there is 💕 #60andfabulous #birthdaygirl #tbt #greece1998 #holiday #happiness @leanbeanfitnessau

So excited to get in the MiSaddle with you all this morning! We added the extra bikes and they got booked up straightaway so watch this space for additional weekend classes from next weekend! Big Micycling love Team ❤️

Let's open up the bikini season 👙💕
Na ihr? Hoffe ihr hattet alle ein schönes Wochenende bisher und genießt den warmen Tag noch, bevor vermutlich Gewitter aufzieht 😤
Ich habe frei und verbringe den Mittag am See 😍
Habt einen schönen Tag, meine süßen ❤️
Bikini: @zaful

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