Getting in some strength early this morning 💪🏻 before work. TRX low rows, monster walks, Superman’s then some good mornings, band kickbacks (I will feel those later) pull-ups and V-ups. Sat on the stationary bike and did some one legged drills. 50 minutes and I was soaked in sweat! Can’t wait to meet with my @alamo180 team tomorrow! •*

Overcome the obstacles! Rewire your Brain! Believe in yourself! #strongerthanyesterday #rewireyourbrain #believeinyourself #youcandoit #positoveaffirmations #embracethechange ✌🏻

My first box jump on an actual box at #crossfitkilter! Thanks @stacyhaling for filming. #strongerthanyesterday #strongnotskinny

Breakfast veggie egg cups and apples with cinnamon. Workout 3 of 21: Lower Fix. Leg day was good I can hardly walk up or down the stairs! #21dayfix #bod #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #autumncalabrese #teamac #fixate #strongerthanyesterday

There are so many things no one tells women about pregnancy or postpartum. Partially because everyone has different experiences and it's hard to say what exactly is going to happen to you. Pregnancy could be a breeze: no morning sickness, you feel beautiful, your skin clears up, your hair grows long and strong, you feel like you can conquer the world....Or pregnancy could be hell. Mine was somewhere in the middle. Then, the birth experience can go as planned or be 360° opposite of what you wanted. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Total 360 here. As for postpartum.... 🙄 as my pediatrician puts it "hormones are a bitch." Seriously I can cry about anything and everything. If I don't have 10 breakdowns a day, it isn't a full day. And the breakdowns range from spilling milk, to the baby being fussy, to needing to use a bottle, to hoping my breastfeeding journey can continue, to feeling like I've starved a baby, to making the decision to supplement formula until my supply *hopefully* comes in full tilt, to a messy house, am I eating well enough, to feeling alone, to my body still not at all belonging to me and the list goes on. Clearly we all make it through all of this... the human race is thriving!! But to not really be prepared for all of what comes after having a baby is just as much of a shock as the lack of sleep and the care that a child needs. (Yup, I knew about those 2!!). Then with social media... 😶 oh lordy! How many women appear to be doing so much better with their postpartum journey?! It's just another way to screw with the mind. I've had some women reach out and say that they experienced similar things and it always feels so good to hear that. "Its only for a little while","it gets better", "just love up on your baby." Totally get it and I do my best to just love all my moments with my little girl while I meltdown or she does. So if you're reading this and it feels like it hits home, don't worry, you're not alone. It sucks.... it's hard.... no one tells you just how difficult it's going to be... but there's a lot of women going through the same thing and you're not alone. 😘 Just one day at a time.... or one hour at a time.... and it's okay to let the meltdowns happen.

Swear I never ever thought I would say this but benching 3 times a week has helped me sooo much not only with strength but with confidence under the bar 😁😁 big high five to @sam.mitchell15 with being on point with the programming an putting up with me 😂😂 #benchpress #bench #smstrengthandfitness #shankillbarbell #strongerthanyesterday #strongwomen #strengthshop #strongertogether #powerlifter #powerlifting #positivevibes #volume #gettingitdone #womenwholift #womenwholiftheavy #strong #bejuststrong #juststrongteam #juststrongambassador #gains #girlswholiftheavyweights #girlswholift

Glove club alert‼️🥊 Our very own Reyna has just earned her Bronze Gloves! We are so proud of your dedication and love watching you get stronger at every class you attend at #jabzonbell! Your positive attitude and smile make a big difference in the gym! 😃 Keep up the awesome work @b_l_r_e !
#jabzboxing #gloveclub #bronze #jabz #findyourtribe #fitnessmotivation #womenshealth #womensworkout #strongertogether #strongerthanyesterday #strongereveryday #yougotthis #youcandothis #girlspunchhard

Day 20 of the #summerstrong challenge! You’ve got this! 💪 Three more chances to #ltb this evening w/ 4:30 & 5:30 Classic & 6:30 Empower!👍 #purebarrecary #wednesdaymotivation #purebarre #strongerthanyesterday

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My #firstever mud run and honestly, I #nailedit 💪🏼 I’ve worked my tail off and I could tell. What an amazing weekend with the #pham. I met some awesome and inspiring men and women! I cannot wait for the next #summersmash. There was not a single detail missed in this event or the entire weekend. #1stphorm - a job well done! I’ve also never seen so many #drones flying. Definitely left this weekend feeling refueled and #motivated

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