Что это?!?! Что это такое?!? Что за странности начались и почему тут так много слов?!?? 😅На самом деле у меня давно была идея начать нормально вести инстаграмм, но что-то как-то не выходило... Сейчас у меня накопилось много полезных советов из своего личного опыта и я хочу поделиться ими с вами☕
Для начала, предлагаю разобраться почему  же я все никак не могла начать это дело и  исправить ситуацию☝️
Слово, которое знают все, но не придают ему значения... Согласитесь, редко люди задают себе вопрос: "А что меня мотивирует?!?" Многие, приходят домой после учёбы или работы и все на что их хватает, это завалиться на диван, включить сериал и деградировать таким образом все оставшееся время. И так день за днём. Обычно, эти люди говорят, что выматываются за день так, что сил только и хватает, чтобы дойти до дома и лечь.
Давайте признаем, каждый хотя бы раз в жизни так делал, ссылаясь на усталость уходил смотреть ютуб, переписываться или делать ещё какую-либо непонятную фигню.
Но на самом ли деле, усталость была причиной этого?🙄
На своём примере могу сказать, что нет!
Если человек действительно устал, он не будет тратить остатки свое энергии на бессмысленный просмотр видео, а пойдёт спать.
На каждый поступок мы мотивируем сами себя, находим ту или иную причину совершать разные поступки и, к сожалению, нам легче мотивировать себя на что-то простое и бессмысленное, нежели на грандиозные дела и великие свершения! 😔
У нас есть ВСЕ, для того, чтобы добиться желаемого, нужно только научится этому простому действию - самомотивации... А как это делать, разберёмся с вами в следующих постах😉

Нравится ли вам эта идея??? 😅

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#IAMPrettyCurvywithaPurpose When God tells you to move, MOVE✨ @biggirlsll is the perfect example of following the path that was laid for her! Her purpose is GREATER than she knows🤗 Go follow her and tell her Kiki sent you💕
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Humility is an asset for self-improvement. By remaining humble, you are receptive to opportunities to improve. ⁣

If I suggest a way you might triple your business, you have to accept the possibility that your current way of doing things is costing you 2/3’s of your potential revenue. Only with humility can you allow this incredible advice to sink in.⁣

Beyond personal success, humility is also a virtue for inner well-being. Frustrations and losses don’t have the same impact if you don’t get your ego involved. ⁣

If you combine humility with motivation, you have the ability to drive towards successes without letting the failures knock you out of balance.

I'm redefining what growth means in my life! #StriveForGreater #Push #FindMore #DoMore #BeMore #Stretch

They were sleeping on you, but they are finally waking up.

Sunday Night🥁🥁
Every chance I get on the set I have to cherish it. Thank God for the gift. Gotta shot to be better. (Ft. @musician_4_lyfe)
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Shoot! I have no idea what this guy’s name is, but he was at this great Author event a couple of months ago. I tell you what I do know, he had so much wisdom that I have held onto.

Oh man, I had a shelf..I was so in denial on my weight and how unhealthy I looked back then. This side by side really makes me appreciate how far I have come even if it's a battle gaining and losing and gaining some more. I'll never be skinny but I don't want to be. Just healthy💜 #kindaembarrassedtopostthis #butthatsnotmeanymore #beproud #loveyourself #striveforgreater #healty
2012 or '13 to 2018

Just four of the reasons I continue to become better each day. Each one knows I got them for life, even though they occasionally get on my nerves...especially my twin 😂

Doing the right thing is always the right thing! @garyvee #nike

When life gives you lemons… You know the rest. Make some strawberry lemonade!!

Life can be extremely challenging sometimes but you can’t let it steal your joy!
I know it’s rough, but repeat after me “I will have an amazing day.” No matter what’s going on in your life, if you still have breath, give God some praise!

“All the GREATER things take a little extra time to produce the GREATEST results”.
-Aunt B’s Wholesome Living
I thought about this to myself this morning as I was journal writing.
It does take a little extra time to produce the GREATEST results.
Sometimes we can get frustrated with where we are not yet at in our business, relationships, just life in general right?
I was preaching to myself this morning as this above quote came to mind.
Put forth that extra time, energy and perseverance. Keep running after your goals. But in the middle of it all, stop and see how far you have come already! The progress you have already made up until now!
Don’t get discouraged, you CAN reach the GREATER thing your working so hard for and you WILL reach the GREATEST RESULTS!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! #encouragement #encouragingword #keeppushingforward #yougotthis #striveforgreater #striveforgreatness💯 #greatestachievement #greaterresults #mindsetiseverything #positivity #youremeantforgreatness #businessboost #smallbusinessowner #enterprenuer #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #motivationalquotes #motivation #positivequotes #keepgoing💪 #auntbswholesomeliving #goals #perserverance

I’m not asking you to achieve all your dreams this month or even this year, but do me a favor, JUST START today!

Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, picked a fight with a loved one or struggled through that morning commute to a job you don’t particularly enjoy, it can be a tough task to plaster a smile across your face when you’re feeling less than chipper. ⁣⁣
While the brain is naturally inclined to think in negative terms as a defense mechanism, the habitual act of smiling helps the mind move to a more positive space and remain there longer the more you do it. ⁣⁣
According to Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, by making smiling a part of our everyday practice, we help our brains create happiness loops that encourage more positive-thinking patterns.

Stop feeling bad about leaving people behind. Some people have no desire for growth, development, and self-improvement.

Living on purpose feels alive, clear, and authentic. You may also experience “flow,” which is a state of total absorption in which time seems to disappear and you feel content and fulfilled.
In short, purpose offers definite emotional and psychological benefits!
Finding your Life Purpose means that you feel good with the way that you are situated in the world and your actions in it have a sense of meaning to you.
It does not mean that you have suddenly discovered that you are going to be the person to cure cancer (although that is a possibility). Our purpose is, more often than not, not one act or one career, but a greater sense that our inside self and our outer life are in alignment.

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