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Get to marry her today #luckiest #strongarmed #Earls

"Last (film) roll...If you don't do it you're dead." -@burnout // Back when photographers shot sequences on film, they would use mafia-like scare tactics to ensure the roll away ;)
🔪 😵@ed.templeton #strongarmed #impossible

HARD pass from this lil piggie 🐷#strongarmed #micropig #microaggression

My friend said she would whoop my ass if I didn't post this picture. #onlygoodpicture #nochill #strongarmed

#StrongArmed 💪💪💪 @therealrichplayer

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair🌸
📸- @kunall 🐝


Such a pretty and strong pole combo posted by one of my faves .... @gorilsynnove 💖 #PoleDanceNation ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

When your newest client is a wine store you get #strongarmed into #daydrinking . #bubblesarebest #cannedwine #vinodivino

@lorilizarraga forced me to post this. Twisted me arm she did. #heights #strongarmed


@ayeshaagogopole is strong and sexy in this photo taken by @theimagecella. HASHTAG #PoleDanceNation to share your professionally taken pole dance pics 📸 @theimagecella ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

HARD pass from this lil piggie 🐷#strongarmed #micropig #microaggression

Shitter in the can. #strongarm #strongarmed

Such a pretty and strong pole combo posted by one of my faves .... @gorilsynnove 💖 #PoleDanceNation ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

A friend who has lawyer friends in the entertainment business, called me yesterday and is going to get me a consultation to discuss exploring every avenue in an attempt to get my Facebook account back. While I would like to stay positive, I also don't want to get my hopes up, because ultimately, the chances are pretty slim. In a perfect world, the punishment definitely exceeds the so-called "crime", but we are dealing with @facebook and they are not exactly known for being user-friendly. Afterall, i'm just a cockroach on the bottom of 1 billion shoes. I would just like to get back the memories of nine years of my life and to be able to continue working on our growing music business. It's outrageous that terrorists and murderers can broadcast continually via FB live, but I get banned for life for posting two videos of mountain scenery because the radio was playing in the background! #facebook #jail #banned #lifer #strongarmed #copyrightinfringementmyass

With pole warm-ups like this, no wonder @annamaijanyman is so strong! HASHTAG #PoleDanceNation to share your favorite pole dance videos. ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

Tag someone you know who is strong enough to get into the ELBOW HOLD SPLIT like @pole_zerogravity_mia 💪 #PoleDanceNation ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

@_sandra.h_ proves that pole dance is a great way to gain upper body strength. #StrongWomenPoleDance 💪 #PoleDanceNation. ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

@malunino strong arms the pole in this pose she says is inspired by @kileypolefitness. Tag someone who inspires you and share the pole love ❤️ #PoleDanceNation ✨ Posted by PDN Creator @NikkiStJohn

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