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Sempena Sukan SEA ni, ada MILO® KAW baru dengan 4 rekaan edisi terhad. Jom dapatkannya sementara stok masih ada. Dengan rasa yang penuh bercoklat, barulah KAW! #BersatuKitaTeguh #StrongerTogether

Who else thinks it'd be super bad ass to have a huge training session/good vibe sesh with me one weekend in a random city? Been on my mind a while now and think with such a roadie I am I should pick a city most people are near and just spend the weekend training and chilling with a ton of people and their good vibes. Comment where you're located or where I should consider 🤗💪🏻🖤. #GoodVibeTribe #StrongerTogether

Yesterday evening was MAGICAL 😍😍😍 Thanks to all of you who came out to watch #BananaIslandGhost with me! I loved every minute I spent chatting hugging and cracking jokes with y'all. Meeting you, is the part of the job I love the most! Always remember that I love you 😘😘😘 Thanks to @houseoftara_intl for the goodie bags! My #Omonifam who got them were thrilled! 🙏🏽❤️ Well done @biolaalabi for a good job! #WomenSupportingWomen #StrongerTogether

Jennifer Kostoff became pregnant when she relapsed as a heroin user. “Most people think, ‘How could you not stop with a baby in your belly?’” she says. “But the physical cravings, the mental cravings, they take over despite what’s going on with your body." As the nation’s opioid crisis has deepened, the number of drug treatment centers for pregnant women has grown, but some advocacy groups worry that mandatory reporting regulations could make women fearful of coming forward for help. “These mothers will stay clean if we show them that they can bond with the baby, that they are successful,” says Kimberly Spence, a neonatologist at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. Kostoff, who received treatment in St. Louis during her pregnancy, credits that treatment as key to her recovery and her child’s health. (photos by Whitney Curtis for @washingtonpost)

As an estimated 20,000 people turned out in #Boston to march against #whitesupremacist hate, the originally planned “ #freespeech ” rally in the same city appears to have been a massive #failure.

It was so bad, in fact, that the small number of right-wing demonstrators that turned out in Boston Common closed up shop early, according to local reporting.

According to pictures on the ground, the number of people marching in the right-wing rally was embarrassingly small, with one reporter on MSNBC noting that only two dozen decked out in Trump gear turned out.

When faced with the 20,000 counter-protesters reportedly in Boston, the “free speech” activists likely figured there was no point in being there.

Note to right-wing demonstrators planning the next “free speech” event: It’s only a rally if people show up for it. 😉

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THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FULL BODY WORKOUTS! ♥️ and I'm doing it today... so here's a throwback with my bestie 👯 😬 @bamfitnyc I love you!! 😘.
-No equipment needed, just your body! 🤗-
-4 rounds total, each exercise for 45s, rest for 30-60s after 2 rounds, then repeat for 2 more rounds:
•💜walkout + tricep press + snap squat
•💜roll back + curtesy squat jumps -
•💜superman to hollow 1-leg v-ups (TRY not to touch your hands or feet to the ground-still working on that one..lol)
•💜commando plank jacks
•💜leg lift + toe touch
•💜side step push-ups
•💜1-arm burpees (alternate)
•💜pop squats-
-Don't forget we have a @fitwithbae x @bandier event coming up this Thursday!!!! Tickets go on sale Monday at 8AM!! ♥️😘.
-Outfitted by @ultracoractive 💙


When you feel used but it's ok because you get to talk to them 😍 "Feeling used
But I'm
Still missing you
And I can't
See the end of this
Just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips
And now all this time
Is passing by
But I still can't seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you" 🎵
~"I hate u I love u" ~Gnash
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working on my chicken arms 🐥💪🏼💪🏼🤸🏼‍♂️ #strongertogether #homeworkout #armsworkout

It's been a hard week for our country. Let's face the pain, but not forget what makes us strong; our diversity, our will to push past obstacles, and acceptance of new people and ideas. 🇺🇸

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#repost @onekidneydean 💕SWIPE LEFT 💕July 17, 2017 Dean donated a kidney to Maria, giving her the gift of life. Living Kidney Donors are true heroes and it's so important to recognize their selflessness, bravery, and strength. Thank you Dean for making the decision to be a living kidney donor. I hope your story inspires many others to follow in your footsteps. 👇Captions 👇
👉 Photo 1: "Today is the official one-month mark since I donated my kidney to this amazing person, Maria Angelica. This photo was taken at a dinner her family hosted at their house to show their appreciation, but more than anything it showed me the ripple effect that one altruistic gesture can have. Obviously it affected Maria's life directly, but meeting her kids, her siblings, her neighbors and friends made me realize just how many lives can be touched by something so simple. Truly humbling."
👉 Photo 2: "Sometimes words simply cannot convey the full spectrum of emotions. This is one of those times. After meeting my kidney recipient, Maria, and learning that I gave her four children a chance to be with their mother for just a little while longer, I realized I'd made the right decision to donate.
It wasn't until I got in the car that everything hit me. I cried my eyes out the entire way home. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. The joy of knowing that I had impacted someone (and an entire family) in such a meaningful way.
Words will never do this feeling justice."
👉 Photo 3: Transplant Day
👉 Photo 4: "For those of you out there wondering why I made the decision to give away one of my perfectly functioning kidneys, here are two reasons. #1 - I lost my mom unexpectedly in January 2015 (this is one of the last photos I have with her), so I decided if I could do something to help prevent, or at least delay, a similar situation for another family, it was worth it to me. #2 - My niece Jordan shows me how important family is, so once again, if I can help keep a parent around for their child for even a few more years, how could I not do that? For these reasons, this decision was an easy one for me."

I ❤️this city! Complete strangers who all live here were giving out free hugs at La Rambla. They will NOT let hate win. #visitbarcelona #strongertogether @visitbarcelona ❤️🇪🇸🌈#raviroundtheworld

The stage is set!!🔥🔥🔥⚽
Ksdgooners Will Play in FW-KCL2 💪🏆 Gooners, Come Show us your love and cheer for us at Malik Deenar School Stadium 🎉🎉 ❤❤❤ Give out your best ❤❤❤ #Ksdgooners #ComeOnYouKsdGooners #StrongerTogether 💪

Day 19: metal. (And glass and granite and flame.) This photo is from a small vigil in #Dorchester on Sunday night, in the wake of #Charlottesville. We stood and chanted and sang, and a few of us learned each other's names. It felt very small, but worth doing. I couldn't be at the Common today, but am proud of everyone who showed up to protest hatred in my city. #lightacandle #boston #hatehasnohomehere #strongertogether #blacklivesmatter #community #augustbreak2017

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