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She's not your "best friend" if she hurt you like that💕

😊@jesseroyal1 Most Loyal, True Royal, never partial. Happy Earthlight family. Joyful times we living in. A gift to share this re-evolution wid these Lions. @kabakapyramid #morelife #rastafari #buildcomeunity #strongertogether #earth 📸@ahutchphoto

The look of pure joy when you get a day of treats and a million people scratching your head. #westportct #strongertogether #bestjobever #workhard #k9atlas

Direto de LA, nossa musa @camilaguper inspirando o treino do dia com um look power! 👊 #ColcciFitness #StrongerTogether #ColcciFitnessTeam

That last evening and just before my last sunset in Mumbai with @joshuakarthikr @josephradhik & @audiphotography enjoying the view from the rooftop looking south and seeing kids playing cricket in an inner courtyard. Like many trips I have made way more memories and friends than photos and these moments will forever be cherished memories until we meet again @maxuricio @anupjkat @oscarvarghese @jeshderox @jerryghionis @sanaally @safiaradio @ everyone I am forgetting to mention... I left a piece of myself in Mumbai, I'll have to come back to find it #strongertogether #mumbai #india iPhone 7 Plus @zeisscameralenses @exolens Snapseed @vsco and @instagram editing tools


*[Medsoc Charity Breakfast]*
It's tomorrow! (2 May 2017)
Great news! Medsoc Charity Breakfast is back.
Thanks to your kind feedbacks, we are now running this every week!
As usual, there will be 3 counters set up as stated in the poster.
Grab your breakfast with a flexible price and pay as you wish!
Every cent you pay will go directly to fund the medical student's welfare.
And yeah, *please don’t feel guilty about having it free.*
Our sponsors have got you covered ;) .
As for tomorrow, we're providing Sandwiches, Assorted Fresh Buns and Mexico Buns!
We hope you’ll have a great week ahead!
Medsoc Special Welfare Bureau 16/17
#Wecare #StrongerTogether

Milimagic (@mili_magic) - ar jau visi matėte šiuos ypatingus aksesuarus mažosioms damoms? Kas gali būtis skaniau už ledų segtuką plaukuose, meškučių karolius ant kaklo ir net labiausiai sugedusią nuotaiką praskaidrinančios princesių karūnėlės. Visi jie tokie minkšti, pūkuoti ir labai magiški - būtent tai, ko reikia spalvotai vaikystei. #aksesuaraimergaitems #lithuanianbrand #brandtrackerlt #milimagic #strongertogether

Wow, we can't believe what's going into making this new adventure become a reality. A small group of highly committed individuals makes an unbelievably unstoppable force. Just like 1 strand of a rope not being all that strong by itself, but all combined can handle carrying or pulling many times more than it's own weight. We're all stronger together. Hana means work & we're THE Definition of HANA. #strongertogether.
#hana #hanaohana #HanaLife #HanaStudio #MyHanaStudio #hulafit #dance #dancelife #dancestudio #dancefitness #tahitian #tahitiandance #tatau #culture #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #dancework #HawaiianStyle #HawaiianLife #FireCEO #somethingamazing #somethingwonderful #somethingamazingiscoming

Kaip tu (@kaiptu.lt) - nuostabiojo Serge Gandzumian sukurtas prekės ženklas. Ilgametė patirtis, stilius, o kas svarbiausia - pagaliau šis tas ir išskirtinumo bei kokybės ieškantiems VYRAMS. Šie aktyviems žmonėms skirti rūbai - tai atrinktų audinių, minimalistinių detalių ir akį patraukiančių modelių samplaika. Ačiū Serge, kad kuriate pas mus - Lietuvoje ir džiuginate savo darbais. #sergegandzumian #kaiptu #strongertogether #lithuanianbrand #brandtrackerlt #rubaivyrams #rubaimoterims Foto iš "Kaip tu" FB paskyros

INTERVIEW SERIES • After devastating earthquakes in 2015, followed by a crippling trade blockade, that Jyoti's social enterprise is still trading is astonishing and testament to her drive and business savvy. I caught up with Jyoti in Nepal for a chin wag about how to launch a successful business, why the development industry in Nepal is so damaging and her understated, elegant style. Click on link in bio to read about her unique and exciting new business. #womenentrepreneur #businesswomen #workchic

Native LT (@native.lt ) - lietuvybe, autentiškais raštais ir gamtos galia pripildytas prekės ženklas. Šios namų dekoro detalės (staltiesės, stalo takeliai, pagalvėlės) išskirtinio grožio, tautiniai motyvai, sendinto medžio elementai suteikia dar didesnio žavesio. Ieškote lauktuvių vykdami pas emigravusius tautiečius - pirkinių krepšeliai su ypatingais raštais tikrai juos nudžiugins. #nativelt #strongertogether #lithuanianbrand #staltieses #stalotakeliai #pagalveles #brandtrackerlt Foto iš Native Lt FB paskyros

Awesomeness! A group member is down 2 belt notches. 😊 so proud of her.

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