Proud of my baby Jessie, congratulations on your recent win. Keep up the good work, always exceeding expectations and reaching your goals. #strongfathersstrongdaughters #daddysgirl😘 #jessiethecowgirl

I don’t think I ever tell my dad Thank You enough. Thank you for all that you do for Tay & I, for your honesty ( even when I don’t want to hear it ), being there when I call , whether it’s a hole in my wall or I ran out of gas ( lol ), thank you for teaching me to be a “handy man”. My mom will say I get my attitude from my dad, and I’m ok with that. We are honest and have zero filter to a fault. But we are loyal & depend on no one else ( stubborn some will say ). .
Don’t wait to be grateful! Things can change in the blink of an eye. Say it now!!

“Your hair is so long, why do you keep it up? You look better with it down...” he said as he takes my hair out of its bun and lets it fall down my back.
He removed my glasses and said the same, and then his hands proceed to touch my leg and he asks, “what is this?” 👠
Stockings. 😏
“Well, the women in Nigeria don’t wear them.”
And I remember putting my hair back up and glasses back on, and saying, “I’m not Nigerian, I’m American. And you saw how I looked before you asked me to date you.”
He then says that he wasn’t trying to insult me, only telling me these things “to make me better” 🙄 (As you can imagine, we didn’t last long thank you, sweet baby Jesus! 🙏🏽 I broke up with him shortly after that)
But here’s the deal, the reason I was able to confidently respond back (besides the fact that I’m direct, maybe should’ve been a lawyer, and I can handle my own in a debate) is because I thought his critique rather odd...
Not because I wasn’t self-critical.
Not because I lived in a perfect bubble.
Not because I saw myself as beautiful.
But because to that day (and this one) I’ve never heard my father ever tell my mother—or any woman for that matter, “she would ‘look’ better if _____”.
Even when my mother had cancer, and lost all her hair. My father adored her. ————————————————————————
So many women have to heal from shit in their childhood from what their dad (or mom) said about their body, & beauty; and I’m lucky I don’t have to deal with any of that and much of that’s because of my amazing dad. 🖤
For never calling me out of my name.
For always remaining consistent & faithful.
For never leaving during difficult seasons.
For always seeing the best in me.
For never being too busy to spend time.
For always praying for me daily.
I could go on, bottom line: he’s the best and I love him forever and ever. I really think a great dad can be a heartbreak preventer, because when you know what to expect & the standard has been set—it’s incredibly hard to allow yourself to settle for anything less.

My daddy hanging out under the crystals... makes sense, because he’s a gem! 😉💎 So much love for this man, a great role model, a great teacher! Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there, if you have daughters... raise them to be strong women, like mine did! 💜 Cara
And also... here’s the Monday class schedule: 10am Essential Yoga with Elizabeth • 5:30pm Tai Chi with Yona • 7pm Restorative Yoga with Leslie & Cathie #strongfathersstrongdaughters #happyfathersday #gemofaperson #mydadrocks #mookshiyoga #mookshiwellnesscenter #familyvibes #lovethroughouttheages

A very Happy Father's Day to my two favorite guys, Kirk Ballard and @tyler.leigh.nicholson ! I love you both very much!
#fathersday #dad #strongfathersstrongdaughters #likefatherlikeson #fortheboys

this guy. // he is chill, patient, reliable, selfless, hard working, loving, funny, musically talented, and down right amazing AND I am so lucky to call him my dad. #fathersday2018 // sidenote: a little throwback to my wedding when pops + I choreographed a dance a week before the wedding and somehow managed to pull it off. •

#fathersday #fatherdaughter #fatherdaughterdance #blackdads #dad #strongfathers #strongfathersstrongdaughters #weddingdance #daddysgirl #dadswhodab

My dad thinks social media is a waste of time...(one of his virtues) and will likely not read this, but he deserves mention today as one of my best and constant supporters. He has been a steady example of hard work, integrity, compassion, humility, and love. I don’t think I will ever meet his match and probably never will. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

#happyfathersday #strongfathersstrongdaughters #mydad #thankfulforgoodmen

Here's to all those rockstar fathers who bravely show up daily for their single objective, which is the betterment of their families. Your involvement is essential and never a second is wasted on this effort. Grateful for those amazing dads who've boldly stepped in to fill the shoes of those whose own fathers are MIA and are positively shaping, molding & #RaisingAccountableKids, you're truly God's hands and feet on this planet. #RockstaDads #StrongFathersStrongDaughters #StrongFathersStrongSons #Courageous #MenofHonor

