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@city_island_rowing from NY heading to the @crewclassic. Entire plane in awe of these amazing athletes and coaches! Good luck in your races and all season. #teamwork #spirit #strongertogether #highperformance #workhardplayhard #sunshine #fun #seeyouinsandiego

Instead of buying yet another Kate Spade handbag, I put together more homeless care packages...😍 #ActionInspiresAction

My darling Kehinde! Happy birthday to Iya Bola of #WivesOnStrike . Kai this woman's talent gives me goosebumps. I can't wait for the world to see what we are cooking 😉 I watch your scenes and I fall in love! My darling, eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has in store for you! I love you Kenny!!! ❤ It's your day queen 👸🏽 My love to your twin. Happy birthday to you both 😘😘😘 #BirthdayGirl #WivesOnStrike @wivesonstrike #TeamWivesOnStrike #WomenSupportingWomen #StrongerTogether

What's Your Favourite kit ? #AfcKit

💪🏼😫💻It is so hard to give 100% to both my actual job in accounting and my Fitness hobby when I am just worn down. I haven't been to the gym in 4 days and even when I go I only have enough time to do PT exercises for my knee.
I'm feeling down about my fitness progress and even more down mentally. I got this. It super sucks right now but it will get better 🙏🏼✨
♥️What keeps me going: my hard work will pay off. It has to.
👑Outfit: @glyderapparel

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same❤
#strongertogether #babyboy💋


Thank God for sisters, right?! Do you have a sister? Can you imagine life without her? I've got an awesome sister, and I've photographed a lot of awesome sisters over the years - and I'm pretty sure there's no relationship quite like it in the world! Tag your sister and show her some love 💗⠀

#kristaphoto⠀ #celebratingwomen #womenshistorymonth⠀

I'm all about equal rights and empowering everyone and everything.
And I'm a low key feminist. You got a problem then fuck off 🖕🖕
#tupac #women #equality #respect #manandwoman #standup #beheard #beloud #bestrong #strongwomen #strongertogether

Just So You Know 😃Next stop 🔜@marinecorpsmarathon 🎉 I-M Running Club is IN‼️We #RunWithTheMarines 😍 Ya tenemos #maratón para el otoño 🏃🏼‍♀️💨Muero de la emoción 🙆🏻; 12 corredoras con el corazón latiendo a mil rumbo a nuestros próximos #42K 💗 #BeABetterU #OurJourney #TeAmoMaratón #WeRunHappy #StrongerTogether @ana_poblanno @solibarrab @zavalet @moni_garcia_uribe @celi_3 @karlarrdz @claudiarevillasafont @wendyreymundo2 @ilianacontla Marisol y Andrea 😃

Amo fare politica; amo il mio lavoro e sono fiera della comunità che il #Pd rappresenta. #insieme #incammino #strongertogether #maimollare @matteorenzi

Go Blue with Easterseals! Kickoff Autism Awareness Month with us on April 3, make sure to tag us and show your blue!

Is truthful Thursday a thing?🤔 Well it is today. Feeling it on a level of ZERO. It happens to all of us. Just wake up one day and don't feel the excitement or spark to conquer the gym. So what do you do when that happens? Do you leave your shoes on the shelf or do you lace em up and go anyway? Honestly, it depends on the day for me!! lol If I KNOW my body needs extra rest, I rest. Period. There has to be a balance between fitness and health/wellbeing. On other days, like today, I get dressed and go to the gym anyway. My workout today was nowhere near stellar but I was winded and sweaty and aching so I'm chalking that up to a successful training session. So for me, it's show up and see what happens. WHAT DO YOU DO?? I wanna know what motivates you in case I need to tap into other ideas in the future so please post below! 🙏🏼 #strongertogether
@dymatize @teamdymatize @npc_trixiespixies @anytimefitness @66audio @shieldsofstrength @fitlikeflint @fitnessmodelsdotcom @fit_over_40 #dymatize #iso100clear #teamdymatize #athlete #team66 #teamflf #shieldsofstrength #anytimefitness #fitmom #fitlife #pink

Our new board for APRIL!! Anytime Fitness Laporte is giving back, but we need your help! What better way to do it then a QUATER WAR?! Each staff member will have a can designated for voting. Use your spare CHANGE to rock the vote! The proceeds will be going to Royal Family Kid's Camp, an organization that provides free summer camp to ABUSED CHILDREN. They are a local charity that wants to give back to kids most in need. Let's help them out! We will be also accepting new underwear and socks in Child up to Adult sizes for each camper to go home with a new pair! Thanks for your help!! (Voting and donations will be accepted April 1st - 30th) #anytimefitnesslaporte #purplenation #strongertogether #givingback #aprilischildabuseawarenessmonth #underwearandsockdrive #votetogetsoaked #RFKC

Our Welshman #Ramsey has played his part in a few ties against Manchester City, should he be starting in the fixture on Saturday? ☺
Who would you like to see start in the midfield? 🔴⚽
#Arsenal #COYG #AFC #StrongerTogether #ArsenalFC #BarclaysPL #PremierLeague

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