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✖️ The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow 💪
BasisBall Raw - like tungt hver gang!
Godt å varier styrketreningen med litt timer innimellom💪
BasisBall Raw er en kanon gøy time, det du får kjørt mye styrke og utholdenhet! Timen er gjennomført på 45 min og da har du fått trent hele kroppen. Anbefaler absolutt å prøve timen om du ikke har prøvd den enda 😉👊💥

Studio quote for the week from the very talented Roald Dahl...it’s for the days when we aren’t 💯 #yogaeveryday #openheart #strongbody #backtobasics

Next level abs workout by @alexander1official

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Studio quote this week by the very talented Roald Dahl...it’s for the days when we aren’t feeling 💯 #yogaeveryday #openheart #strongbody #backtobasics

Round Back/ Flat Back! See our stories for the amazing, impossible to miss benefits of these two exercises! #barmethod #techniquetuesday

What to do when your shoulder is bothering you? Train around it!! 🧐 So yesterday (on leg day - whaaat!??) my shoulder started hurting after my workout. I'm not sure why - I don't recall injuring it at the gym or over the weekend. Anyway, I was planning to do chest today but that would most likely aggravate whatever is going on in my shoulder. Even the light weight Arnold press warmups I did weren't feeling too good! No worries I just switched it up and did a back workout instead, being careful on my shoulder of course. Things worked out well - I got through the whole routine and (knock wood) my shoulder is starting to feel better! Hopefully will be in good enough shape to do chest tomorrow. In the video I'm doing rows 🚣‍♂️ with a straight barbell - a great move I should do more often. I usually do these with EZ bars only because my gym doesn't have loose barbells lying around. But today I got in early and borrowed a straight BB from a bench. 🤫 The straight bar offers a great grip angle that really works the back. Also, I'm lifting fairly heavy, so I did these early in the workout while my lower back was still pretty fresh. 💪 Just let gravity pull the bar down, then lift keeping the movement parallel to your thighs for a full range of motion. I might normally position my hands further apart than in the video, but held them close together to protect my shoulder a little better. This is a great old school move, so sneak a barbell from a bench and bang out some BB rows next back day!!! 💥🙌
WOD --> Back
3 x 15 standing Arnold press
4 x 10-15 wide grip cable row
4 x 10-15 BB rows (👆See video! 👆)
4 x 10-15 close grip cable pull downs
4 x 10-15 single arm DB rows
4 x 10-15 wide grip cable pull downs
4 x 10-15 reverse flyes (cable low)
4 x 10-15 single arm cable flyes
2 x 20 decline sit-ups with ball
2 x 30 decline Russian twists with ball
2 x 30 incline leg raises

You will always have time for the things that matter most. ⏳♥️⠀

This is the face of a girl who will be missing 4 (FOUR!!!) whole days of workouts this week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.⠀

Academics has always and will always come first in my life. So if I have multiple massive exams in a week, you bet my 18-hour days prioritize studying. Sometimes, there isn't enough brain power left to muster the energy for a workout.⠀

So, how do I maintain weight loss during these study days? Food. Food. Food. Weight loss is 80% diet, 10% exercise, and 10% sheer power of will. No big deal if I miss a few workouts, family. ⠀

I'll be back on Thursday. 👋⠀


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