Happy Father’s Day to Arya’s daddy and to all the dads out there 💕
#tinylittlesteps #happyfathersday #strongfathersstrongdaughters

All this talk about mothers and daughters but there is a man in our life. Happy Father’s Day to the guy who stands for us, cheers for us, and forges on for us. Strong fathers create strong daughters! Thanks for being ours. .
#strongfathers #strongfathersstrongdaughters #strongfatherstrongdaughters #happyfathersday #dadsanddaughters #daddydaughtertime #blendedfamily #blendedfamilies #blendedandblessed #bonusdad #bonusdaughter #dadsrock #daddydaughter #dadof4 #4daughters #dadsareawesome #daddysgirl #dad #mothersanddaughters

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy! The best dad and now grandpa, ever! Super fun that I’m his firstborn and daughter and now Rayven is our firstborn and his first granddaughter. Thank you, dad, for always being one I can trust and being there for me in everything! You have seriously never let me down. You’re one of the main reasons that I’ve become a strong-confidant-independent-happy for who I am, woman. You’ve always let me chase my dreams, no mater how expensive (*cough* horses😉❤️.) You’ve always been there to help when things break or are going wrong, and you’ve helped us pretty much renovate our entire house, we are eternally grateful! Thank you for loving Jesus with your whole heart! LOVE YOU. #StrongFathersStrongDaughters #FatherFigure #HesTheBestThereIs

It's not a title, it's not words, it's not something that happens because you forgot how nature works.
It's bigger than that and we are all part of the process.
Fathers matter, and here is one od the few photos from the last time my youngest was with us.
No one should be kept away from a child (mother or father) unless they are a harm to themselves or others.
Family law is a billion dollar industry and men suffer from it.
I pay support for my daughter that does not live with me, while barely getting $1,000 dollars her whole life for my oldest (she's 12 now) whom I raise and support by myself.
How is this possible?
But that's not the point, I want people to see that regardless everyone is going through something of you know it or not.
Today is a beautiful day for me because of these two lovely young ladies.
The point of this is to show where to put your focus and energy. You can only affect what is open, and change is internal. You can't be everyone's dad, but my youngest will know.
I wish everyone ot the a happy father's day, even the real single moms that aren't vindictive but hold down both sides because someone couldn't. And to those men ot the that are struggling to stay connected, know that if you have made every attempt to be a part of your kids life, but are faced with obstacles, you did your best and are a father!
#fathers #fatherday #fathersmatter #strongfathersstrongdaughters #metoo #dadsmatter #dadlife #fathersday2018

Happy Father's Day, to not only the men who taught me the importance of adventure, seeking great heights and digging for rocks, but to all men who have raised a child of their loins or not. #loveyoudads #strongfathersstrongdaughters
Come see this image in person at my solo exhibition opening: Letters from India 🇮🇳 @murphys.pourhouse 5-9pm Friday, June 22nd. And it's locals night! #filmsnotdead #35mmfilm #India

Father’s Day. It’s what’s happening. Breakfast in bed, lots of warm snuggles, and we let him take a nap. #strongfathersstrongdaughters #lotsoflaughter #billy 🍿🍺👨‍👧#journey t-shirt for the win

I'm so thankful to raise my girls with this strong, brave, involved father. Much love & respect to all dads today. 👊❤ #happyfathersday #strongfathersstrongdaughters #coparentingworks #countingblessings #thankyou

Happy Fathers Day to the love of my life @the_blakelee_52 I wouldn’t want to raise our girls with anyone else by my side. You are loving, compassionate, strong, filled with fear of the Lord, and it is ingrained in your DNA to be your best so that our family can flourish. You truly are a man of God. I am so thankful for you everyday. Thank you for showing our girls what is means to be a man in this world. Your strength and drive inspire me daily.
Forever and always I love you ❤️

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Dad & to all the other dads out there. You taught me humility, and I got my selfishness, extreme caring & genuineness from you❤️ Always consistent, you’ve never failed me, thanks Dad for always being there no matter what. I feel lucky to have had a man like you to pick me as your daughter. Enjoy your day!

I miss you every single day ❤️. #strongfathersstrongdaughters

long hair, plaid, aviators... these dads (and grandfathers) are never not in style. happy father’s day to my rad dad - thanks for always keepin’ it cool and loving us with all of your heart. ❤️😎#strongfathersstrongdaughters

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